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The 2009 GCE O Level A-Maths Prayer

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Oh dear Heavens!
After our EMaths gratification,
You sent an AMaths paper that split our nation!

I thought it was pretty ok. They tested a lot of fundamentals. I thought one of the trigonometry questions was pretty tough.

Huh don’t scare me! A lot of my friends thought that the paper was super difficult!

My entire class say easy. Oh if they find it hard then awesome. Means lower A1 mark 🙂

But regardless of what had happened
Suppress we must any extreme optimism/pessimism
For there’s still 56% of the marks on offer
from the following topics that we think will appear:

  • Indices
  • Matrices & Simultaneous Equations
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Partial Fractions
  • Trigonometry (R Formula/Addition Formula/Double Angle Formula)
  • Maxima & Minima
  • Integration (Area of Region)
  • Kinematics
  • Sum & Products of Roots
  • Modulus Functions
  • Curves & Circles
  • Exponential Graphs & Ln Graphs
  • Plane Geometry

We’ll make sure we do our very best
in our penultimate maths test
on this final day of Mathematical Armageddon
that we may fully enjoy our mathematical liberation!

Let us pray …

Oh our dear Heavens, look down on us
your elite crack GCE O Level 2009 A-MATHS students,
who are doomed to suffer the 2nd-half of the Week of Mathematical Armageddon,
and watch with envy the next two days
our single-maths brethrens and sisters in their decadent ways.

GCE O Level 2009 Mathematics

We thank you again for answering our prayers!
For sending us an another easy EMaths Paper!


Should be can leh. 2 questions you did before came out leh o.O

No construction question came out at all! How awesome is that??

While others burn their maths books as we speak,
for us, its only halfway through The Week.
So once again your blessings we seek!

  • Give us this day divine guidance
    that we may see the earthly errors of our common careless mistakes
    like how sqrt{a+b} sqrt{a} + sqrt{b}
    and how sqrt{x^2+y^2} x+y
    and how sin2 x sin x2 (DUH)
    and how sin x + cos x 1 (DUH!!!)

  • Grant us the strength to summon the right technique of differentiating and integrating various functions
    however confusing they may be.

    • Give us the sight
      to see that minus sign in {d}/{dx} cos x = -sin x
      and the absence of it in int{}{}{cos x} dx = sin x + c

    • Give us the wisdom
      to deal with exponential functions
      so we DON’T subtract 1 from its power when differentiating
      i.e. {d}/{dx} (e^{2x+1}) = 2e^{2x+1} 2e^{2x}
      or add 1 to/divide by its power when integrating
      i.e. int{}{}{e^{2x+1}} dx = {e^{2x+1}}/2 + c

    • Give us more wisdom
      to avoid attempting a nigh-impossible integration/differentiation
      when they both appear together in a Hence question

    • And when we rejoice in our successful integration,
      we pray that you remind us in our finest moment
      to write our dx and + c(for indefinite integrals).

  • May we not lose our Identity Matrix, I = (matrix{2}{2}{1 0 0 1})
    and may we be wise not to ‘anyhow’ play with the order of our matrix equation:

    AX = BX = A-1B BA-1

    XA = BX = BA-1 A-1B

  • May we be enlightened enough
    to embrace the oft-misunderstood Laws of Logarithm.

    Should we be called upon
    to sketch an exponential graph like y=10−10e−0.5t
    to trace the riotous journey of some crazy kinematic particle,
    we pray that you hold our hands steady
    and assure us that everything begins with y=et
    (i.e. shift up/down, flip up/down/left/right …)

    And should we be called upon to sketch a logarithmic curve
    we pray we remember that y=ln(x−1) cuts the x-axis at x=2.

  • Grant us the power to discipline p(x)/q(x) in Partial Fractions
    with a long division should it be IMPROPER
    Grant us the instinct to look out for repeated linear factors

    1/x^2(x+1) = A/x + B/x^2 + C/{x+1} A/x^2 + B/{x+1}

  • We implore you to plant these handy expressions:

    α2 + β2 = (α + β)2 − 2αβ (α + β)2
    (αβ)2 = (α + β)2 − 4αβ

    deep in the roots in our subconsciousness
    that we may find our Sum & Product of Roots with ease.

  • Should the phrase “Line MEETS curve” be encountered,
    bless us with the instinct to recognize that it’s
    b2 − 4ac 0
    NOT b2 − 4ac > 0

  • Last but not least,
    please, please, please,
    for the sake of our 7-9 marks,
    just let our 阴阳眼s of Plane Geometry come.

Forgive Miss Loi once more
for not saying more than what’s been said before (read only the AMaths portion).

But show no mercy on us
if our minds begin to wander near the end.
For remind us you must
to check our answers while we can.
Especially the part (i)s that affect parts (ii) and (iii)
and those near the end with higher weightage they carry.

So lead us, oh dear Heavens, to our Mathematical LIBERATION!
That we may lead a fair life free from calculus and quadratic inequalities
at least until our poly/JC term starts.

(More) Temple Ema

All The Best1 trillion (1012)!!!

Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. kezia's Avatar
    kezia commented in tuition class

  2. cy's Avatar
    cy commented in tuition class

  3. Deshawn's Avatar
    Deshawn commented in tuition class

  4. Ron's Avatar
    Ron commented in tuition class


    I expect differentiation (min/max, gradient/tangent), integration (area), kinematics, trigo (r-formula), plane geometry, binomial theorem, partial fractions, quadratic equations (roots) and simultaneous equation (matrices) to come out. Dun think so abt graphs and principal values of inverse trigo functions

    Any one else with other opinions?

  5. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Deshawn + Ron: Think Paper 2 topics (see updated list above) are all pretty congruent 😉

    And Deshawn, your school's document is too lovely and detailed to not trust it.

    All the Best Everyone! So far, the ability to stay calm and read the questions carefully seems to be the order of the day for the maths papers. Remember that, if you've done your revision, O-Level questions can only be slightly tricky but NEVER difficult.

  6. traveler's Avatar
    traveler commented in tuition class


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