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One Math Tuition Centre in Singapore to Rule Save ‘Em All

They come from all corners of our land. Making their pilgrimage to this one best math tuition centre in Singapore. To burn collectively the joss sticks that will grant them their ultimate deliverance from the terrifying nightmare that is the Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging Syndrome.

And on the plains of Novena in Singapore did she build a Sanctuary of Learning. To take in, tuition and care for those with the poorest of poor grades. So that they may be cleansed of their low confidence & careless mistakes, and attain their Mathematical Salvation.

The modern sign (replacing the old one) that greets all weary travelers upon their arrival at the mythical Temple Gates. Step inside for a little virtual tour of this Learning Nirvana 😀

Finding the Math Tuition Centre @ The Temple’s Locality in Singapore

21 steps to the best math tuition centre in Singapore
When you finally spot this, you’ll feel a gentle breeze of serenity upon your face as, indeed, Mathematical Salvation nears …

Nestled somewhere amongst the thriving clusters of top tuition centres in Novena, Central Singapore, a pebble’s throw from the MRT, Miss Loi’s Temple offers the ways of the enlightened to the determined masses and helps the willing attain their Mathematical Nirvana.

From what used to be a secret location in Singapore known only to those purest of hearts, sprawling banners now exist to guide flocks of lost secondary/O Level sheep to their intended destination and prevent them from being waylaid by other tuition centres in the area.

And for those woefully lost among the lost sheep who will somehow still manage to HOLLAND lose their bearings in this labyrinthine enclave of top tuition centres … there’s always Google Maps.

Discovering the Math Tuition Centre @ The Temple Gates

Romantic tales abound of how students of lower socio-academic status, abandoned and exiled by their peers and teachers after failing their nth class math test, are abducted picked up outside their school gates and brought to this little sanctuary of hope.

The Mythical Temple Gates
An old sign here once read Enter And Be Saved.

Those who have been here speak of a gateway bathed in golden light. Beckoning them with an overwhelming pull on their mathematical consciousness from a powerful presence that lurks from within.

Come to this tuition centre, it will extinguish your doubts completely.
“Come to this tuition centre! It will extinguish your doubts completely.”

For here lies the very boundary where one transitions from the mortal realm of poor math fundamentals (with depressing stuff like (a+b)^2 = a^2+b^2 😖), to the Mathematical Enlightenment 🦋 that they’ve long yearned for.

Messages of gratitude from students of this math tuition centre
It’s been said the very sight of these emo messages on the Wall of Gratitudes often reduced haughty straight-As students to tears.

Whereupon thousands upon thousands of O Level/A Level students have stood in awe on the brink of every Judgement Day. Gazing into the brilliant, white light of a Mathematical Salvation that once seemed so distant.

Top Math Tuition Centre Amenities @ The Temple Grounds

Fully air-conditioned and furnished with the essential amenities, this little spiritual math retreat is an epitome of coziness.

The Main Sign, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre

As new students are dragged screaming by their parents take their first tentative steps towards the reception shrine, any lingering misgiving they may have about having math tuition here usually disappears after one look at Miss Loi’s face they take a moment to pause and feel the various parts of this tuition centre calling out to them.

The delicious-looking pantry of the math tuition centre
Told ya this math tuition centre is cosy, even by Singapore’s standard 😌

It could be the welcoming waiting area with its inviting pantry. Or the soothing anime ambient soundtrack (provided Miss Loi remembers to turn it on). Or even just the rhythmic, AMSR-inducing sound of freshly-minted math tuition notes flying off full-fledged Xerox copier trays.

Cute fire hose, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
Cosy waiting area, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Full library of Ten Year Series, text books & workbooks The most beautiful tuition centre toilet in Singapore, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Kawaii attendance sheet, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre 35ppm Xerox copier, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Watercooler, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
While joss sticks burn within the five chambers, supporting amenities at the Temple Grounds stand ready to support your needs. From the mini-library at the cosy waiting area, to the watering hole that fills all your grateful water bottles. Likewise the super duper 40ppm Xerox copier that churns out mini-tests all day long. And not to mention, the most beautiful tuition centre toilet in Singapore that … oh nevermind.

Together, they serve to exert a calming influence on all secondary/O Level students before they head to their chosen chamber. Some of whom may be weary from their long journeys after yet another MRT breakdown.

Attending Math Tuition @ The Temple’s Five Chambers

Math tuition centre directory
All roads lead to Mathematical Nirvana.

In a word, these sanctums are where students undergo the legendary math ritual that are Jφss Sticks Sessions. The very place to rid themselves of cardinal sins like not leaving enough time in exams to check answers.

Classroom design & tuition environment

Study charms, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
Spirit-lifting Japanese study charms direct from Miyajima. For good luck and to ward off evil LMBFH spirits

Adorned with good luck study charms that have 保佑-ed secondary/O Level students through countless killer tests and exams, each joss sticks chamber has gone through a meticulous design thinking process.

Particularly, through an appropriate theme with the right amount of lighting, to direct students’ attention to where it should be.

Spacious classroom seating arrangement , Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
Spaciously-arranged seating at The Temple. Because cramming is just sooo LMBFH.

In order to preserve the sanctity of the environs, each chamber has a +maximum class size (depending on the room). So that every single participant receives the maximum amount of our legendary teachings and tender loving care.

Above all, they serve to provide a conducive environment that’s not only comfortable for everyone, but at the same time ensures that they don’t fall asleep maintain their focus throughout each intensive joss sticks session.

Markers, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
Study charms adorn the walls of this math tuition centre, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Stationery, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Full library of ten-year series, textbooks & workbooks, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre High Priestess' desk, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre Snacks, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre The clock within each tuition centre chamber, Joss Sticks Tuition Centre
Each chamber is fully-equipped with all essential stationery and obligatory TYS/notes/textbooks/workbooks for an effective math tuition session. These, coupled with the much-loved/dreaded official timekeeper to signal the end of class time the speed of students’ workings, means you don’t really need to bring anything here apart from yourself.

Lastly, light snacks are always available and will be served to all. Together with doses of Miss Loi’s Exam Papers, mini-tests and endless worksheets to enhance everyone’s mathematical well-being.

+While we try as far as possible to avoid it, The Temple reserves the right to admit more students than the communicated number during crunch times, and/or due to unforeseen circumstances.

Deliverance × Enlightenment


Mirror, mirror on the wall
Shouldst not great grades be my all?
For if I shall submit to thy will
Grant Me the wisdom of thy skills.

With a common wall separating them like a perfect line of symmetry, these similar twin chambers are where students come weekly (or more) to escape from all their chains. To free themselves from years of bullying by some of the nastiest math topics in the current secondary/O Level syllabus. Whether it be number patterns, partial fractions, or even the mighty plane geometry.

The Chamber of Enlightenment ε The Chamber of Deliverance δ
The Twin Chambers of Enlightenment (left) & Deliverance (right)

What follows within these chambers though, is mostly shrouded in mystery. But it’s safe to say that even the most math-weary of them will emerge, a semester or two later, with the coveted wisdom to clear a lifetime of mathematical misunderstanding. And like many others before them, the first thing they tend to reflect on is this quote reminiscent of Lawrence Wong The Dark Knight


Gaze with undimmed eyes
at the darkest hour
Crack of dawn
the Truth shall shimmer.

From time to time, these chambers also serve as mirror-like extensions to the Chamber of Nirvana. Especially in times of crisis when The Temple is often overrun and some of the High Priestess‘ classes spill over.



Hear Me Now!
All blunders should be treasured
if they bring thee Wisdom somehow.

Designed with a minimalist theme to … umm … minimize distractions, this smallest of chambers is also the only one within the entire tuition centre with pretty pendant lamps. Coz we realized it wasn’t such a good idea when taller students kept hitting their heads when they stood up.

The Chamber of Awakening α
Students will unwittingly find themselves role-playing the classic O Level A Math “lamp post shadow” calculus question.

The name inscribed upon its door, however, belies the homely, Ikea-esque facade that’s so often synonymous with this chamber.

For whenever it’s not being used by the Mathematical Order, it’s also the place where errant students who didn’t do their homework get banished to (aka 打入冷宫). All in the hope that, under the watchful eyes of Sadako Loi, they would wake up their ideas \frac{\mathrm{d} y}{\mathrm{d} x} their learning attitudes.

Since this is, after all, the Chamber of Awakeninginginginging*fading echoes*



Mastery spreads its golden wings
and lays the path for those unseen.
You, who were once my nightmares
Are now naught but dreams.

Without a doubt, we’re now at the largest chamber in this entire math tuition centre.

Due to its size, the massive Great Hall of Salvation regularly piques the interest of those kaypoh enough to investigate the lively (hopefully math-related) atmosphere reverberating from behind its nondescript door.

The Great Hall of Salvation σ
The Great Hall of Salvation
Tuition Centre Discipline Sergeant Loi
Like a guardian spirit, Sergeant Loi watches over all as they toil away in the chamber. With her stern, piercing eyes ready to suck the living focus from anyone prone to distraction.

This is where those on the final legs of their long-ish journey toward Mathematical Salvation congregate to burn a thousand joss sticks, usually of the advanced upper secondary/O Level variety. Specifically those labeled with cheem-er late-stage math topics like vectors, kinematics and plane geometry.

As such, its cavernous confines often double-up as space for enlightened students to prance around and perform their little dances of joy. An especially common sight at crucial times of the year, when most 阴阳眼 of Plane Geometry are fully-opened.



When there is no suffering and pain
only concepts coursing through your veins
Nirvana whispers your name
… again and again.

And finally we arrive at Nirvana. The domain of the High Priestess herself, the sanctum sanctorum and some say, the main attraction at The Temple.

Bearing the Golden Symbol of Perfection upon its door, this dream-like chamber is where the High Priestess famously holds her ministries for her gathered circle of disciples.

The Chamber of Nirvana φ
A Super Tutor with an uncrowded class? Yes, it certainly exists.

In contrast to unpopular belief, Nirvana is far from being a crowded, dystopian “paradise lost” crammed with stressed students ruled by a Super Tutor.

Indeed, those who have spent enough time here learning to love the subject again, who now cruise through math problems without fear, will remember with fondness their days in this math tuition utopia.

After all, Nirvana always comes to all who desire it.

For the tech/online side of math tuition …

Joss Sticks online math tuition Zoom sessions

Like a LAN shop without games, the entire tuition centre is fully networked and equipped with the necessary hardware/software to ensure the consistency of all teaching material.

Online Tuition Portal
The Temple’s very own online tuition portal. Created for these uncertain times.

And through its resident high-speed wired connection, The Temple is able to live-stream hundreds of seamless online joss sticks sessions with minimal latency (at least on our end).

Because our Trusty Webmaster, who has sadly lost more Counter-Strike matches than he would’ve liked due to lag, knows the importance of a jerk-free connection 🙁

Tuition Centre Admission @ Temple Bookings

Your Math Salvation Awaits You
The best math tuition centre in Singapore awaits you.

With the vast numbers of LMBFH Syndrome sufferers out there, math tuition slots at The Temple are always limited. As such, advance booking is definitely encouraged imperative to confirm your early salvation from your mathematical malady.

The Tree of Hope
The Tablet of Gratitudes Temple 絵馬 Temple 絵馬 2008
Join the growing List of the Saved.

Before that, please refer to the latest Temple schedule for a quick look on how destined are our paths to cross each other.

Leave all your math worries on the rack
Time to leave not only your shoes, but also all your math worries on the rack. No more worries this time!

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