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The Road to Halloween: GCE O Level Oct/Nov 2014 A-Maths 4047 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 3:32 pm (Singapore time)

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Little Ghost

The shadows were long this morning while students battled the AMaths monster (a new breed of Kaiju which no one had faced before) on Day 2 of O Level Halloween Week.

As I flitted along under The Temple Gates, distant “screams” from many voices stung my unearthly ears …

Satanic AMaths tweet

Bruh Amaths tweet

Regardless of what happened this morning, here’s the list of possible topics to attack and finish off the monster that is AMaths Paper 2 tomorrow:

As for those of you who simply need to get it off your troubled minds, here what I found when I floated to my Mistress‘ desk.

Click the Like button and grab it here if you dare …

GCE O Level 2014 AMaths 4047 Paper 1 Solutions

Access it here if you’re having trouble accessing it on Facebook using your state-of-the-art smartphone 🙁

As usual, please, please leave a comment should you spot any mistake in the solution.

Notes from my Mistress:

  1. Before you ask questions like “I lost x marks in Paper 2, can I still get A1/A2/B3/B4/pass?” or “What is the cutoff for A1/A2/B3/B4/C5/C6/D7/E8/F9 this year?”, please understand that Miss Loi is NOT the Bell Curve Goddess.
  2. Please also understand that, unless things have changed, there is no half-mark awarded in O-Level Maths. Also it is nigh impossible for ECF if the part involved only carries 1 mark.

Good luck on your battle against AMaths Paper 2 – the last thing standing between you and mathematical freedom! Boo!

P.S. Last but not least, this could be especially helpful to those of you whose “hit-points” may be running low after this battle-intensive week.


Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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Comments & Reactions


  1. WENZ's Avatar
    WENZ commented in tuition class


    Thankful for the answer ! Really needed that extra motivation ! hehehe its quite nice of yo and it really matters (:

  2. Toby's Avatar
    Toby commented in tuition class


    Will there be ECF for amath if lets say there's two to three part to the qeustion and they each carry say 3,5,2 marks respectively.thank you!

  3. Jae's Avatar
    Jae commented in tuition class


    Hi! Thanks for the answers! For Qn5, i drew a best fit line with the last value as my "incorrect recording" (Really careless mistake :/) Yet i managed to get the answer for part ii and iii of the question. Is it possible to get some marks at least?

  4. Spyti's Avatar
    Spyti commented in tuition class


    🙁 is it a must to rationalise the answer in question Q2?
    I left the answer as 1/√26. How much marks will be deducted from that?
    I left out Q11 b) because i thought the answer for part a is weird and i am running out of time.

  5. Han Quan's Avatar
    Han Quan commented in tuition class


    Hi. For the linear law question, they asked us to estimate f. May we take the u and v values to evaluate f because that's what I did.

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