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About Miss Loi the O Level Math Tutor in Singapore

Miss Loi the Secondary / O Level Math Tutor

Miss Loi the Venerable O Level Math Tutor from Singapore Miss Loi is a full-time O Level Math Tutor in Singapore. Her life’s calling is to eradicate the terrifying Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging (LMBFH) Syndrome off the face of this planet. By some fortuitous twist of fate, she also happens to belong to the pioneer batch of Singapore’s Top 5 Super Tutors featured on the Sunday Times way back in 2008. , who ended up inspiring an entire generation of “super tutors”, who in turn inspired another generation of “super tutors”, and another, and another … like recursive factorials (!) within a binomial coefficient 🤨

To that end, she has been saving helping countless desperate students through regular joss sticks sessions for the past 33 years and counting (which is kinda sad, when you start to extrapolate her age from this 😢). Regardless of whether the students are from the so-called ‘elite’ schools, neighbourhood schools, GEP, IP, IB, or whatever twisted concoction the MOE conjures up, Miss Loi has seen and handled them all.

By the way, she specializes in Singapore’s Secondary School Mathematics/O Level Additional Mathematics (A Maths) curricula and possesses the eerily prophetic ability to ‘spot’ the right questions that will appear in upcoming tests/exams.

And for the record, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from NUS. She will never state her year of graduation lest someone tries to deduce her real age.

Miss Loi the Secondary / O Level Math Mentor

Being a product of the national education system herself, Miss Loi fully recognizes its many shortcomings. As such, she resolutely goes the extra mile to ensure they do not infect her current generation of students.

85% … no … 90% for A Maths and 90% for E Maths to get an A1!

Miss Loi

Like any good secondary math tutor in Singapore, her focus is on developing her students’ ability to grasp concepts rather than all-out memorizing. This, as well as encouraging them to always approach questions from different angles, helps ensure they don’t get pwned by those real-world context problems that are getting more common these days.

In fact, she expects her students’ study objective to be an ‘aim for distinction‘, rather than a ‘just to pass‘!

WARNING: A typical joss sticks session with Miss Loi involves 100% ALL-OUT TEACHING. So you’ll never find her just sitting around and watching her students do last week’s assignment. May Buddha have mercy on those who turn up without doing their homework …

Miss Loi the Secondary / Singapore O Level Math Grades Saviour

Unwavering across periods of great upheavals that have seen continual changes to the math syllabus and at least four Education Ministers come and go, Miss Loi’s renowned teachings have steadfastly stood the test of time.

Consequently, all those who pledged their unquestioning belief in her (and those of her Mathematical Order) have been richly rewarded with untold successes and grade jumps – be it in their O Level math exams or secondary school math tests. Improvements that many self-doubting souls had, up till the very end, never dared think possible.

2018 Judgment Day Singapore O Level Math Results 2017 Judgment Day O Level Maths Grades 2014 GCE O Level Singapore Math Results 2012 GCE O Level Singapore Math Results GCE O-Level 2007 Double Maths Grades

Selected O Level Math Grades
of Miss Loi’s Students
(Bs included for proof of realism)

When the sheer number of mathematical refugees finally caught up with her and threatened to overwhelm her taxi expenses then-humble resources, she duly founded and oversaw the construction of Miss Loi’s Temple in 2007. To take in and care for all fleeing the ravages of the LMBFH Syndrome. To teach the ways of the enlightened. And to help as many as possible attain their Mathematical Nirvana.

But this is another story for another time, on another page

Congratulatory Video for Miss Loi’s Students’ 2011 O Level Maths Results.
Enjoy the Hands Up Eurodance beat!

Miss Loi the Lifestyle Guru

When not being an O level math tutor in Singapore (and to prepare for her eventual tai tai lifestyle), Miss Loi indulges in a wide variety of Singaporean pastimes like retail therapy (i.e. shopping) and trips to Japan/Korea/Taiwan (i.e. for more shopping). And with posts like this one, it’s pretty obvious she has been watching too many Hong Kong & Korean dramas.

She also used to be VERY active online (yes, those 15000+ likes on her Facebook page are real). For this reason, she often misses the simpler times when bloggers (not influencers or some monopolistic corporation) ruled the Internet. But alas, Life is full of surprises and the world is now left with nothing more than these final posts

With positive influence from friends in recent years, though, she now dabbles in relatively mind-soothing activities. These activities range from floral arrangement to more extreme ones like scuba diving, skiing, adventure travels, and even performance cars.

A1 cookies

Lastly, a rare opportunity awaits students who are lucky to be in The Temple at the right time. Which is the chance to … mmmmmm … sample those legendary sleep-eliminating morale-enhancing cakes, cookies and 𝛑 … oops … pies, baked by Miss Loi, amongst other things.

Provided she’s in the mood, of course.

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