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Miss Loi the O-Level AMaths / EMaths Tutor

Miss Loi is The Sunday Times' Super Tutor! Miss Loi the Saviour

The Venerable Miss Loi - Singapore Maths Tutor Miss Loi is a full-time private Math Tutor in Singapore. Her life’s calling is to eradicate the terrifying Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging (LMBFH) Syndrome off the face of this planet. As such, she has been saving helping countless desperate students through regular joss sticks sessions for the past 27 years (and counting), with the major milestone being the founding of Miss Loi’s Temple in 2007. Regardless of whether the students are from the so-called ‘elite’ schools, neighbourhood schools, GEP, IP, IB, or whatever twisted concoction the MOE conjures up, Miss Loi has seen and handled them all.

And by the way, she specializes in O-Levels Additional/Elementary Mathematics and possesses the eerily prophetic ability to ‘spot’ the right questions that will appear in upcoming tests/exams.

WARNING: A typical joss sticks session with Miss Loi involves 100% ALL-OUT TEACHING, instead of just sitting and watching her student do last week’s assignment. May Buddha have mercy on those who turn up without doing their homework …

Miss Loi the Mentor

GCE O-Level 2007 Double Maths Grades

2007 O-Level Math Grades
of Miss Loi’s Students
(Bs included for proof of realism)

A product of the national education system herself, Miss Loi fully recognizes its many shortcomings and therefore goes the extra mile to ensure that they do not infect her current generation of students. As such her focus is on developing her students’ ability to grasp concepts rather than hard-core memorizing, and also to encourage approaching questions from different angles. In fact she expects her students’ study objective be an ‘aim for distinction‘, rather than a ‘just to pass‘!

For the record she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from NUS. She will never state her year of graduation lest someone tries to deduce her real age.

Congratulatory Video for Miss Loi’s Students’ 2011 O-Level Math Results.
Enjoy the Hands Up Eurodance beat!

Miss Loi the Lifestyle Guru

Straits Times Online SG Blog Award Winners Joss Sticks on Digital Life

When not tutoring (and to prepare for her eventual tai tai lifestyle), Miss Loi indulges in a wide variety of Singaporean pastimes like retail therapy (i.e. shopping), trips to Japan/Korea/Taiwan (i.e. for more shopping) and with posts like this one, it’s pretty obvious she has been watching too many Hong Kong & Korean dramas.

With positive influence from friends in recent years, however, she now dabbles in more extreme activities like scuba diving and adventure travels. Currently, she is a bit into cars.

The Other Lois

Little Miss Loi the O-Level Science Tutor

Little Miss Loi

Little Miss Loi in various cosplay guises
(Atomic earring, radioactive hairband
& heart-shaped stethoscope sold separately)

While Miss Loi’s joss sticks have been keeping the Mathematical Menace at bay, her sister Little Miss Loi has been offering her special breed of scientifically-enhanced joss sticks, for the past 16 years (and counting), to heal all O-level Science students genetically-mutilated by biological warfare, revive those electrocuted by Ohm’s Law, and resurrect those nuked so badly that their very existence is held together only by Van der Waals forces.

Skilled in the mechanics of O Level Physics, the dark alchemic art of O Level Chemistry, and the mystical metabolism of O Level Biology, Little Miss Loi is a NUS Life Science (Merit) graduate majoring in Biomedical Science, a Singapore Biology Olympiad and NUS Biomedical Quiz participant, and an ex-Science relief teacher.

Most importantly, in keeping with her *cough*illustrious*cough* elder sister’s tradition, her fortunate charges have attained average grade jumps of 6 notches (e.g. from C6 -> A1) for their relevant subjects.

Despite her sister’s cajoling, she has so far refused to turn up in a nurse costume for Biology lessons.

Little Miss Loi has left The Temple for further studies.

Meanwhile, please contact us at 9795 3323 or 9380 5290 for all Science classes (as well as classes for other subjects) at The Temple.

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