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2016 GCE O Level Results – Reminiscences

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 10:59 pm (Singapore time)

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When Miss Loi reminisces about all the years
She sees many things.

The Old Temple

The Old Temple (source)

There were little victories and jubilation.

Sweet little victories

Sweet little victories #olevel #olevel2016 #olevelresults #olevels

but also uncertainties and trepidation.


There was laughter and lame jokes, and sometimes ice cream.

 Lame puns and ice cream

Lame puns and ice cream #olevels #olevel #olevelresults #olevel2016 #olevels2016

There were moments of Darkness
through which many have strode

Striding through Darkness

And there were also tears.

First Few Days

But to her, these were but parts of a bigger Journey.

After all, whenever Miss Loi reminisces about the years,
She didn’t quite remember the grades

GCE O Level 2016 distinction grades

The annual oohs and ahhhs #olevel #olevels #olevel2016 #olevels2016 #olevelresults

Nor the mighty grade jumps

GCE O Level 2016 grade jumps

Some of the athletic high jumpers of 2016 #olevels #olevel #olevelresults #olevel2016 #nlevel #nlevels #nlevelresults #nlevel2016

For with the passage of time
the mightiest of results will wither alike the least.

2016 O Level Judgement Day Verdict

2016 O Level Judgement Day Verdict #olevelresults #olevels2016 #olevel2016 #olevel #olevels #congratulations #congrats #proudofyou #willtryevenharderin2017 #jossstickstuition

The memories that lived on
Were of those who had managed to turn around

All along, that "You" was actually YOU

All along, that “You” was actually YOU *points finger in your direction* #olevel #olevels #olevelresults #reflections #lifehacks

Of those who managed to replace the “Up” in “Give Up” with “Your Best”

Replacing the "Up" in "Give Up" with "Your Best"

Replacing the “Up” in “Give Up” with “Your Best” #lifehacks #lifehack #olevels #olevel #olevelresults #reflections

And of those who were enlightened to far more important things

Beyond the exams, syllabus and ten-year series

Beyond the exams, syllabus and ten-year series #lifehacks #olevels #olevel #olevelresults #reflections

So here we are, 10 years on …

Exams have come and gone.
Imaginary futures terrorised and appeased.

"Shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top."

“Shooting stars never stop, even when they reach the top.” #olevel #olevels #wishes

*Even as Miss Loi pens the last words of a dying chapter that began a decade ago
Judgment Day 2016 will soon be forgotten
Swept away like eraser crumbs in a battle hall

Undying Passion

Thank you one last time too #tutor #tuition #olevel #olevels #postolevels #olevelresults #tutorlove

Yet Life goes on, like an echo in the wind.
Veiling greater deeds that are yet to come
By which all shall, and should, be judged.

Continuing to do what you love

Hoping with all my ❤️ everyone will find their ❤️ and do what they ❤️ in the future #olevels #olevel #olevelresults #postolevels #afterolevels

For this is how we should be remembered.
For this is who we are.

Teacher Influencer

We. Are. Influencers. #nuffsaid #tutors #tuition #teacher #teachers #tutorlife #teacherlife

*This post was written during the brief respite known as Chinese New Year, before Miss Loi gets drawn back to her neverending hurly-burly life of joss sticks sessions. Meanwhile have a happy 2017 everyone!


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