Miss Loi’s O Level Secondary School Exam Papers

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The ONLY S’porean Secondary/O Level Mathematics Worksheets Online.

Miss Loi's 2021 Math Exam Papers

More than 3000 carefully hand-picked questions that are regularly used by Miss Loi in her Jφss Sticks Sessions.
Full step-by-step worked solutions & answer keys, complete with relevant diagrams, construction, graphs & student-friendly pointers where applicable.
A little more challenging than the standard Ten-Year Series of questions.
Adapted from actual tests/exams of top schools in Singapore.
Follows latest exam syllabus and topics from Singapore’s top schools.
Regularly vetted by teacher, tutor and student users.
Pleasantly formatted with professionally-created equations, graphs & pretty diagrams.
No poorly scanned, stressful-looking diagrams!
Print directly off this website right from the comfort of your home.
Be notified & updated conveniently whenever errors are discovered.
No more waiting for next revisions of assessment books!

Printed in 2-column Landscape Format to save paper!

Kawaii Exam Papers BEYOND The Ten-Year Series

Miss Loi's Exam Papers (E-Maths & A-Maths)

Fondly known as joss sticks, these legendary worksheets are an indispensable supplement to Miss Loi’s students in their crusade against the LMBFH Syndrome.

Specially compiled with more than 20 years of experience and exposure to killer challenging exams, trends and generations of students’ grievances feedback from a wide plethora of Singapore’s top schools, these potent collections of Mid-Year / End-of-Year / Preliminary Exams and Topical Exercises are suitable for students looking to practice on a series of questions that are a little more challenging than the standard Ten-Year Series of questions (for upper sec students), that helps firm up their understanding via exposure to questions set by different schools.

As such, they are designed to provide students with:

  • Advanced

    An advanced practice platform that is generally considered to be a little more challenging than the standard Ten-Year Series of questions (for upper sec students).

  • Exposure

    Exposure to a wide variety of questions from different schools and all sorts of tricks they have up their sleeves.

  • Awareness

    An increased awareness of critical questions that somehow miraculously recur in tests and exams conducted across various schools and institutions.

  • Foundation

    The necessary foundation to bravely tackle all the evil and morale-sapping school tests, CAs, exams and ultimately the O-Levels.

  • Experience

    The experience of simulated full-length exam conditions by following closely the latest exam syllabus, structures and formats (for exam papers).

  • Catch

    Opportunities to catch commonly-committed mistakes (careless, dreaming or otherwise).

  • Confidence

    Boost confidence on various topics through questions of progressive difficulties (for topical exercises).

  • Understanding

    Opportunities to perfect understanding of various topics through creative question scenarios and approaches.

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