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Tutors’ Testimonials

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We all know that a good tutor is difficult to come by. That’s why I’m writing this testimonial, so parents who are feeling helpless and desperate know where to find help.

When I saw my girl’s mid-year results, I realized I had to find her a math tutor asap. In my desperate search, I stumbled upon Miss Loi.

It was definitely the right choice to engage Miss Loi as my girl’s tutor. Competent and dedicated, she was a large factor in the tremendous improvement in my girl’s math grades.

Mid-Year Results Before Tuition:
E-Math: D7
A-Math: E8

Year-End Results After Tuition For Three Months:
E-Math: B3
A-Math: C6

GCE O-Level Results After Tuition For Five Months:
E-Math: A2
A-Math: A2

So Hurry! Get Help! Don’t Wait! The sooner you do so, the higher the chance of good grades!

Mrs Rose LeeEvelyn Lee's Mom (Chij St. Joseph's Convent)

Hi Miss Loi. I would like to thank you for your help and effort you have given Shi Hui. She did very well for her A-Maths class test. I’m very happy for her. I can see that she is more confident now, especially when she has been previously suffering from lack of confidence and kept on telling me that she “can’t do it”. Now she says “Yes! I can do it!”.

Thanks and appreciate it!

Emily ChiuShi Hui's Mom (St. Nicholas Girls' School)

Yes the Onigiris were nice :)


我不是一个 ‘cheng zhi’ 的学生。因为不是没上课就是没做功课且Late。。。미안 해요, Teacher!

不过,记得在 January 刚报读在这里补习时,我是个什么都不懂的学生。但,老师的耐心教导让我懂得怎样做某些习题。谢谢老师!!(Truly thanks, 虽然我不太会表达但信里说的都是真的!)除了这些还有因为您的鼓励让我不放弃。(虽然我是个很会 make careless mistakes 的学生!) 还有因为您的幽默感让我在课堂上觉得有趣等等。。。


Clarissa YeoFirst Toa Payoh Secondary School

I am extremely glad to have gotten tuition from Jφss Sticks. My math grades improved from D7 to A1 over the past 2 years.

Enjoyed the worksheets as they are challenging and exposed me to the variety of questions, enabling me to be more aware and prepared for the possible questions that may be tested.

It is also amazing how Ms Loi can mark my answers at a rate of about 10 seconds at most for each question! 😛

Lim Chern Ern ★Bishan Park Secondary School

Thank you so much Ms Loi. I’ll never forget this one year experience learning not only how to do maths but also how to understand everything very well. I learnt that you took individual care and concern on every one of your students.

I was able to challenge myself on discipline whenever I did your worksheets too. Those worksheets are very precious to me. I always think that it was a ‘good’ thing that I failed my maths last year, otherwise I would not have met you.

Thanks a lot Ms Loi once again. I feel ‘gifted’ to get a place in your class. It is really Miss Loi’s Temple of Salvation!

Priscilla IsabelSt. Margaret's Secondary School

Time flies ~ It’s been about 3 years. I still remember that I was only a young and naive secondary one girl 3 years back. Maths was practically the subject I was weakest in and, of course, I hated it. But thanks to you, it became one of the subjects I love ♥ If it wasn’t because of your teachings and enlightenment, I wouldn’t be here today, I wouldn’t be taking A-Maths, and Maths does not seem THAT difficult anymore.

I ♥ your lessons because they help me to score better grades!
I ♥ your sour sweets!

Thank you, Miss Loi ~ you’re someone I can never forget!

Yeo Hui QingManjusri Secondary School

Testimonial of the Year Winner's Trophy Testimonial Of The Year Winner Testimonial of the Year Winner's Trophy

Before Ms Loi taught me maths, my maths really sucked. But now, after 3 years of mathematical education at The Temple, my maths still suck – but less by ten times now.

I think Ms Loi is the best maths tutor ever (50% of this is true because of all the sour sweets she gave me).

Ms Loi is a super nice teacher and I cannot imagine how sucky I would be without her help. Thank you Ms Loi! You’re awesome (but less awesome than me 🙂 )

Julian SeahSt. Joseph's Institution

It has been a very fruitful and arduous journey during these 4 years I at The Temple. I would like to sincerely thank Miss Loi for all the time and effort she has spent on us students, as well as all the best questions she painstakenly selected for us to do. My standard of Mathematics would not be where it is today if not for you, Miss Loi. I hope that you will continue to nurture, educate and nag [Miss Loi: -.-] at students, because you only do what is the best for them. THANK YOU!

Alejandro Zikin FokMaris Stella High School

Best maths tutor ever! 😀

Grades have been improving after tuitions, from C to A for EMaths, and a 4-grade improvement in AMaths, a subject I never passed!!! Miss Loi is like my savior HAHAHA. I’m clearly indebted to you, owe you one! Very grateful and thankful that I have you as my tutor.

Thanks so much! XOXO♥

Sofia PutriChij St. Theresa's Convent

MISS LOI is the queen of all math tuition!

She has saved me from the evils of F9s which I have been getting since I started secondary school. For the 3 months that I have attended her class, I have done more than I thought I was capable of – LIKE PASSING MY PRELIMS. Her hilarious comments that she makes randomly in class, as well as her awesome teaching methods make her lessons something to look forward to.


Stephanie TanSt. Nicholas Girls' School


Pls be glad that I’m writing this the day before my Lit & Amath exam (joking!) so I am not some ungrateful person. Thank you for spending so much effort & papers on me.

You’re the first tuition teacher I ever went to & I’m glad that you accepted me because I’m awed by your ability to handle so many individual tuition at once & your resourcefulness & awesome notes which my friends always snatch away before an exam. I’m not very mathematically inclined (as evident from my 1 x 1012 careless mistakes), but I’m still very appreciative of your patience in teaching me.

I think I have definitely improved in my math & Amath (oh ya, I forgot to thank you in teaching me double Math even though I only requested for Amath in the beginning, ty!). From the first time I came to the Temple where i failed the fundamental test horribly, I notice you are always coughing & rushing to the toilet, so please take care of your health & not overwork so much.

Despite how weird these presents might seem, I think they are very beneficial for your health (except the gummy bear, of course). I wish you good luck in your future endeavours!

P.S. I have already tried my best to give my most beautiful handwriting so a human can read it. It’s 11.30 a.m. now & I have only 15 mins to prepare for my last session!

Li Zhi TaoAnglican High School

Ms Loi’s math tuition classes have been beneficial, without a doubt; evident from the fact that my perpetual U-grade / F9 Math scores improved to a decent pass within a few mere weeks of lessons during my Prelims. Her lessons are very well-structured, and she has a strange ability to make you remember complex formulae within minutes. Her lessons are very effective as she manages to cover all the fundamental principles and crucial stuff WITHOUT FAIL within 2 hours! Her lessons are a virtual savior to the Math-handicapped. MISS LOI ROCKS!

“Life is like a coin, you only get to spend it once.” 🙂

Sarah KhanSingapore Chinese Girls' School

Miss Loi has taught me how to love math again. She has exposed me to different types of math questions and widen my knowledge in math. Over the short span of 3 months, my math has improved tremendously and I am capable of doing more questions with much ease. Miss Loi is a great teacher and she is highly regarded and respected among her students. Miss Loi has also sacrificed her daily meals and personal time for the benefit of her students and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help the weaker students. Miss Loi is indeed a fantastic teacher and friend. She has truly blessed me richly with her brilliant teachings.

I’d have to admit, for a math teacher, she’s really a gem.

Richa GillPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (secondary)

I really have to thank Miss Loi for helping me out in my math and making me realise that I have potential in doing math.

I’ve seen so many math teachers but the perfect and the most positive math teachers out of all is Miss Loi. She is very patient and positive. When I don’t know how to answer a sum, she will explain a thousand times till I understand. The way Miss Loi teaches makes life easier as she uses many many shortcut methods and smart techniques to understand math topics fast.

Ms Loi has been more of a great friend than a teacher as she is understanding and makes sure that I don’t give up on math. At the same time, her practice papers and notes have been really helpful. After attending her lessons my interest on maths has increased by a zillion times compared to the rest of my P1-Sec 5 life.

Thank You Ms Loi for being a great friend, helping me to a great extent to understand math and being very patient with me. I will really miss you so much after my ‘O’s. Thanks! Love you … =) All of the credit goes to you Miss Loi!!!

NasrinO-level Private Candidate

A Frame of Wishes

Dear Ms Loi,

Thanks for being so patient with us! It’s so cool how you can spot mistakes immediately & enlighten us! HAHA. Thanks to you my math improved by 5 awesome grades. Yay!

Claudie TanSt. Nicholas Girls' School

He has shown significant improvement in Maths” – this was written by my son’s teacher in his report card for the recently completed end-of-the-year Sec 1 exam. We were fortunate to have Miss Loi take my son under her wings in June this year and in a matter of four short months, his grade jumped to an A2. His achievement is due, in no small part, to Miss Loi’s excellent teaching efforts and patience. Apart from her wide experience in teaching the subject, I have also found Miss Loi to be a pleasant, responsible and flexible teacher and have no qualms in recommending her to parents seeking a good and effective Maths tutor for their children.

Thanks, Miss Loi, for working with Daniel. And although Daniel may not say it, I am sure he is grateful to have you as his tutor.

Mrs SimDaniel Sim's Mom


Thank you for being a super awesome Math tutor. Without you, I would not have gotten so well for Math. Thanks for always being patience and caring.

Also, thanks for your awesome sense of humour (on your blog) haha, you are funny, I didn’t know you like Korea. I love going there too!! haha! You are really cool^^

Thanks for being patient & caring for all your students (: You are indeed an awesome tutor 😀 and you have helped many people 😀

Thanks for helping my Math improve! from like C5 to A1! I never thought I will do well, but thanks to you, I did! 😀

Hehe continue being awesome ^^. Oh do you listen to kpop? Hehe my husband is in Super Junior! Go listen!

Thanks for being the best teacher ever 😀

Love ya 😀
Cheryl the red QK (its a ninja. look the other way :D)

Cheryl TanCrescent Girls' School

Ms Loi is a very good teacher. She makes sure she helps you especially in your weak areas and teaches you fast methods to overcome these maths problems. Ms Loi is also very spot-on (experienced), in that she chooses the correct questions or topics to go through such that you are well-prepared for any test or exam.

Her lessons are always enjoyable as she tries to make the lesson interactive so you enjoy what you are learning. Although I used to dislike maths as i never did well in that subject, Ms Loi helped me overcome that dislike and gave me lots of practice that made me more confident and eventually helped me do well in my O’ levels.

It’s been a pleasure having her as my tutor.

Jessica AowAng Mo Kio Secondary School

Jacqueline's O-Level Certificate

Jacqueline’s O-Level Cert
Click to enlarge

I first came to Ms Loi barely a month before my preliminary examinations. I needed a tuition teacher badly, for my Amath and Emath results were unsatisfactory, and I was intending to count these subjects in my L1R5. Initially, I was hesitant about having a tuition teacher as my previous 2 experiences with private tutors had been bad ones.

I might as well be honest in saying that I suffer from an inferiority complex, and more often than not, I seek to please others too hard, for I am afraid of what others might say if I don’t live up to their expectations. Because of this, when it comes to private tutors, I find myself hesitant to answer questions or do sums during lessons, for fear of getting the wrong answer and incurring the disapproval of the teacher.

With Ms Loi however, everything was so different. From the very first lesson, she strived to make me feel at ease and even confident with my own ability to do math. Both my Amath and Emath results had dropped to a C6 then, and during lessons, Ms Loi painstakingly went through everything again, sometimes even returning back to the basics and working from there. I find her an excellent teacher who knows the syllabus well, for her expertise is evident from the way she is able to accurately spot exam questions and provide students with sufficient practice on popular exam topics.

Most importantly, during lessons, any fear I ever had about getting sums wrong was dispelled for Ms Loi made it so “okay” to make mistakes. I never feared to say the words “I don’t know”. Not for once did she launch into a reprimand of “I thought I taught you this before!” or “You should have known this already!”. Without question, she would once again re-teach and give me related questions to do such that I would know the topic intimately. Even when I felt that I did horribly during tests, her encouragements to persevere always served to motivate me.

Needless to say, under Ms Loi, I progressed tremendously and in my preliminary examinations a month later, I actually scored A1s for both my Amaths and Emaths. With these results, my L1R5 was 6 points and I managed to get into Raffles Junior College. I must say that I really have Ms Loi to thank for such excellent results and I do hope I won’t let her down when the O level results are out.

Once again, thanks so much Ms Loi!

Jacqueline SiaPaya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (secondary)

Before coming to joss sticks, Maths was one of my least favourite subjects and one that I constantly failed (for AMath at least). But after being here for many months, I learnt that math is actually a fun subject and that you’re really a great teacher (: I remember the days when I was getting 20+/100 for AMath in my secondary three end of year exam last year LOL. But now I improved by like more than 40 marks!! So magical yah! And now whenever I do math problems I will feel quite SHIOK when I get the right answer! So thanks for teaching me Miss Loi, and helping me overcome Math (:

Sharmaine TanNan Hua High School

When you told me it’s not so easy to get A1, my heart sank. But giving it a second thought, I wouldn’t be at where I am today if not for you – I may not even be able to make it to B3!

Thank you for being so patient in coaching me and giving me chances to “repent”. You’ve made me realise it’s actually all about effort. I’ve never thought of passing maths in my secondary school life but when I knew I passed the feeling was “shiok!”.

Thank you for everything. Lessons spent at Temple was very relaxing with the free flow of sweets around and solving Maths questions one after another! I’ll definitely miss coming here I swear! And know what? Every time I go home I will feel extremely good, like having undergone some enlightenment! Hehe 😀

Chai Pei EnCompassvale Secondary School

My time at Joss Sticks has been extremely productive and enjoyable.

Before joining Miss Loi’s Emath and Amath lesson. I was scoring D7-F9 for Amath and around a B4 for Emath. I never passed a single Amath test for the whole of Sec 3. I hated Amath like crazy and even had thoughts of dropping the subject completely.

However, soon after joining tuition, my grades for both Math and Amath started picking up tremendously. I finally felt there was hope for Amath when I passed my first test. Towards the end of the year, I started scoring As for emath and no longer failed Amath!

Thank you Miss Loi for your patience, for convincing that I shouldn’t have dropped Amath (phew!), and lastly, for all the help you’ve offered to me in terms of salvaging my math grades! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Renee FooSingapore Chinese Girls' School

Hey Ms Loi, thanks for all your help with my maths 🙂 Before I came, I seriously wanted to give up on my Amaths. Thanks so much for never giving up on me and my maths. You’ve been a great teacher, and even friend 🙂 It was really nice being in your class and having you as my teacher. Once again, thanks for everything Ms Loi, and I wish you all the best in everything you do. I LOVE MATHS!

Elena OngNan Hua High School

Miss Loi is AWESOME! Before I joined her tuition class, practising maths problems always seemed to be a chore. I would rather study Chinese than study Maths. But after I joined Miss Loi’s tuition, under her guidance, I found my love for maths. Maybe it’s coz of her enthusiasm, or maybe it’s coz her passion for teaching maths is ‘contagious’, that led me to finally change my opinion of Maths. Sometimes when I feel down and start to hate maths again, Miss Loi is always there to help me. My wish would be that Miss Loi will teach maths on the JC level too, so that I won’t have to worry about my maths then! =D *hints to Miss Loi* =D

Alex CheongSt. Joseph's Institution

Well, it is that time of the year again and we will be back in Singapore for the summer holidays. I am wondering if you could spare time in your busy schedule to coach my son in Math again? He told me last year that you are one of the best teachers he had and he had really learnt a lot from you. Even though the time was short last year, it did gave him a good foundation in his school Math. I am really pleased and glad that we found you even though we were in Beijing at that time – the wonders of Internet!!

Mrs June FooJune's Son's Mom (Beijing)

When I was informed by my sister that I have been enrolled for maths tuition I was really annoyed. Although I knew that I required extra help for my Mathematics, I never liked tuition, as my friends have always complained about their experiences with their freaky tuition teachers and the piles of extra assessment papers which had overloaded them with stress.

However I soon started to show much eagerness towards my Maths after I joined the tuition. I gradually started to improve in my Maths, as the tutor, Miss Loi, showed much care and patience towards me and was often kind enough to understand my time constrain at times and granted me extra time to complete my work.

I would really like to thank Miss Loi for helping to create an interest in me towards Maths!

Cheers =)

Sharala GopalChij St. Joseph's Convent

Miss Loi!!! Thanks for being such a good teacher and for helping me get my As! 🙂 Although you always refused to tell us the answer and made us re-do countless questions, I know it’s all for our own good!

Haha and thanks for always fetching me to the MRT/home 🙂 Continue to act cool with your convertible HAHA

Sharmaine ChanSt. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

Dear Miss Loi, I think you have been a very patient tuition teacher. You have been tolerating my nonsense since Sec 3! You are really really good in Maths (DUH) but I’m going to beat you one day! Your worksheets are really difficult but thank you for them cause it helped me to get my As! Thank you for being such a great tutor!

Ivy QuahSt. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

(Miss Loi: Spellcheck doesn’t seem to be working for this one …)

Hi Ms Loi! I can’t believe that it’s been 4 years since i stepped into the Temple and became your disciple, a Mecks Monk. From a perpetually “last-in-class-for-P5P6-Mecks” to a “lol-I-passed Amath!!” student, and occasionally shocking myself with surprisingly decent Mecks grades. 😮

I still recall struggling with Mecks in Sec 1 and Sec 2 so much that I felt like I could just 😥 there and then from the Mecks phobia. Of course I still do experience occasional bouts of anti-mecks feelings, but they are less frequent now 🙂 I took Amath cause I felt that, well, I already had mecks tuition, so might as well 一举两得, one tuition cover 2 subjects. I never thought I could pass Amath after hearing the horror stories from seniors, about Amath being a universally failed subject, too arcane, too etc etc. And it was ZOMG shocking when I was regarded as ‘good at Mecks’ in class by my classmates and teachers.

Nevertheless, I am vvvvvv grateful for your help/tutoring for these 4 years or so, you’ve helped me keep afloat amidst the intimidating mecks tsunamis that threaten to engulf me. Even if I go out the exam hall feeling like I would flunk the paper, I would at least errrr… get back my paper with a ‘decent’ score, and this was quite a nice surprise actually.

I am not your most prodigious disciple, and I will never reach mecks nirvana like you have. I might always regard Amath as ‘Apocalyptical Mecks’, Math topics to be ‘Glaph’, ‘Trickonometry’,’Madsuration’ and draw angry on my math exam scripts (taboo yes), but I will always recall the shining, glorious moments when I aced random mecks tests and etc. Attribute to you 😀

All this being said … here’s a HUGE THANK YOU to you, and an apology for making you read my extremely illegible handwriting (did I blind you?) Okay. I should end this extremely incoherent ‘essay’ now 😛

Lisabelle TanChij St. Theresa's Convent

Ms Loi has helped me a lot during my 4 years here 🙂 I like her teaching style ’cause it helps me remember my formulas … Although I started off weak and constantly failing but in Sec 4, she pushed me a lot so I got above the passing mark and this made me so happy hahh … The environment is nice 🙂 I like the green halls although it would be better in black (Miss Loi: hmmm … ) 🙂 Thank You Ms Loi!

Diane LimTampines Secondary School

Even though i have tuition with you for less than four months, But during this period I have realised a lot of things. Your words of encouragement give me hope, your patience gives me the determination to work hard and your beautiful smile gives me the confidence. And i think that is also why i could improve tremendously within such short period of time. Therefore I’m really very grateful for all your guidance. Thank you very much!

CharlesBalestier Hill Secondary School

We all know the number of A1s we obtain is directly proportional to the hard work we put in. However,

Efforts and Courage are not enough without purpose and direction
– John F. Kennedy

Miss Loi has been guiding me with my math since I was in Secondary Two and every second I spent at The Temple has truly enriched my soul and touched my heart with the love of math ♥ [Miss Loi: Awww … sweetest quote of the year!]

Miss Loi’s awesomeness is like an exponential graph. Her love and care for her students GMH.

Thank you, Miss Loi, for being the bestest tuition teacher, ever! iie lubsxcz euu! <3

Toh Kiat ShengSt. Joseph's Institution

Out of the 12 math teachers I’ve had in my whole life, I’ve hated all 12 of them. Ms Loi is the only math teacher that I like!! After attending these tuition sessions at Jφss Sticks, I realized that I can actually do math! The formulae / equations / cheating or secret techniques that Ms Loi had taught me were really helpful. The only bad thing is her face and her voice haunts me appear in my mind at nights especially the 2 nights before my Paper 1; I totally couldn’t sleep because Ms Loi’s voice kept repeating “when intercept at Y, X equals WHAT?!!?” It’s really scary but nevertheless thank you Ms Loi!!!

Jasmine LimO-level Private Candidate

Hi Miss Loi,

This is Kelvin’s mummy. I am very happy to inform you that Kelvin scored A1 for Add Maths and an A2 for his E-Maths.

My heartfelt appreciation for your excellent coaching for the whole of last year without which he will not have made such amazing progress!! I still remembered desperately searching for a maths tutor to help him prepare for his O level.

He was faring so poorly (failing his A-Maths and just managing to pass his E-maths) inspite of tuition. I am so glad that I saw the article in The Straits Times on “Super Tutors” one day and you were one of the tutor featured. What impressed me was that it was written you will fire any student who is lazy!! “Wow” I thought, that is one serious tutor!

Thank God, under you, he begins to make steady progress and also did not make any excuse not to go for tuition, unlike in the past!

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart, Miss Loi, for helping my son to achieve his potential. Keep up your excellent work!! Your students and my son are blessed to have a ‘Super Tutor’ like you.

With deepest appreciation,

Betty KohKelvin Koh's Mom (Maris Stella High School)

Shao Yu's O-Level Certificate

Shao Yu’s O-Level Cert
Click to enlarge

Ms Loi is someone who knows the math syllabus (both additional and elementary) like the back of her hand. Trigonometry, logarithms, probability, et cetera the ‘O’ level syllabus is practically at the tips of her fingers. She is able to convey the crux of the topic to any student in the simplest manner ever.

I was struggling in my maths, the turning point came for me when Ms Loi became my tuition teacher, after which my maths grades improved significantly. Although the ‘O’ levels are over, and come what may the results, i would just like to say thank you to Ms Loi for being such a wonderful teacher!

The journey is what most matters, and you have been absolutely sensational!

Koh Shao YuCedar Girls' Secondary School

Gwyneth's Thank You Card

Dear Ms Loi,

Thank you for helping me with my math for these past two years, guiding me and helping me improve.

Thank you for always being so patient with me 🙂

Thank you for helping me achieve what I thought was impossible – 2 A1s for both E math and A math 🙂

I arrived at the end of Sec 2, where I was always either failing or just getting a pass. But your worksheets and guidance have proven to be extremely helpful. Thank you for the advice that you had given to me just the night before the exam and for always believing in me.
Thank you very very very much , Ms Loi! 🙂

Gwyneth KongSt. Nicholas Girls' School

Miss Loi has definitely made me understand E/A Math concepts a lot easier. Although I would not say Math is my favourite subject, Miss Loi has made me love ♥ these subjects a lot more.

Her explanations are clear, detailed and she’s really nice too! The “massive” amount of homework (papers etc.) she gives every week has indeed helped me to reinforce certain chapters. She identifies the chapters I am weak in and gives me more practices on questions related to these chapters.

The booklets of E/A Math notes are also really helpful as they help me in last-minute studying (just kidding :P) These booklets provide condense, step-by-step solutions on how to solve certain questions. I always read these booklets before test/exams and before each ‘O’ level Math paper.

In all, Miss Loi is a wonderful teacher who cares for her students. Thank you for helping me clarify my doubts and never scolding me no matter how bad i was! In fact, I have benefited a lot from you besides Math/A Math. 🙂

頑張って!! <= 加油!!

Jeanne MahSingapore Chinese Girls' School

I still remember the first time I had lesson with Miss Loi and how it was back at the old tuition centre. Through these four years, I saw a lot of changes – change in venue, me growing up etc.

Anyways through all these years, even when I kept talking and was being annoying, she still didn’t give up on me. And because of that, I usually got A’s in exams and I feel confident walking into the exam hall for O levels.

Miss Loi is a great teacher. She cares for the student, is patient and understanding. My math standard would have never gotten to where it is now without her.

Miss Loi has a special way of connecting with the students and helping them understand the hardest of topics in like 5 minutes. Her worksheets are really helpful and well put together.

Thank you Miss Loi for everything. I wouldn’t be able to do math without you. And, I am really going to miss you loads. You have made a great impact in my life, and I will never forget you.

♥ LOVE YOU ♥ Miss Loi — BEST tutor in the world.

Crystal Tay Hui ShiFuchun Secondary School

Your tutoring has benefited me much more than almost any other teacher. The way you teach is very effective and ‘labour intensive’. I don’t know how good my Math subjects would be if I didn’t find you (probably worse).

Plus, I really, really, really like the atmosphere and environment here. Very conducive and also homely. Everyone here is so helpful and friendly. I’m sure that no other tuition centre would be able to compare to Joss Sticks Tuition Centre.

Thank you so much for aiding me in my improvement! One of the biggest contributing factor to my current good grades is your help, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. I hope to come back in the future, possibly for A level tuition, so I’ll see you then!

Angela LiSt. Nicholas Girls' School

I still remember when I was in Sec 3 and my A-Math teacher pulled 3 students out of the class after they scored between 2-4 marks for a test. One of them was me. She made us sit outside the class and reflect on our grades. All 3 of us were one of the worst students (academically) in the class, and maybe in the whole level. At that time, I really thought I was just doomed forever not being able to do math. I always thought I was just naturally bad at math (probably because I hated algebra since Sec 1 and could hardly pass math ever since algebra was introduced).

So you must be wondering what happened to the 3 of us. One got retained, the other didn’t get promoted but nevertheless got advanced eventually thus she dropped A-Math so it was only me left standing to face A-Math in the Os.

But just one fine day during the holidays I stumbled upon your website and I think I was very, very lucky to get a slot in your busy schedule and even luckier to still be able to attend beyond the school holidays even though you said I might not have a slot after the holidays.

Ever since I started attending Jφss Sticks, algebra and everything else seems so much easier! I really want to thank you for re-teaching everything all over again and for specially making time for me – it must be really torturous. Thank you for all the late night lessons just before the O levels and the wonderful notes! Thanks for all your awesome explanation and for putting up with all my careless mistakes. And thanks for the sour sweets that kept me awake even when I felt sleepy (I’m addicted to it right now, bought many many of it in Malaysia) and for rushing out the answers for the O level scripts! I really owe it to you for my grades right now and I enjoyed all my lessons at Joss sticks, it was very fun! Btw, everyone was pretty shocked when they found out I got an A1 for both A-Math and E-Math. So, THANK YOU!

Fiona LeongMethodist Girls' School (secondary)

I really, really, really, really, really hated Math. No, really. I couldn’t understand why I am doing Math at all. If I was drowning in the ocean, was the R-formula going to save my life? Probably not, but partially because I know how to swim. That’s not exactly my point but you see? Knowing how to swim would mean that I probably can save myself if I ever fall into the sea or something. But Math? Math just hurts my head.

So after Primary School was over and I got scolded in Secondary 1 for using models to attempt to solve algebra, I think that was when I started not caring for Math. Naturally, my grades plummeted but somehow I pulled through (kind of) but I was just floating about, I think. And then, yeah, got scolded by my parents and teachers and parents again and again and again.

Finally, my mother discovered a place called Joss Sticks and somebody called Miss Loi and suddenly I was on my way to Novena on a Saturday afternoon. Thank you Miss Loi, Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ♥♥♥ THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GENIUS. Also, pulling me (no, dragging me) out of my blur state and making me realise that Math isn’t so terrible afterall. I might kind of like it now. THANKS FOR BELIEVING IN ME, I was so happy —- so so so so happy —- when you assured me saying that I can get an A1. ##$&’&’’&$%$&&(’! <—— random scribbles to show how happy I am.


Last lesson 🙁 Now my Saturday afternoons will be bleak and boring and not Math-ey 🙁 I’m almost out of paper, so I’ll end here now!


Cheang Chu YingNan Hua High School

I started tuition with Miss Loi back in 2010 when I was then Secondary 1 and took Normal Academic Math. I vividly remember how she used to repeat the same question almost ten times but I still made the same mistake on the tenth try. However, Miss Loi did not give up and continued teaching me until I made no mistakes.

In Secondary 3, with Miss Loi’s encouragement, I was able to clinch the mark that was able to allow me to take Elementary Math instead of Normal Academic Math. I was then overjoyed. Lessons with her were great as she explained the questions clearly and enabled me to have a better understanding of Math, thus making me enjoy math more.

In Secondary 4, when i received my ‘N’ level certificate, I was extremely shock as I got A1 for Math and all this happened because of Miss Loi. I’m Secondary 5 this year and thank you to Miss Loi’s uncountable homework every week, I am sure I’ll do her proud for ‘O’ levels.

5 years with Miss Loi and I’m going to miss her alot! Thank you Miss Loi for your inspiration and encouragement, you’re indeed a SUPER TUTOR! 🙂

Teresa NazarethSt. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School

Wei Wei's Thank You Card

Although I have only been under you for a short period of about a year, I have already attended over 60 of your lessons and speaking from the bottom of my ♥ I have really enjoyed every single one of them because they are very enriching and fruitful. I enjoy coming for tuition not only because of your jovialness, but also because every time I leave your temple, I always leave with something new (for math of course!). Thank you for making Math a whole lot simpler and thank you for sharing all your shortcuts with me.

Although you refused to prompt me for the math problems occasionally, I know you did all those for my own good because you want me to learn to be independent. Once again, I really want to show my gratitude by officially calling you my idol. 谢谢! I will be back soon, promise!!

PS. You make me happy when the skies are grey.

Lim Wei WeiSt. Nicholas Girls' School

I’ve always hated math and tuition because my whole life was about doing math and going for tuition. But after coming to Joss Sticks, I actually enjoyed going for tuition … and math wasn’t so bad.

Even though I only joined last year, I feel like I’ve been coming to Joss Sticks since Secondary 1. I made many friends here and I’m thankful for that!! I’m very happy that with your help, I improved.

I know secretly inside your heart, you’ll miss Wei Wei and I alot, but we’ll miss you more. Thank you for being a friend and a teacher. 🙂 I enjoyed gossiping and talking about losing weight. I think you’re one of those special people in my life whom I will never forget, and there are not many okay! You hold a special place in my heart, Miss Loi 🙂

Thank you again Miss Loi and i hope we’ll still keep in touch in the future 🙂 我爱你 Miss Loi! ♥

Myra NgSt. Nicholas Girls' School

Melanie's Thank You Card

I started tuition at Joss Sticks at the end of Secondary 3 during the school holidays because I did not do well for my A Math end-of-year examination.

As Miss Loi is a well known tuition teacher, I decided to try out her tuition. At first, I was actually quite intimidated by Miss Loi but after a few lessons, I found that Miss Loi is very easy to talk to and is very approachable. Miss Loi is also very dedicated in explaining the concepts and is very professional when she conducts her lesson.

After 50 lessons with Miss Loi, I have improved a lot for A Math and I finally got an A1 in Secondary 4. I also believe that I can get A1s for both A Math and E Math for O levels.

The results I got are all thanks to Miss Loi’s numerous worksheets and papers given week after week, and of course, her constant guidance.

Miss Loi is truly an amazing tutor that can guide one to achieve A1s. Thank you so much Miss Loi and I really appreciate all your efforts!

Melanie DingSingapore Chinese Girls' School

F9 to A1

Thank you for being such a patient teacher and thank you for tolerating me during my “super jialat” period! Most importantly, thank you for giving me my first A1 in my secondary school life ^^ Frankly, I was amazed by your ability to make an F9 student like me, to become an A1 student within months.

Impressive!~ Sometimes, I think besides being a tutor, you’re like my friend too. hehe^^ anyway!! I think I’m very lucky to have found you as a tutor.

Mindy AngDeyi Secondary School

Having failed Amath in sec 3, my parents were desperate (as was I) to get me help. The first tutor they turned to was Ms Loi because she was always known to be an outstanding tutor.

To my surprise, I enjoyed attending classes and actually felt like I was learning and improving. Ms Loi was more than able to provide sufficient resources for both Add. and E. math. I had improved so much that during the first common test in sec 4 i nailed an A1 grade. Ms Loi’s dedication can be seen by the numerous lessons scheduled even on the day of the O level exam to make sure we are well prepared and fully confident.

Thanks to her, I made a drastic and almost unbelievable jump from a D7 in sec 3 to an A1 in Additional and elementary mathematics (O levels). My parents and I cannot thank you enough Ms Loi! Not only did I have excellent results in the O levels, i have also gained confidence (and even a slight interest haha) in mathematics! 🙂

Ang Li EnMethodist Girls' School (secondary)

Dear Miss Loi, thank you so much for being so patient with me for the past four years. Before attending tuition classes at Joss Sticks, I was horrible at Math. I absolutely detested the subject and found myself lost during lessons in school (hence my atrocious grades back then). However, when I started attending your lessons, I realised that Math was a lot easier than I had expected. Getting the correct answer each time I did a question was extremely rewarding.

You have ignited my passion for Mathematics and I am grateful for your constant guidance and endless encouragement. You have helped me build up my confidence in Math and opened up my eyes to see things from different perspectives.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and for helping me clear my doubts. You are so much more than a super tutor. You are an inspiration and a constant reminder to myself to never give up. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and passion towards teaching. Truly, I have been saved by you and I am so thankful for having such an amazing teacher like you.

Thank you so much Miss Loi! I won’t let you down!

Kimberley NgChij Secondary (toa Payoh)

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Miss Loi for her constant help and guidance. My EMath and AMath grades were slipping, but thankfully, I could find such a GREAT teacher! Miss Loi is a dedicated teacher and she helped me whenever I needed her to explain a question. I really appreciate her support and encouragement.

I started out with little confidence in Math, feeling nervous before every Math test. However, I was confident for the ‘O’ Levels as I knew that Miss Loi had prepared me very well. I ended up achieving A1 for both EMath and AMath. This is all thanks to Miss Loi for giving me so much practice and allowing me to come for many extra classes even though sometimes her class was already full.

I’m really happy to get such great results so THANK YOU MISS LOI 🙂

Brenda KongSingapore Chinese Girls' School

Maple's O-Level Certificate

Maple’s O-Level Cert
Click to enlarge

老师的任务是教育学生。但是,每一个学生的学习方式都不一样,而若想事倍功半,便须先了解学生,才能让学生更有效的学习。Ms Loi 便是这样一位老师。她愿意和学生打成一片,了解其个性与学习方式,然后才叫学生如何“对付”那些过去他们可能不理解的难题。 虽说学习没有捷径,但只要通过这样的方式巩固学生们的数学基础,那么学习进度也毋庸置疑的会跟着加快和更有效率。从我的角度看,这就是Ms Loi所采取的教育方式。

学生最害怕的应该就是“多做多错”,而因此给了自己懒惰的借口。不过,Ms Loi 却会坚持推翻这样的歪理。对学生来说,她扮演的是推动的角色。在适当的时候,她便优点给予鼓励,缺点给予建议,以及额外帮助学生的资料,好为学生们做好万全的准备,从容的应付大考。扮演着鼓励的角色也可使学生用更积极的态度面对排山倒海的功课。

中三时,我对数学已经心灰意懒,认为那是难以捉摸的科目。但是,在Ms Loi 的耐心教导下,面对中四离校考试时,我对两科数学以信心满满。而在稍早前的预考中,两科数学也拿了A1

Maple TayCedar Girls' Secondary School

Maths is a taboo topic for me and has been the bane of my life since Primary 5. It’s a struggle for me to attain any thing above 60 marks and when the crucial Secondary 3 dawns on me, my mother decided to take quick action. I have had other tutors before but I needed a Good One desperately.

She met Miss Loi at a business group meeting and made arrangements for her to tutor me for A maths. Till today, I am still astounded with my first results just after 5 lessons with Miss Loi. I scored the highest in the test! Well, as the saying goes … the rest is history.

Miss Loi is both resourceful and comprehensive. Her explanations are clear and easy to understand. In many instances, she was able to highlight probable questions and pinpoint areas which most students tend to have problems with. This is culled, I believe from years of experience and being focused on the subject.

With Miss Loi’s help, I have been able to score top marks ever since.

Gail LimCrescent Girls' School

Christiana's O-Level Certificate

Christiana’s O-Level Cert
Click to enlarge

Ms Loi is a focused teacher who drives her students to their maximum limits. Personally, she has helped to raise my math grades to above average, with frequent As. Her teaching methods are exam orientated and precise and include giving out practice papers, issuing tests and making sure that concepts are learnt properly before moving on. She also has an easy going nature that makes it easy for students to interact and form friendships with her.

Thus, it is not an overstatement when I say that she has so far been the best tuition teacher I have ever had!!

Christiana LimZhonghua Secondary School

Ms Loi is the best Maths tutor I ever encountered, whom both my children had the privilege to be under her tutelage. She not only knows her work well but is also very dedicated, exam focused in her approach and most importantly, produces results. For parents and students in search of a good math tutor, Ms Loi’s services come highly recommended.

Sharon LimChristiana Lim's Mom (Zhonghua Secondary School)

Miss Loi is smart, efficient, helpful, friendly, pretty(!) and easy going! What more can you ask of a tuition teacher? I was a F9, E8 person for maths … But after attending lessons for a month (4 sessions, 8 hours!), I jumped to A1! 😮 OMG! Unbelievable! Compared to my friends who have attended tuition for 1 year and still fail! Miss Loi is definitely so much more efficient and effective! I’m glad to have found her!

PS: There’re still sweets provided! What more can you ask for? 🙂

[Note: Riot of colours inherent from source document.]

Charlene SiahManjusri Secondary School

One Day You'll Be As Fast

Thank you for all your help this year. My Math grades have improved ever since you start teaching me. All the math questions you gave are related to the ones given in school. I just love the challenging math problems you gave me. It really gets my brain thinking haha:D

Thank you for repeating the method to solve the math question for countless of times! 😛 Oh, I really admire how fast you can solve every single math question! They are all on your fingertips! So amazing!

Once again, thank you!

Kway Wei TongDunman Secondary School

Miss Loi, Thank you for helping me improve my Math since Secondary 2. I still remember that when I first came here I was failing my Math. Since then, my math has been improving slowly and now I can get A for both Maths. I know that sometimes my CCA in school is very demanding and you have helped me replace a lot of lessons.

Thank you for everything and most importantly improving my results and helping me catch up on the concepts that I didn’t understand!

Schuyler TayCatholic High School

Miss Loi is a dedicated and focused teacher, who not only does her job well, but is also a friend to her students. She often encouraged me, telling me to not be defeated by the questions that quickly, and continue to persevere in the face of failure. Amazingly, when she speeds through the various topics, I can fully understand the concepts at once.

One thing that I like about her teaching method is that she will note all the important concepts and common questions likely to come out in the exam in a notebook, allowing me to revise with ease and convenience. She is also apt at pinpointing my weak areas, constantly working on them until I could even attempt the challenging questions!

And what she mentions about her ability to spot exam questions, it’s true!

Through her guidance, I became more confident, and even interested in maths. My grades improved consistently, from F9s to Bs during prelims. Her pleasant and likeable personality also provided a cheery environment for learning.

When I received my O Levels results, I achieved A1 for E Maths and A2 for A Maths. Thanks Miss Loi! You’re the best maths tutor I’ve had!

Chua Yong ZhenSt. Nicholas Girls' School

Exciting. Enjoyable. Enriching. These are probably three words I would use to describe Miss Loi’s lessons.

Her methods of teaching are concise as well as organized, following the O’ level syllabus very closely. This has allowed me to grasp the many mathematical concepts very quickly and also apply it to my daily work at school.

Lessons with her are never dull or boring because of her cheerful disposition when teaching. This allows me to feel very comfortable in terms of interacting with her or just asking questions when I do not understand the concept fully. Miss Loi’s patience and clear explanations truly benefited me in terms of both my grades and also character development.

Chong Ke Qing CherieSt. Nicholas Girls' School

Let me first say that I’m a man of few words, so this might be pretty short, but full of sentiments 🙂

Although I’ve been in your class for less than 2 years, but it’s really been nice to have you as a tuition teacher!! Your maths is awesoome and you’re really kind and patient in explaining and problems.

Under your math tuition, my math and amath results have improved too, so when the news reporters interview me for 10 A1s next year, I’ll attribute my results to you! (Miss Loi: will hold you to this!)


Chester Chua JieminAnderson Secondary School

Confessions from a white hair source

Dearest Miss Loi,

Thank you for all your time and patience in helping me improve on my EMaths and AMaths.

Before I first came to Joss Sticks, I used to think I could “study” Maths. You have made me realise that only practicing can make me improve my Math grades.

The notes you printed out for me were extremely useful and I have used them for tests and exams and the O Levels.

I’m sorry if I gave you white hair during my stay. Finally thanks for your effort in helping me conquer my fear of Maths.


Meldrick WeeNan Hua High School

Ms Loi was my first tuition teacher. Before going for tuition, I was getting C5 for Amath and B3 for Emath. However, upon entering tuition, my grades eventually went up to A1 for both Amath and Emath. I find that Ms Loi’s teaching methods are extremely effective as she comes up with ingenious methods that allows the students to solve the question with maximum success and minimal effort. She also constantly challenges me to solve difficult problem sums to ensure that I understand the basic concepts of the particular chapter. She’s also equipped with over 10 years worth of O Level papers 😀

On a whole, I feel that Ms Loi is a teacher that is extremely addicted to teaching. She’s also very funny and thanks to her, Math is actually my favourite subject.

Thank You Ms Loi!

Denise TongSingapore Chinese Girls' School

Thanks and yes, you shall finish your homework =)

Okay … I’m so sorry it’s so last minute and for probably freaking you out today. (Everyone seeing me write a card outside United Square is officially staring at me) …

But anyway, I have nothing but thanks Ms Loi. Rather expectedly, I obviously wouldn’t have been able to get the A1, without you. Really! In January, when my CA1s were out, I was shocked. Never, ever had i come so close to failing a core subject ever. Nothing can describe how scared I was … I have God to thank for Jacqueline recommending you. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to have helped me than you. I couldn’t have asked for a more devoted, constantly-eager-to-strangle me teacher to help me get the marks I wanted because you knew I could and believed that I could still do better, however good the marks my seem.

Thanks for everything and yes… I shall finish my homework.

Stephenie OngMethodist Girls' School (secondary)


A year with you has definitely been a fruitful one. I am so glad to have found you and I always look forward to your lessons. I find you different from other tutors: Pro, Jovious & Creative. Your dedication and patience to ensure every student and myself achieve As is beyond imagination. Furthermore, lessons have always been sweetened by your Sour Sweets.

I entered The Temple without carrying much hope, just like a candle without its light. As lessons went on, the candle lighted up and the fire in my heart ignited as well. This caused the electric impulses in my body to travel through the synapse into the relay neuron of my brain. [Miss Loi: this sentence is bit 离题.]

From weeks to months, I realize that I have been brightened up by your systematic lessons. You have caught my weaknesses and transformed it into my strengths.

With that, I just wanna say that I really appreciate your help and guidance and I hope that one day, I will be able to help others like the way you do.

Thank you sooooo much. (and oh yes I will miss you!)

Lee Cai Xia LynKranji Secondary School

Hello Miss Loi! Thank you for helping me with my math, which improved after coming here. All thanks to you! 🙂

I love coming for tuition, cos there’s sweets! SOUR SWEETS! 🙂 And also you! So pretty & chio! <3 If not for you, I believe my math will still be a F9 grade.

To me, you’re just like Albus Dumbledore, and I’m Harry Potter. If you read Harry Potter books, you should know I mean – it means you’re damn freakin’ nice lah!

Thanks for being such a pretty, chio, caring & cute teacher. I will always remember you! So you must remember me too! Just miss me, remember me and think of me! 🙂

♥♥♥ Miss Loi, you ℝULEZ!

Emily TohHougang Secondary School

I joined this tuition two months before the ‘O’ level examination. I was a F9 student all along but miracle worked on me after a few weeks of tuition. My mathematics grade improved and I am no longer the last for any mathematics test and examination. Because of this, I now have more confidence than before.

Ms Loi, Thank You! I am really blessed to know you as my ‘miracle healer’. Haha 😀 I love you! 😀 :* Muack!

[Note: Again, riot of colours inherent from source document.]

Joyce LimSt. Margaret's Secondary School

MISS LOI has been an awesome teacher and has taught me math concepts over and over again without any grouse. She’s very patient and her lessons are fun with her seemingly endless supply of sweets to perk us up when we feel tired! 😀

From her, I learnt a lot of math concepts I previously did not understand at all. Now that lessons are over, I kinda miss them! Anyway, Miss Loi is one of the best teachers out there and I’m forever grateful to her for helping me. Thanks a lot, Miss Loi! 🙂

Clare LeeSt. Anthony's Canossian Secondary School
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