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Gastronomie de Sanctuaire de Mlle Loi

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi's Temple aka Joss Sticks Tuition Centre from the desk of Miss Loi at 8:56 pm (Singapore time)

The Gastronomical Treat at Miss Loi's Temple

Ok so you’ve spotted that cheapo
Mentos in this picture, but it’s Miss Loi’s
thought/teaching that counts!


Not many know this, but Miss Loi loves her students so much that she frequently braves the Seven Seas, the CTE traffic, and the extra 10 minutes of her parking coupon, to raid supermarkets in the furthest reaches of our land for the most heavenly and ambrosial hors d’oeuvre for her joss sticks sessions.

Interestingly, Singaporean students are a curiously shy bunch at the start. On average, for every new batch, this is the status of the tidbits jar up till Session Three:

Tidbits Jar In Lessons 1-3

Why so shy? Scared Miss Loi charge you extra for the sweets? Or does Miss Loi look so stern that you don’t dare to lift your finger?

However, from Session Four onwards, most usually can’t stand it anymore and this will be the status of the tidbits jar at the end of each lesson:

Tidbits Jar From Lesson 4 Onwards

Hence this will also be the time for Miss Loi to plan her next journey across the Seven Seas, CTE traffic, and to buy new parking coupons.

Premium Tidbits At The Temple

Yes the packet in the middle was opened
prematurely by Miss Loi.
She was damn hungry when this pic was taken!



Students these days are not easily contented with traditional cuisine in the form of Mentos, Fruit Plus etc. Having been threatened with the possibility of mass demonstrations and hunger strikes outside the Temple Grounds should they be continually denied their favourite brands of snacks, Miss Loi scurried down to the supermarket today to purchase several premium brands.

Yes … they look appetizing don’t they? Just imagine the smooth Italian Galatine chocolate (with 80% milk) melting in your mouth …

But before you lot of greedy *&#%&^ rush forward , let it be known that these premium tidbits are only available as rewards to those of you who can answer the questions correctly in class!


Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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