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The 2009 GCE O Level E-Maths Prayer

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 5:31 pm (Singapore time)

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This is in response to the 1 × 10n missed calls (from these few days) that are currently residing in Miss Loi’s handphone now:

As Miss Loi is deeply embroiled in her Mega Jφss Sticks sessions during this week of consecutive O Level A/E-Maths papers, please SMS or email your contact number if you’re interested in joining her maths classes for the new season (commencing December 2009), and she’ll get back to you when things have calmed down (around early November).

Thank You for your kind cooperation.


Oh our dear Heavens, blessed be thy name!
We thank thee for answering our prayers
By sending us an easy paper!

Miss Loi! I think paper one was good!

Hi Miss Loi, paper one was doable! I did it twice 🙂

Yay! I can pass the paper! Finally I’m out of F9 range! Yay! Thank you miss loi! I love you!

We shall now pray in earnest
that no careless mistakes went undetected
and our workings and significant figures were in perfect order.

Eh can do leh. 😀 that means tmr will be hard T.T

And we pray with all our hearts
that others may not be as smart.

Today paper very easy sure moderate until very high

We shall now mug with renewed vigour
the following topics that we think will appear:

  • Algebra (Word problem involving a quadratic equation)
  • Arithmetic (maybe a longish money problem with tax, exchange rate etc.)
  • Trigonometry (bearings, 3D problem with angles of elevation/depression, sine/cosine rule etc.)
  • Graph plotting
  • Number Patterns
  • Matrices
  • Sets
  • Probability & Statistics (Standard Deviation)
  • Geometric Properties of Circles
  • Completing the square method
  • Mensuration
  • *Construction (remember to still bring along your mathematical instrument set!)
  • *Direct/indirect variations

*Not your usual EMaths Paper 2 topics

Let us pray …

Oh our dear Heavens, look down on us
your humble GCE O Level 2009 students,
who are doomed to stop our MSN chats,
neglect our pets, and put our mafia wars on hold,
as we face our destinies in this Week of Mathematical Armageddon.

GCE O Level 2009 Mathematics

Grant us a good sleep the night before
and the willpower to forget the Liverpool-ManU match
for our maximum focus on the papers at hand.

We pray that the roads be clear,
so that we reach our exam halls on time.

We pray that our calculators (with fresh batteries) work,
and that our curve rules bend smoothly,
and that the lead in our mechanical pencils don’t fall out.

We pray that our breakfast be cooperative
so we don’t lao s face an emergency in the middle of it.

  • Give us this day divine guidance
    that we may NOT accidentally write {1/4}x as 1/{4x},
    and that 2(3.1 × 102) = 2 × 3.1 × 102 NOT 2 × 3.1 × 202,
    and we may recognize that 1 m = 100 cm but 1 m2 = 100 × 100 cm2 = 10000 cm2,
    and that retardation in Kinematics has NO negative sign.

  • Give us the wisdom to unlock the differences between Integers, Rational, Irrational, Prime, Natural and Real Numbers.

  • Grant us the strength to summon up ancient knowledge from Sec One to find our HCFs and LCMs,
    and to recall that, in a n-sided regular polygon, each exterior angle = {360^o}/n and interior angle is actually = {(n-2)*180^o}/n.

  • May we not forget the steps to construct perpendicular & angle bisectors,
    and we pray that the screws on our compasses be tight enough to save our accuracies.

  • May we be wise not to trust blindly
    our super duper calculators’ EQUATION functionality
    which MAY shock you with an answer when there’s none (non-complex ones)
    (e.g. try solving x2+x+1=0)

  • Guide us with your light
    as we cross the treacherous swamp that is the completing the square method
    and bless us with the wisdom
    to find the max/min point of y = ±(xa)(xb) via the line of symmetry x={a+b}/2.

  • Bestow upon us the mega memory to recall all 12 Graphs of y = ax, ax2, ax3, a/x, a/{x^2}, ax,
    though only 6 are listed here.

  • Bless us with the instinct to switch the inequality sign whenever the signs are switched e.g.
    p > −3
    p < 3

  • And bless us again
    with the instinct to draw a Probability Tree Diagram whenever we are stuck in the Probabilities question.

Grant us our wish
for our spotted questions to appear (and must be easy too)
But forgive us for spotting questions in the first place
for not everyone is a study PRO whose life is a timetable.

And forgive Miss Loi for not saying more
since she doesn’t like repeating some stuff that’s been said before (read only the EMaths portion) .

So lead us, oh dear Heavens, to our Mathematical Salvation!
For if we pass this, we promise to be good
and stop our MSN/Facebook earlier for our poly/A-Levels.

Temple Ema 2009

Oh and if by any chance our handwritings look horribly illegible on the script,
pray tell the examiner to have mercy on us
for we may be nervous and our fingers tremblingly weak.

All The Best1 billion (109)!!!

Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. cy's Avatar
    cy commented in tuition class


    and pray that sadako doesnt appear tmr! =P if she does, appear to inspire uS..LOL!

  2. Sadako Loi's Avatar
    Sadako Loi Friend Sadako Loi on Facebook commented in tuition class


    E-Maths Paper 1 has started! I'm late! *floats away*

  3. cy's Avatar
    cy commented in tuition class

  4. Nash's Avatar
    Nash commented in tuition class


    Good luck people >_<, Big Leg Aunty (TOA CAH SOH) will see you through a lot of questions so relate to her well =D.

    Just aim to finish it at least 1/2 hr b4 the paper ends to check if its a killer paper (all papers except for essay kinds).

    Otherwise miracles will always happen =P. Jia You! Even 7 grade jumps happen O_o

    Oh and wish me luck for a's too =X

  5. Michael's Avatar
    Michael commented in tuition class


    Dear Ms Looi,

    Here's wishing you and your students all the best of luck in the 2009 GCE O level.

    And yup, it is amazing how people choose to look for next year's tuition in the precise week that the most important exams are being held and tutors have absolutely no time to answer the calls. Personally I am so messed up that I can't even calculate my students' tuition fees lol. My students are mocking me on how I can't even add up. >.<


  6. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Good luck Nash! Yes always allow time for checking especially if it's an easy paper (like yesterday's).

    Long time no see Michael and all the best to your lucky charges too!

    Think the phenomenal timing is due to the release of report cards in schools (with the corresponding adrenalin rush) this time of the year.

    P.S. You got Miss Loi's name wrooooooooooooong

  7. Sadako Loi's Avatar
    Sadako Loi Friend Sadako Loi on Facebook commented in tuition class


    Oh no I'm late again for EMaths Paper 2!

    But before I go, GOOD LUCK for your A-Levels handsome Nash! *wink*

    *floats away*

  8. john's Avatar
    john commented in tuition class


    i didnt state reason for my e maths paper 2 qns 4, will they deduct marks? as i thought the qns is only worth 1 mark!

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