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GCE O-Level Oct/Nov 2008 E-Maths Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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Better late than never.

Most of the thousands of you who are burning the midnight joss sticks right now should have already practiced the 2008 O Level Oct/Nov E-Maths paper to the death.

But in case, just in case, some of you still have not seen the suggested worked solutions to the above (at least it seems from the calls she’s been getting), Miss Loi took advantage of a break in her tuition schedule, and burnt a couple of midnight sticks herself to try to forget about her blotched eyebrows to scribble this out:

O-Level Oct/Nov 2008 EMaths 4016 Paper I Solutions

O-Level October/November 2008 EMaths 4016 Solutions Paper I Solutions – click to download

Hope this little piece of LMBFH work will be beneficial to at least some of the LMBFH brothers and sisters.

Otherwise, at least it’ll serve to make the list of solutions on the top-left of this website more complete =P

Meanwhile, がんばって everyone!!!

Once again, please pardon Miss Loi’s handwriting 😛


Revision Exercise

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  1. Lex's Avatar
    Lex commented in tuition class


    Thanks for the solutions and workings.
    Mind if I ask you what you hope from doing so?

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