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Is This Singapore’s 2009 O Level Exam Timetable?

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UPDATE (again) 2 March 3pm: And so the full bag of beans are finally spilled today with the official GCE O Level 2009 Timetable and news of this Friday’s release of the 2008 A Level results!

EMATHS 27-28 Oct / AMATHS 29-30 Oct

GCE O Level 2009 Calendar

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Though the official website is still … umm … officially hush-hush, and provided they don’t change it again later on, it’s probably safe to say now that it’s 99.9% (correct to 3 significant figures) confirmed that we’ll get the Super Week of Mathematical Climax, when we’ll get the unique chance to see students walking along the streets of Singapore in an intoxicated state with their minds high on mathematical formulae.

*Prays that everyone will look left, and right, and then left again when they cross the road during that week*

Less than 8 months to go … so don’t be too relaxed after your CAs hor *rolls up sleeves*

Below is what a kan cheong Miss Loi had scribbled down yesterday from the pages of a diary of a student who had in turn frantically scribbled down from a ‘calendar’ that was apparently revealed to her when registering for her O Level subjects:

O Level 2009 Exam Timetable

Timetable of the Great War of 2009?

For what it’s worth, it seems to be consistent with what little information that’s contained in a tentative schedule put up by that secretive organisation known as the SEAB, who are currently doing what they do best by keeping everyone in suspense i.e. “When will the A-Level results be released?!“.

If this 长痛不如短痛 (lit. might as well suffer short-term instead of long-term) exam calendar turns out to be true, then there’ll be no Day of Mathematical Armageddon this year.

Instead we’ll be getting almost a WEEK of Mathematical pounding with four consecutive days of blitzkrieg!

But looking on the bright side, there’ll be no other subjects to distract her students during Miss Loi’s last-minute Mega Jφss Sticks Sessions leading up to the O Levels, and everyone can burn their math books earlier, and very importantly, Miss Loi can go for her shopping holiday earlier this year! YIPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!

*does a little dance of joy*


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