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Raiders Of The Lost Temple

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi's Temple aka Joss Sticks Tuition Centre from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 9:15 pm (Singapore time)

Archaeological Site of The Second Temple

The distant dunes stood like sentinels to a group of men as they toiled relentlessly in an arid landscape that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Humming an ancient tune on their lips, they thrusted their spades into the ground in unison, oblivious to the beads of sweat that shimmered on their sinewy backs.


The unfamiliar sound of striking something hard beneath the soft ground broke the monotony of the task, and the group upped its pace with renewed vigor.

Their leader rushed to a tent nearby when it became abundantly clear what they had hit was something more than just a mass of subterranean rock …

Saharan Loi Professor Loi! We have found Miss Loi’s Second Temple!

Professor Loi the Archeologist Are you sure it’s really The Second Temple from 2013 A.D.?

Saharan Loi Yes I am sure! Miracles are already happening to some of my men as we speak!

Piscine Pi Pythagoras, despite having dropped out of school at a young age, has just helped us calculate the direct distance between two right-angled walls using some “theorem” he happened to think of on the spot.


Saharan Loi Nazri Newton, who has never passed a Physics test all his life, is suddenly able to calculate the exact resultant vector of the force needed to hack a path through The Temple’s ruins without damaging its delicate structure!


Saharan Loi And our broken down power generator has just been fixed by Omar Ohm, who is scientifically and electrically-illiterate, without electrocuting himself in the process!

Let There Be Light

Now we have light!

Saharan Loi Even as we speak, Abdul Al-Avogadro, who has been forced to drop Chemistry by his teacher many years ago, is now looking for boiling chips for his makeshift experimental setup to try to distill water to quench his thirst!

Looking for something

And Abdul still … haven’t found … what he’s looking for …

Professor Loi the Archeologist OMG I think we’ve just made the archaeological find of the 30th Century!

With that, Professor Loi and her expedition leader rushed out of the tent.

To be continued …

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2012 GCE O Level Results – The Awakening

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 11:22 pm (Singapore time)

Act II
Location unknown

For a long, long time, there was only darkness.

A possessive darkness that kept destinies shrouded behind an impregnable veil of secrecy.

Vision of Fates

For the bochup wise, tumultuous events from the past faded quickly from memory. But for many others, they implored the darkness to grant them a glimpse of their looming fate.

Vision of O Level Results

Just a glimpse for any desperate clue as to whether their hard work had paid off.

Vision of worry

Whether that single unfinished question would prove to be fatal.

Vision of that One Question

Or whether a corner has been turned.

Vision of Underachieving

And whether salvation was finally at hand.

Vision of AMaths Sadness

But the darkness would not listen to them, and for a long while, it seemed that it would be eternal.

Until one day, when her eyes suddenly snapped open.

Blurred visions of GCE O Level 2012

*hurried footsteps*


The Chief Disciple of The Temple appeared and rushed forward to the bedside.

Disciple Loi

Oh my High Priestess 教主! You have finally woken!!!

High Priestess Loi


She screamed hysterically and shook the Chief Disciple frantically at a rate of 10 cycles/seconds.

Disciple Loi

Calm down! Calm down, my High Priestess! I can’t talk properly when you’re shaking me like a particle vibrating at a frequency of 10 Hertz!

After she slowly released her death grip on him, he took a deep breath and continued …

Disciple Loi

My High Priestess 教主, after you passed out from exertion following AMaths Paper II, the rest of The Temple came forth with the remainder of the solutions before our disciples were finally liberated from their 2012 GCE O Levels.

And for a short while, they were glad, even though Dooms Judgment Day always loomed in the deepest recesses of their minds.

Doomsday 2012

Disciple Loi

When the Day finally arrived on 10 January 2013, we were first greeted by grim news from MOE that, for the first time in a long time, overall results actually dropped compared to the previous year’s.

Worse was to come, as more news filtered in of a kelong strange Bell Curve which cruelly left many despondent by expected results not turning out as expected and unexpected results turning out to be REALLY unexpected.


High Priestess Loi

So what happened to The Temple’s disciples?! Did they survive???

Disciple Loi

Slowly but surely though, positive news began streaming in to turn the tide.

For some, to reveal the full extent of damage caused by unfinished questions.

Outcome of unfinished O Level AMaths question

Disciple Loi

For others, to provide closure to the most anxious of fears.

O Level AMath outcome

Disciple Loi

And for most, to confirm once and for all their eventual salvation.

2012 GCE O Level salvation

Disciple Loi

In the end, of our 2012 O Level batch of Temple disciples, 62.7% of whom first climbed the 38 Steps 上山 burdened with a failing grade of ≤ C6,

  • an astounding 92.2% of them made the jump to at least a B3 for BOTH E-Maths & A-MATHS,
  • with more than half (52.2%) scoring DISTINCTIONS for BOTH E-Maths & A-Maths.
  • In addition,

    • 92.2% attained at least a 3-grade jump (yeap all who got ≥ B3 for both maths jumped at least 3 grades!)
    • 80.4% attained at least a 4-grade jump
    • 78.4% attained at least a 5-grade jump

2012 GCE O Level Maths results

Disciple Loi

And so my High Priestess, despite a slight drop in this year’s national results compared to last year’s, our 2012 batch of disciples actually managed to improve upon last year’s supernatural results.

It was as if the long reign of darkness ended that very moment, revealing everything it had stubbornly concealed till her awakening.

2012 GCE O Level Messages

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High Priestess Loi

I’m so happy for them! I must congratulate each and everyone of them for doing themselves and The Temple proud! Bring me to them now!

The Chief Disciple sighed.

Disciple Loi

Unfortunately, my High Priestess 教主, it’s a bit too late for that now, for Judgment Day has come and gone a month ago from this very day.

High Priestess Loi

No …

It was then she struggled to contain her tears.

Disciple Loi

Please don’t be sad my High Priestess.

Be comforted that all of them are at a better place now, carried like dandelion seeds by the cool Spring breeze to blossom into young adults with aspiring dreams – be it surrounded by handsome JC boys and pretty JC girls or being finally liberated in Poly from their childish uniforms and toot toot hairstyles.

We can only hope that a small piece of The Temple continues to reside within their hearts, as an enduring memory of their short stay here at one point in their lives.

One exam simply does not determine your entire future and what you do in your lifetime

The annual post-Judgment Day message

High Priestess Loi

What about the *Second T … ?

Disciple Loi

Hush! That can wait.

We’ll talk about it after you have fully recovered – there’s a lot of work to be done.

Moreover it’s Chinese New Year now!

High Priestess Loi


Both of them then turn simultaneously to face the camera, traditional 拜年 movie-style.



The End

*sound of fire crackers*

* The REAL reason this blog post is late by a month :\


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The GCE O Level Judgment Day 2013 Party Happening On Thursday!

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 9:52 pm (Singapore time)

Every December, a great dance party is held at a beach in Sentosa.

Where, over two nights, a host of international DJs spin wicked mixes of anthemic trance tracks to masses of scantily-clad revelers indulging in a hedonistic celebration of ecstasy (some of which may be … umm … questionable).

ZoukOut Litter

Of course, with a minimum entry age of 18, this party is out of bounds to all but the oldest of O Level students – most of whom will instead be heading to another more happening party held barely a month later each year … where most of them will end up jumping up and down continuously like siao cha bors in massive displays of unbridled and unquestionable ecstasy.

GCE O Level Results Judgment Day 2013

The Party of A Lifetime

As announced by the organizer S.E.A.B. Productions, Judgment Day 2013 for GCE O Level 2012 students will happen on Thursday 10 January, 2pm.

And as always, Miss Loi’s Temple shall look forward to your gigantic leap of joy in an afternoon of pure ecstasy.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of pre-party open houses (note the changes in timings for HCI/NJC/TJC in the comments) to keep you occupied before the main event. And should you feel like it, do leave a soothing message of encouragement at the Judgment Day Event page.

Till Thursday, Good Luck!!! 幸運を祈る!!!


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O 2013, 2013, What Wilt Thou Bring In 2013?

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 11:26 pm (Singapore time)

Jφss Sticks Humanities Teaser

Give Miss Loi a call

If ’tis to thee the Light speaks
And thou art already sick and pale with academic grief
So that we may verily Hear Thy Cry
In time to save thee from The Crucible of thine exams
Before Things Fall Apart!

Though the above may sound gibberish to some of you, Miss Loi & all at The Temple would nonetheless like to wish all

Happy 2010 (3sf)!

A Very, Merry, Happy New Year!


GCE A Level 2012 Oct/Nov H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions (You Are Not Forgotten)

Tuition given in the topic of H1/H2 (A Level) Maths Tutor from the tuition centre desk of The Higher Council at 11:05 pm (Singapore time)

We’ve been asked on our Facebook wall.

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Errr … we’ve even been pui-ed for this 🙁

H1 solutions request Twitter

Lest you feel forgotten, abandoned or unloved, let me assure the H1SD Maths Generation that you were never far from my mind while I toiled through the H2 solutions as well as my tuition classes in the past days.

Ok 废话少说, here’s the stuff you’ve been waiting for.

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Latest version:

  • 1.1:

    Q9(ii) – added “the advertised price decreases as the car’s age increases in a linear fashion” in response to this.
    Q11(ii) – corrected the typo “insufficient evidence” to “sufficient evidence” in the concluding statement of the hypothesis test.

GCE A Level 2012 H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 solutions

2012 GCE A Level H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 suggested solutions & answers
Access it here if you’re having trouble accessing it on Facebook using your state-of-the-art smartphone 🙁

As usual, please leave a gentle comment should you spot any mistake in this set of suggested solutions.

Now to attend to the pile of comments *rubs eyes*

All the best for your remaining papers! Freedom (or the SAF) is near!

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