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The Rage of the Triad Chief

Tuition given in the topic of E-Maths Tuition Questions from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 9:05 pm (Singapore time)

Continuing from the previous episode

Months later, in a tension-filled room …

This is the information they managed to extract from the Maths Tutor’s feisty aunty, before they got chased off by her reinforcement aunties via an intense attack of umbrellas, shoes, handbags etc. …

For some superstitious reason, the Maths Tutor had chosen The Temple to be located at a postal code based on a sequence with its first five terms T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 as follows:

T1 = 1 = 1
T2 = 3 = 1 + 2
T3 = 6 = 1 + 2 + 3
T4 = 10 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
T5 = 15 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5

The nth term in the sequence is given by

T_n = {1/2}n(n+1)

Find T350 and hence find The Temple‘s postal code which is the solution of
5 + 10 + 15 + … + 1750.

Even though most of them failed their PSLE math, this should really, really be a simple one.


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Water Delivery FAIL!

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi's Temple aka Joss Sticks Tuition Centre from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 2:17 pm (Singapore time)

To the stubborn water delivery man, The Temple is seldom open on weekday mornings – something that Miss Loi has been reminding your company a trillion (1012) times.

Water Delivery Instructions

So which part of the instructions do you not understand? Or did you even bother to read them at all???

Water Delivery FAIL

A severe case of selective visual attention

At this rate, The Temple’s gonna be overrun by gigantic water bottles and Miss Loi’s arms are going to develop unsightly muscles from carrying them 🙁

Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves

Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves

*end of rant*


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A Tale of Two Tai Tais

Tuition given in the topic of E-Maths Tuition Questions from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 9:06 pm (Singapore time)

OH MY GOD! You haven’t changed at all since I last saw you years ago! Still look so young and pretty!

, exclaimed the well-dressed Tai-Tai A as she gave Tai-Tai B a big hug over a table at Starbucks.

Don’t flatter me lah. *Hiaz* My two kids have been giving me sleepless nights all this while. In fact, I’ve just seen the school principal after one of them was allegedly involved in a big fight in some rugby game *smacks forehead*

How’s life for you?

, asked Tai-Tai B.

Same old routine everyday. Shopping, gym and spa in the day. Mahjong at night if I can gather the girlfriends. Plus the occasional weekend shopping trip to Japan and Korea. Life’s getting boring to be honest.

, replied Tai-Tai A, as she twiddled her exquisitely manicured fingernails.

Wow enjoying life huh? I still have to take care of my two kids, and face my two parents-in-law every day as they are living with us in our HDB flat!

, protested Tai-Tai B.

Gosh you are still living with his parents??? My husband and I moved into our spanking new condo the day we got married. Till now no parents, no kids – just a new convertible sports car we bought last year Haha.

Tai-Tai A‘s fingers moved slowly to caress the 1-carat diamond on her ring.

Ooh I’m so envious! And to make things worse, I have to handle everything by myself every time my husband gets called up for those stupid NS stints!

, complained Tai-Tai B.

The you should have married a PR like what I’ve done! No NS! Hee hee …

It’s now Tai-Tai A‘s LV bag’s turn to be fondled.

Eh tomorrow’s tax filing deadline. You filed your taxes already?

Yes I just helped my husband calculate his income last night.

Oh so how much did your husband earn last year?

Errr … can don’t say or not? Embarassing lah especially when compared to yours! Let’s just say that his total tax payable is 4% of his total annual income.

Oh I see. We did ours last night too and my husband’s total tax payable is 6% of his total annual income. Oh well … earn more pay more … what to do? *Sigh*

As Tai-Tai B‘s face began turning green with jealousy, unbeknown to them, a kaypoh maths tutor had been busily eavesdropping on their entire conversation from the next table. And being unable to tolerate Tai-Tai A‘s hao lian bitchy attitude, she began to stroke the keys on her calculator in an attempt to find out exactly how much their husbands were earning …

As stated, Tai-Tai A‘s husband’s total tax payable is 6% of his total annual income and Tai-Tai B‘s husband’s total tax payable is 4% of his total annual income.

Given that both Tai-Tais are not working (obviously, else they won’t be Tai-Tais), and that their husbands are entitled to the following reliefs, where applicable (Source: IRAS 2009):

  • Personal: $1000
  • Parent: $7000 per parent staying with them / $4500 per parent not staying with them
  • Spouse: $2000
  • Children: $4000 per child
  • NSMan: $3000 where applicable

Using information from their conversation above and IRAS 2009 tax rates below, calculate the total annual income of each husband to find out whose husband earns more.

IRAS’ 2009 tax rates:

Chargeable IncomeRate (%)Gross Tax Payable ($)
First $20,000
Next $10,000
First $30,000
Next $10,000

First $40,000
Next $40,000

First $80,000
Next $80,000

First $160,000
Next $160,000

First $320,000
Next $320,000


While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be asked to read through such a lengthy bitchy conversation in an actual exam question on the minor topic of taxation, there’ll still usually be a wee bit of reading comprehension involving the basics of calculating taxes i.e.

  • All mortals are taxed on their
    Chargeable Income = Total/Gross Annual Income − Reliefs
  • Find out which row in the given tax rates table the chargeable income falls into.

By the way, Tai-Tai A just asked again …

Have YOU filed your taxes already?

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Jφss Sticks Relighted!

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 10:28 pm (Singapore time)

To the … umm … slight embarrassment of Miss Loi’s kindly friends and relatives who have been sending her warm wishes for the ‘successful transition to ChΘρsticks(and taking the opportunity to ask for the Feng Shui Master’s contact), it’s that bit of ‘TA-DA!‘ time again as Jφss Sticks have been relighted! (Chopsticks and what uneaten rice are plain silly don’t you think?)

Following only its second facelift in 3.5 years (coz the Trusty Webmaster’s rates ain’t cheap! 🙁 ), new amenities and features of the new Jφss Sticks 3.0 (for the benefit of its blog residents and readers) now include:

  • New Exam Paper Viewer

    Exam Paper Viewer For a start, a new exam paper viewer has been designed complete with Oscar-winning Avatar-styled animated effects to, hopefully, make your viewing of Miss Loi’s fabled exam papers a more pleasant experience.

    Existing subscribers who happen to be startled by this should rest be assured that your computer is not infected by any virus.

  • Threaded Comments

    Reply pencil icon You can now use this little pencil to initiate an even more ‘intimate’ conversation with Miss Loi (or any commenter) by replying directly to a point she made (and vice versa). This should help make epic & long-ish multiparty discussions like this one easier to follow.

    P.S. Please use this with discretion. Do not abuse this poor little pencil just for the sake of starting an ‘intimate’ but ultimately meaningless conversation with Miss Loi.

  • Gravatars

    A sample gravatar To those of you with personalized Gravatars, your handsome and pretty profile pics will finally see the light of day on this blog!

    If you don’t have one, you’ll be randomly assigned a venerable math symbol whenever you leave a comment, whether you like it or not. So get a gravatar if you do not like to be associated with random things in life, like HDB flat units and car plate numbers.

  • Connect with Facebook

    Connect with Facebook In an effort to encourage more comments from all who have sold their souls to Facebook, it’s now possible to leave a comment here and get your Facebook profile link & avatar automatically displayed via a one-time click of this button.

    Yes, no more typing out your name & email every time you comment, you lazy bums!

  • Twitter Love

    Twitter Love If you have a Twitter account, you can now enter your Twitter ID whenever you leave a comment to generate a cutesy link to your Twitter profile which will, hopefully, help you to attract more internet marketing spammers followers to your Twitter account.

  • Blog Comment Love

    Blog Comment Love If you have blog, you may now opt to generate a link to your latest blog post whenever you leave a comment which will, hopefully, help you to attract more stalkers readers to your blog.

  • Jφss Sticks Social Media Love

    Social Media Love With current craze into anything that’s social media (whatever that means), buttons have sprung up throughout this blog encouraging/imploring/begging you to spread, retweet and share with your friends the goodness that is Jφss Sticks, in return for good karma from Miss Loi.

  • Lastly … umm … can you see that the grass below has grown and little clumps of flowers have sprung up? 😛

Yeah yeah yeah Jφss Sticks is WOLS and some of the above features can be found in many blogs … but but but … it takes time to put these things in nicely in order keep this blog as pretty as its fussy owner it can be okay!

As per the last upgrade long ago (who ask the Trusty Webmaster to charge so high?!), there’s bound to be a bug or two flying around so please let Miss Loi know if any page anywhere doesn’t look right to you.

Now back to think of the continuation to that Angsana tree story


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Jφss Sticks Renamed

Tuition given in the topic of Study Break from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 10:38 am (Singapore time)

UPDATE (a week after APRIL FOOLS’): To those of you who have been asking Miss Loi for the contact of her ‘very, very famous Feng Shui Master’, he doesn’t exist since this is an APRIL FOOLS’ joke. Repeat, an APRIL FOOLS’ joke!

UPDATE (post APRIL FOOLS’): Chopsticks is such a silly name (for a tuition centre) 😛

UPDATE: In view of the huge amount of work involved in ‘converting’ Jφss Sticks to ChΘρsticks, this blog will be shut down for a scheduled maintenance from 12am tonight (2 April 2010).

Hope to be up and running again by Saturday!

Truth be told: Miss Loi has been regularly consulting a Feng Shui Master (a very, very famous one if she might add) on matters pertaining to her outlook in life, place of residence, business and … umm … the affairs of the heart.

High on the list is, of course, the well-being of this beloved blog of hers and she was devastated when being told, in no uncertain terms, that the name Jφss Sticks is extremely inauspicious and that it would bring great woe and misfortune to her (and possibly its readers) should it be continued to be used in the future.

Overcoming her initial reluctance to part with a name that she (and presumably all readers) had grown attached to all these years, she nevertheless got down to business and, after numerous in-depth brainstorming sessions in the past weeks with the Master in his office (hence the lack of blog entries during this period), she has decided (with the Feng Shui Master’s venerable input and blessings) that …

… From the perspective of many weak students, mathematical topics are often like tiny grains of rice scattered all over the table. And since Miss Loi’s role is to facilitate the task of “picking up” these concepts as quickly and elegantly as possible, it is only supremely fitting to name this blog after the ancient tool invented for this purpose.

And so with immediate effect, Jφss Sticks shall be renamed


And Jφss Sticks Sessions are now ChΘρsticks sessions!

And with further input from the Master, based on the Chinese old wives’ tale that one (or one’s future husband/wive or whoever) will be cursed with a pock mark for each uneaten grain of rice, the tagline shall henceforth be changed to

For Effective Prevention of Pock Marks From Uneaten Grains of Knowledge

Nice, witty and creative don’t you think? What else do you expect from Miss Loi? *flicks hair*

As you can see, the blog header has been amended to reflect these changes, and the rest of the website shall follow suit in due time, since the wise Feng Shui Master has ordered ALL traces of the nasty words Jφss Sticks to be removed by a certain auspicious date/time or else …

Lastly Miss Loi would like to thank you (her readers) for supporting Jφss Sticks (oops must refrain from speaking the words!) this blog in the past years, and though it has been painful for her to change the name, she looks forward to your continued loyal support for ChΘρsticks from now on.

*braces herself for lotsa work this long weekend* 🙁

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