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It’s Raining Benefactors In June

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Another update:

Apparently, our in-house ‘chef’ is proving to be a hit among our participants!

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June Beneficiaries


Seems like many 小强s, 小明s and 小亮s have drawn the 上上签 this June 😀

Time to roll up the sleeves and 开工咯!


With an abrupt thud, she fell to her knees in front of the altar, oblivious to the choking joss sticks smoke swirling around her.

Mustering an immense focus that would triumph any muggertoad student’s, she began shaking the bamboo container of sticks in her hands while she uttered,

[translated from Cantonese]

Oh my divine deity. Please bless and advise me. My son 小强 will be taking his O Levels this year. But he just failed his Maths mid-year exam and from his exam script he doesn’t even know how to solve 1n+1!

My divine deity, please help my 小强. Please advise me what to do?

Surely and surely, the shaking caused one of the sticks to emerge from the pile and drop to the floor.

O Level Maths Fortune Stick

Astonished, she quickly returned the stick into the container and began shaking it again.

Oh thank you my divine deity!

By the way, my 小强 also failed his Chemistry. And he still thinks that Mole Concept has something to do with cosmetic surgery!

My divine deity, please advise me what to do?

Another stick left the container and dropped to the floor.

O Level Chemistry Fortune Stick

Oh thank you thank you my divine deity!

Actually hor, my 小强 failed his Physics as well. Until now he still thinks that sea breeze occurs at night since his BBQ pit at East Coast Beach was disrupted by strong winds before a thunderstorm!

My divine deity, please advise me what to do?

Another stick dropped to the floor.

O Level Physics Fortune Stick

Oh thank you so much my divine deity!

Not trying to be greedy har … but my 小强 also failed his Social Studies. Errr … what is SBQ and SEQ har???

Can advise me one more time?

O Level Social Studies Fortune Stick

With everything “dropped and done”, she gathered the sticks and rushed excitedly to the temple’s fortune sticks interpreter.

Sifu! The sticks I’ve gotten all contain a φ symbol in place of the usual number. And all of them say I’ll “meet my Benefactor in June”. What does this mean?

The Interpreter took a cursory glance at the sticks.

Ah … another Last-Minute Buddha Foot Hugging case.

This φ symbol belongs to a newly-constructed Temple in the central part of Singapore, wherein reside the Benefactors who will be able to save the grades of your son.

June is the period when this Temple holds its June Holiday intensive joss sticks sessions for the subjects you have prayed for your child.

June Holiday Intensive O Level Revision Classes are here!

You may find more details at this Temple’s official internet website.

You better hurry, as June is just a week away and their joss sticks tend to go out of stock really fast – this is exactly the same thing I told the mothers of 小华, 小明 and 小亮 last week!


Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. Cynthia's Avatar
    Cynthia commented in tuition class


    Hi Miss Loi,

    For Kinematics question, if the equation of the acceleration is given, how do we find out the constants for integration ?
    Is it when t=0, we can assume that displacement and velocity = 0 ?

    Hope you can advise me on this question.

    A particle passes a fixed point O with a velocity of 7 ms-1 and moves in a straight line with an acceleration of (6-2t) ms-2.
    (a) the value of t when the velocity is again 7 ms-1.

    Thank you 🙂

    • 2013


      A particle passes a fixed point O with a velocity of 7 ms−1

      Umm ... assuming t = 0 when the particle is at O (usually there should be a "... after t seconds ..." somewhere within the question just to be sure), the above statement means that when t = 0, its velocity v = 7 ms−1

      First we obtain the general expression for the velocity. Since acceleration, a = 6 − 2t,

      v = ∫ a dt
      = 6tt² + c

      When t = 0, v = 7, so ...
      7 = 6(0) − (0)² + c
      c = 7
      v = 6tt² + 7

      Sub v = 7:
      7 = 6tt² + 7
      t(6 − t) = 0
      t = 0, 6

      ∴ The value of t = 6 when the velocity is again 7 ms-1

  2. Cynthia's Avatar
    Cynthia commented in tuition class


    Miss Loi, thank you for your detailed explanations.
    Hope you allow me to ask another question.

    What is stationary point and why is d2y/dx2 < 0 a maximum point ?
    Is it just a formula ?

  3. Alice's Avatar
    Alice commented in tuition class


    Hi Miss Loi,
    What if I don't take amath at O levels, but I want to go JC. And I need the amath foundation for my H1/2 Math, can I still join Jossticks for the JC Math tuition?

  4. Cynthia's Avatar
    Cynthia commented in tuition class


    Thank you, Miss Loi.
    Just didn't want to memorise, as it's better to learn through concepts.

    Does that imply that stationary point is the tangent line ?

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