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Of The GCE O Level 2013 E-Maths 4016 Paper 1

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Saharan Loi Professor Loi, look what I’ve found!

said The Expedition Leader as he handed over a silvery object that was discovered moments earlier.

Professor Loi OMG it’s an iPad Air with Retina Display from 2013 A.D.! Do you think it can still be powered up?

Saharan Loi Professor Loi, luckily I have one of those ancient “lightning” connectors which I have looted conveniently taken from another archaeological site. It should still be compatible with the USB 20.0 ports on my portable mini nuclear-powered charger unit!

*plugs in and powers up device*

Professor Loi OMG this is the personal device of the legendary High Priestess herself! And she did’t password protect it! *tsk tsk*

Let’s go kaypoh her personal journal shall we?

22 Oct 2013

There’s A Light That Never Goes Out

The Counter Shrine

The Welcome Shrine

It’s been awhile since my last entry – such was the long, despairing struggle against the invisible powers that be – but the monumental institution that is The Second Temple is finally about to see the light of day.

Meanwhile, however, there are more pressing matters at hand in the form of today’s 2013 “O’ Level E-Maths Paper 1, of which the only clue of what had gone on during the paper lies within this mysterious answer key produced by an even more mysterious tutor:

GCE O Level 2013 EMaths 4016 Paper 1 mystery answer key

The mysterious GCE O Level 2013 EMaths 4016 Paper 1 answer key
Click to enlarge

That aside, here’s the list of possible topics for tomorrow’s E-Maths Paper 2:

  • Algebraic manipulation & formulae
    – i.e. changing subject of formula, simple fractional equations etc.
  • Number patterns
  • Percentages
    – may still appear even though P1 already contains some
  • Map scales
  • Money problems ♫ money money money … ♫
  • Graphs incl. plotting and tangent drawing
    – a standard confirm chop stamp P2 question
    – AMaths students you know what to do *wink*
  • Quadratic equation to solve problems
    – another standard confirm chop stamp P2 question
  • Angles of polygons
  • Similarity & Congruence
    – incl. area/volumes of similar figures
  • Trigonometry & 3D problems (just study lah!)
  • Mensuration (surface area & volume of figures)
  • Arc length, area of sector
    – may involve some trigo & polygons here
  • Properties of Circles
  • Construction
    – hmm … never seen this in P2 before though
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Vectors (remember your curly tilde!)
  • Mean, median, mode & standard deviation
    – don’t assume you can always use calculator for this!
  • Probability

I wish everyone All THE VERY BEST till the next journal entry, while the ceaseless work on the Facebook wall continues.

*self power-off*

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