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Breaking News: From whatever intel that Miss Loi could lay her hands on at the moment, here’s the list of possible topics that may appear for tomorrow’s Paper 2.

  1. Algebra

    • Changing the subject of a formula
    • Quadratic equations (word problem)
    • Simple algebraic fractions & equations
    • Number patterns
    • Inequalities
  2. Application of mathematics in practical situations

    • Profit & Loss
    • Compound interest & simple interest
    • Money exchange
    • Hire purchase
  3. Trigonometry

    • Sine/Cosine Rule
    • Area of triangle
    • Bearings
    • Angles of elevation/depression
    • Shortest distance
  4. Mensuration
  5. Angle properties of polygons + finding number of sides of polygons
  6. Vectors
  7. Similarity & Congruency

  8. Probability

    • Probability tree diagram
    • Possibility diagram
  9. Statistics & data analysis

  10. Graph sketching on graph paper

The grove of bamboo in front of The Temple sways majestically to the breeze, its rustling sound drowned by the drone of Jφss Sticks Airways Flight JS296 making yet another wave of its relentless sorties to air-drop last-minute tips onto the Jφss Sticks Facebook wall.

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This same grove of bamboo, which Miss Loi watched it grew from a loose shrub of saplings, happens to be planted about the same time as when her current batch of O Level students first knocked on the Temple Gates years ago …

Miss Loi! My sis has never passed her maths since Sec One. Nobody in the family can help her. No matter how you DIE DIE must help her pass!

Miss Loi, my daughter is very hardworking one you know. But she’s full of careless mistakes. She has been putting in a LOT of effort but she just cannot pass her maths!

Miss Loi! My daughter has never passed a single AMath test for the whole of Sec Three. It’s been F9 F9 F9! I think she’s thinking of dropping the subject!

This same diverse group of students, who have just finished the last question, completed the final joss sticks session, and visited The Temple’s toilet for the last time … who have now proudly grown from mathematically-challenged saplings into a mathematically-hardened bamboo on the brink of their first steps towards their Mathematical Salvation.

As usual a cheong hei Miss Loi would have enough words at this time to crash this website, so here’s a selection of Miss Loi’s last messages to a selected few:

To the emo one who first arrived at The Temple with a face straight from a funeral,

Miss Loi believes that you can get a distinction this time. This means you WILL get a distinction!!!

To the >4000 9000 messages/month undisputed SMS Queen,

Miss Loi believes you WILL scored very very well once you are away from your iPhone!

To the 井井有条 one who plans everything like an Aunty,

You will do well – just focus on PACING yourself to avoid careless mistakes and make sure a human can read your handwriting!

To the pro champion who scored FULL MARKS for the prelim,

Please refrain from discussing cheem out of syllabus stuff with your China classmate before you enter the exam hall!

To the insecure one who always think you are the lousiest,

Things are never as ‘disasterous’ as you seem to think – they are always just a figment of your imagination.


To the one who keeps thinking that her results will end up making her clearing tables at Koufu foodcourt,

You will definitely have no chance to work in Koufu!

To the one who is always among the top 20 in school,

Don’t be complacent! Please double/triple-check your answers lest your A1 runs away!

To the Chinese-speaking basketball player,

Have confidence in yourself as you have already improved tremendously over this final month. If only you’ve started your rehabilitation earlier … but it’s still better late than never!

To all,

Usual stuff applies (ignore topics which are already out of syllabus) and Miss Loi is now NAGGING you again to make sure you use all spare time you have left to check your answers. Don’t assume any of your answers will be definitely correct – confirm chop stamp you will discover some silly mistake when you check.

THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF THE PAPER APPEARS TO BE EASY – as anecdotal evidence is pointing to 90% for an A1 these days!

Oh … and don’t eat heaty/heavy meals or any buffet before the paper. Don’t end up spending 20 minutes … umm … baking cakes like last year *sigh*

Oh dear better stop now – Miss Loi’s really nagging …

Last but not least, as you turn your backs to The Temple with its backdrop of fluttering banners for the very last time, should you be feeling lost or insecure in the long weeks ahead, remember to head over to our Facebook wall to grab your 11th-hour air drops and supply of O Level tips!

OK time now to bring your inscribed O Level wishes to fruition, like many before!

Temple Ema 2011

All The Best! and …

Go Grab Those A1s!!!

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