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The Week Of Mathematical Armageddon Reincarnation

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Sadako Loi at 11:27 pm (Singapore time)

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A brilliant haze-enhanced sunset greeted them as they stood on the top floor of his HDB flat.

She turned to look into his panda eyes (formed from weeks of burning midnight joss sticks).

Boy Boy, this is it.

Have you finished your TYS, gone through my Sensei’s solutions, and cleared EVERY SINGLE doubt that you have?

He nodded his head.

Have you read my Sensei’s last words (ignore topics which are already out of syllabus), and uttered her E-Maths & AMaths prayers?

*nods again*

Have you made sure you know your significant figures?

*nods and nods*

Have you put in fresh batteries for your calculator (plus backups just in case)?

*nods and nods and nods*

Have you put your construction set (i.e. compass, protractor etc.), curve rule, and all your favourite stationery in your bag?

*nodding like a Heavy Metal headbanger*

Most importantly, have you brought along your SELF BELIEF and CONFIDENCE that you will be able do the questions, since they will NEVER be as ridiculously difficult as your school’s sadistic prelim papers and mock exams, and that you stand an equal chance of scoring as those foreign ghosts cyborgs in you class?

GIRL GIRL! You very lor sor leh!!!

The sun had set by then, making way for an apocalyptic darkness that lingered on the distant horizon.

It’s dark there and it looks like it’s gonna rain, and the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world.

She held his hand and looked once more into his eyes.

Boy Boy, are you ready?

He gripped her tender hand tightly (not realizing it was stone cold) and said


And so, like those who had bade their final farewell to Miss Loi and The Temple this weekend, they made their way towards the darkness, towards their respective schools, and towards their destinies …

Mathematical Armageddon 2010 Mathematical Armageddon 2010 Mathematical Armageddon 2010 Mathematical Black Friday 2010

All The Best!
GANBATTE!!! がんばって!!!
Ema 2010

Will hang them up when Miss Loi finds the time ...

See you guys again in Halloween!


Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. Sadako Loi's Avatar
    Sadako Loi Friend Sadako Loi on Facebook commented in tuition class


    Oh and don't forget your NRIC and entry proof!

  2. Zhen's Avatar
    Zhen commented in tuition class


    Dont forget the Double Checky For your Mistakes

  3. Sadako Loi's Avatar
    Sadako Loi Friend Sadako Loi on Facebook commented in tuition class


    The battle is about to start! For EMaths Paper 1,

    • DON'T get too high after solving and forget to write your final answers on the dotted line provided!
    • DON'T forget to include/exclude the unit in your final answer (depending on what's printed on the answer booklet)!
    • DON'T write your final workings with a pencil!
  4. Sadako Loi's Avatar
    Sadako Loi Friend Sadako Loi on Facebook commented in tuition class


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