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GCE O Level Oct/Nov 2010 E-Maths 4016 Paper 2 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 11:24 pm (Singapore time)

Meanwhile, at an underground bunker in a secret location

Sergeant Loi General Loi Mdm! We have incoming messages!

General Loi Read them to me, Sergeant Loi!

Sergeant Loi


Message #1: Complimentary spa session for all new treatment package sign-ups at ABC Beauty & Slimming Centre!

Message #2: Bring a friend and get a free 1 month gym membership at XYZ Fitness!

Message #3: FREE Yoga at …


General Loi Can you please skip all the spam and read only messages from the frontline for today’s O Level EMaths Paper 2????!!!!!!!

Sergeant Loi SORRY MDM! Here are the relevant messages!

2day’s paper so easy! 😉 haha. Can get A1 🙂

What we went through yesterday came out! I dunno can get A or B but I know I improved! Thx!

I found this paper very manageable too!

Nice I can do 🙂

Oh crap I lost 6 marks liao! Miss Loi: Aiyooh …

General Loi It appears our troops have fought well today, and our Enemy seems to be retreating. However, the papers seem too easy, and I now have to brace myself for the perennial “how many marks to get A1?” question.

General Loi Listen up Sergeant Loi! For those whose mathematical journey has ended, send them my ugly handwriting scribblings and ask them to check for mistakes!

Sergeant Loi MDM! YES MDM!

General Loi For our elite crack troops who still have to face two more days of Additional Mathematics Papers, send them this A-Maths Prayer so as to boost their morale!

Sergeant Loi MDM! YES MDM!

General Loi Hurry! Get the Apache helicopter to airdrop the leaflets now! And tell the pilot not to crash into the Woodlands field again!

Sergeant Loi MDM! YES MDM!

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