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GCE O Level Oct/Nov 2010 A-Maths 4038 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 9:16 pm (Singapore time)

Meanwhile, at an underground bunker in a secret location

Sergeant Loi General Loi Mdm! We have incoming messages!

General Loi Read them to me, Sergeant Loi!

Sergeant Loi


Message #1: Business opportunity! Help transfer USD10 million out of Nigeria and get a 30% cut!

Message #2: Golden opportunity! Achieve financial freedom with our healthcare products!

Message #3: Stay for FREE anywhere in the world with just $10000 …

*Prepares big whack on the helmet*

Sergeant Loi Mdm! Mdm! I was only joking! Have a sense of humour Mdm!

Black Friday

General Loi How can I have a sense of humour when tomorrow’s BLACK FRIDAY?!

Sergeant Loi SORRY MDM! Here are the messages from our crack AMaths troops at the frontline today!

Quite OK … I managed checked my answers SEVEN times!

I’m confident I’ll do well for amath! 😉 It was manageable.

Ms Loi, because of you, I’m only worried about the moderation of marks. If not much moderation, I think can get an A for paper 1.

Will Paper 2 be tough? Paper 1 was easy …

Today’s paper was a killer. I couldn’t do the tan 75 and the secant part. The next question on the curve and find k also anyhow do. Miss Loi: Aiyooh!!! Grrrrrr ……

General Loi OK sounds good! Anything else to report?

Sergeant Loi YES MDM! It appears that there’s some solutions fever going on at the moment, and our scouts have reported covert activities of gamesmanship in teh intertubes. In addition, some clones have been captured and are now held indefinitely in The Temple‘s deepest, darkest, scariest Mas Selamat-proof dungeon!

General Loi Sigh … we’ll just have to focus and do what we can … unlike others, we our main focus should be the large number of our student troops to take care of.

General Loi Listen up Sergeant Loi! Ready our Apache helicoptor to airdrop this list of topics to focus on for tomorrow MORNING‘s AMaths Paper 2!

General Loi

Sleep early tonight coz tomorrow’s a MORNING PAPER! Whoever oversleeps shall be thrown into The Temple’s deepest, darkest, scariest Mas Selamat-proof dungeon and be doused with the deadliest sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in the afternoon! BY ORDER!


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