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After getting off the same flight as Dasmond Koh 许振荣 and Kym Ng 鐘琴 (WHAT a coincidence!) and consequently stalking them all the way to baggage claim, Miss Loi now stands before this famous icon.

The Statue of Liberty?

Famous icon

Maybe she’ll bump into Kym again when she goes shopping later.

No prizes for guessing where this is … hmmmm … maybe a prize ought to be given to the first reader to guess correctly Miss Loi’s current location.

Gone Shopping! Miss Loi is currently on a ‘quickie’ getaway from 12-16 July to ‘recharge her batteries’ in preparation for the looming promos/prelims/O Level exams fiesta.

For enquiries, please SMS or email missloi [at] exampaper [dot] com [dot] sg during this period and she will try to get back to you as soon as she can.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused and she seeks your kind understanding if she’s a little slow in replying during this period.

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