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GCE ‘O’ Level 2010 Oct/Nov Chemistry 5072 (MCQ) Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of Little Miss Loi the Science Tutor (archived) from the desk of Little Miss Loi at 2:27 am (Singapore time)

Hello again and unfortunately, the weekend of tuition classes has definitely caused me to keep you non-partying folks waiting for the Pure Chemistry MCQ solutions, and me staying up late to finish them:

2010 O-Level October/November Chemistry 5072 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

2010 O-Level October/November Chemistry 5072 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions
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A much more sedate Pure Chemistry Paper 1 compared to the relative mayhem over at the Physics side, though it does have its usual tricks up its sleeve.

In any case, do leave the usual mistake/typo-spotting comment and I’ll try to attend to you once I find the time (admittedly we’re a little behind the comments due to the weekend of classes 🙁 )

Okie good night for now!

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