GCE ‘A’ Level 2010 Oct/Nov H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of H1/H2 (A Level) Maths Tutor from the desk of The Higher Council at 10:44 pm (Singapore time)

To chichipong, james, Nick, ohno, zack & zack, reyrtwe, and those of you who have emailed my sister, no I have not forgotten you.

It’s been a full day of classes for me so it has taken a while (with whatever time I have) to complete the 2010 set of ‘A’ Level Maths:

2010 A-Level October/November H1 Mathematics 8864 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

2010 ‘A’ Level October/November H1 Mathematics 8864 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions
– click to download (Latest Version: 1.3)

I think I can trust the whole lot of you by now to jump in the air, perform a somersault home in on that comment button the very moment you spot a mistake, typo or a better/quicker/smarter method, and I’ll *try* my very very best to update the solutions as and when required.

Speaking of which, time to face up to the frightening list of comments over at the other blog posts … *sweats*

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