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Raiders Of The Lost Temple

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Archaeological Site of The Second Temple

The distant dunes stood like sentinels to a group of men as they toiled relentlessly in an arid landscape that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Humming an ancient tune on their lips, they thrusted their spades into the ground in unison, oblivious to the beads of sweat that shimmered on their sinewy backs.


The unfamiliar sound of striking something hard beneath the soft ground broke the monotony of the task, and the group upped its pace with renewed vigor.

Their leader rushed to a tent nearby when it became abundantly clear what they had hit was something more than just a mass of subterranean rock …

Saharan Loi Professor Loi! We have found Miss Loi’s Second Temple!

Professor Loi the Archeologist Are you sure it’s really The Second Temple from 2013 A.D.?

Saharan Loi Yes I am sure! Miracles are already happening to some of my men as we speak!

Piscine Pi Pythagoras, despite having dropped out of school at a young age, has just helped us calculate the direct distance between two right-angled walls using some “theorem” he happened to think of on the spot.


Saharan Loi Nazri Newton, who has never passed a Physics test all his life, is suddenly able to calculate the exact resultant vector of the force needed to hack a path through The Temple’s ruins without damaging its delicate structure!


Saharan Loi And our broken down power generator has just been fixed by Omar Ohm, who is scientifically and electrically-illiterate, without electrocuting himself in the process!

Let There Be Light

Now we have light!

Saharan Loi Even as we speak, Abdul Al-Avogadro, who has been forced to drop Chemistry by his teacher many years ago, is now looking for boiling chips for his makeshift experimental setup to try to distill water to quench his thirst!

Looking for something

And Abdul still … haven’t found … what he’s looking for …

Professor Loi the Archeologist OMG I think we’ve just made the archaeological find of the 30th Century!

With that, Professor Loi and her expedition leader rushed out of the tent.

To be continued …
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