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The Temple’s Secret Location Isn’t That Secret Anymore

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For a long, long time, Miss Loi’s Temple existed in it’s own little secret corner in Novena, away from the prying eyes of stalkers, scheming spies and shady salesmen.

The main reason, though, was to protect the sanctity of her joss sticks sessions from being interrupted by walk-in enquirers (through no fault of theirs, of course), especially during the peak LMBFH months and/or following the publication of some infamous newspaper article.

But ever since a hospitality “shrine” has been built and staffed to welcome all guests to the centre, leaving Miss Loi with the peace of mind to focus fully on her intensive, choky smoky joss sticks session at hand …

The Hospitality Shrine

… she’s now a little more confident to up the visibility of The New Temple just a wee bit. Starting with these new waymarkers to guide her new batch of students to the centre (and at the same time “sweep” away all academic sins) for the start of a new academic year (and also to say hi to the folks at Udders Ice Cream below :P)

The Sweeper of Academic Sins

And yes, Salvation’s only 21 steps away now 😉

Salvation's Only 21 Steps Away

P.S. The long overdue new Temple page will be updated soon – please bear with us 🙁

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