2010 GCE A-Level Results – Of Apples & Coconuts

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GCE 'A' Level 2010 H1/H2 Maths Results

While I was suffering from a bad bout of cough (I still am) throughout yesterday, 2010 GCE A-Level results was released.

Now that I’m feeling slightly well enough to login, I would like to say a BIG Congratulations to my 2010 students and all for achieving the grades that your hard work deserves.

Whether it’s Apples or Bananas or Coconuts or Durians that are the ‘fruits’ of your labour, let this be a celebration of your hard work.

As we live in a time where final grades are massively overemphasized, there will be those of you regard yourselves as ‘failures’ when you do not get the grades you aimed for, where your disappointment far overshadows the learning processes and great efforts you’ve put in over the past two years.

But as my sister always says, life will not be determined by your grades on a piece of paper (that will get moldy in a few years, trust me), so it’s important to let go (even if you’ve excelled this time round) and focus on motivating yourself to perform even better in the future.

For while exams simply require your timely preparation and a certain amount of luck, your life will always demands your ceaseless efforts and unending perseverance (and even more luck).

Alright time to get some rest *cough* *cough*

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