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GCE O Level Oct/Nov 2012 A-Maths 4038 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 7:05 pm (Singapore time)

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*hurried footsteps*


The Chief Disciple of The Temple appeared and rushed forward to lay prostrate before the High Priestess.

Disciple Loi

Oh forgive me! My High Priestess 教主!

I did not anticipate the unprecedented traffic that descended upon our website last Wednesday night!

O Level 2012 EMaths Paper 2 Crash

弟子该死! 弟子该死! *slaps own face*

She paused her guzheng playing, and glanced momentarily at the Chief Disciple.

High Priestess Loi


The two EMaths papers last week were apparently so easy to the point that the A1 cut-off mark is now firmly believed to be well into the 90s.

That had led to a massive “how many marks have I lost/can be saved” marks-counting exercise, resulting in comments that took me three nights to go through (and still continuing 🙁 )

Such is the mess of our academic 江湖 these days.

Suddenly the heavens opened, and a thunderstorm pelted the Temple’s ornate roof.

Disciple Loi

My High Priestess 教主! I have incoming news from the AMaths front!

Something about EMaths sine rule & a distance traveled by a particle …

High Priestess Loi

Yes I know …

Once again, she began to play her guzheng faster and faster …

twaaang! twaaang! twaaang! TWAANG! TWAANG! TWAANG!

… until the following shot out from within the strings of the musical instrument.

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GCE O Level 2012 AMaths 4038 Paper 1 Solutions
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N.B. As usual, please, please leave a comment should you spot any mistake in the solution.

Next, she threw out another swarm of daggers …

Now for Paper 2: Here’s a list of possible topics that may appear for tomorrow’s AMaths Paper 2.

  1. Polynomials & Remainder Theorem
  2. Logarithmic & Exponential Functions
  3. Further Trigonometry esp R-Formula
  4. Curves
  5. Maxima/Minima Problems
  6. Quadratic Equations & Inequalities (Discriminants etc.)
  7. Plane Geometry aka the 阴阳眼 eyesight test
  8. Coordinate Geometry
  9. Integration: Area of region under curve
  10. Integration/Differentiation of Partial Fractions
  11. Modulus Functions
  12. Increasing & Decreasing Functions

Last important tip for today, tomorrow’s an
8AM Morning Paper!!!



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