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GCE O Level 2011 Oct/Nov Physics 5058 (MCQ) Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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Hello again everyone,

After having taken possession a certain booklet, I’m sitting in my sister’s car, looking up at the bright blue morning sky, while sending out this series of codes:


Note: Answer for Q33 has been changed to B. Sorry for the misinformation! 🙁

Do they tally with yours?

Update: The list of workings and explanations for each of the answers (where applicable) have been compiled (along with the questions at the end)!

You may access here by clicking the Like button (if you haven’t yet done so).

Latest version: 1.1: Q38 – corrected typo and updated explanation
GCE O Level 2011 Physics 5058 Paper 1 solutions

2011 O-Level October/November Physics 5058 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

Hopefully this will help in some way to settle some of the debates regarding some of the answers (and hopefully not create more in the process!)

Good luck for those of you with your remaining Science MCQ papers! ALMOST THERE!!!

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