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GCE A Level 2011 Oct/Nov H2 Maths 9740 Paper 2 & H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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Hello it’s me again *rubs eyes*

It’s been a looooooong day. And yeah the A Level Maths papers have been a little tricky this year.

While I recognize that many of have had a tough time working out the papers for the past two mornings, do spare a thought for me who have been forced by my sis to working out three A Level Maths papers in the past two days (plus tuition time) as you browse through my suggested answers to today’s H2 Maths Paper 2 which you may access here by clicking the Like button (if you haven’t yet done so).

Latest version:

H2 Maths Paper 2

  • 1.1:
    Q2(ii) Modified rejection reason to 2x < n (as kindly pointed out by Chen Jing)
    Q3(iii): x = -0.4847 instead of -0.4877 (misread due to pen no ink :P)
    Q8(iv): 13.5 – corrected rounding error (as kindly pointed out by Ah Wei)
    Q12(iii) – removed lower limit of 0 since there’s nothing stopping the number of people joining the queue to be greater than the number leaving the queue (as pointed out by sam)
  • 1.2:
    Q2(ii) – Simplified the final answer further.
    Q8(i) – Removed extra point from scatter diagram which should contain only 5 points (I swear I plotted only 5 points that night!!!)
    Q12(iii) – removed the continuity correction since the approximated aggregated Normal distribution is already continuous. Therefore no continuity correction is needed (apologies for this oversight and I hope this will bring closure to this part).
    Q12(iv) – added missing answer (too tired that night and missed this!)
GCE A Level 2011 H2 Maths 9740 Paper 2 solutions GCE A Level 2011 H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 solutions

GCE A Level H2 Maths 9740 Paper 2 (left) H1 Maths 8864 Paper 1 (right)
suggested solutions & answers

As usual, please leave a comment should you spot any mistake in this set of suggested solutions – as mentioned it’s been rather tiring doing the many, many A Level Maths papers these two days *faints*

Last but not least, if you haven’t yet done so, do say hi to me when you drop by in Facebook 😉

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