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GCE O Level 2011 Oct/Nov Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry) 5116 MCQ Paper 1 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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For the last time … a last look at the sky, a last glance at the booklet, and a final series of codes:

Physics Q1-10ACBBA ABADB
Physics Q11-20CBDCD CCADD
Chemistry Q21-30DBABA BDACC
Chemistry Q31-40DCCDA DBBAC

Do they tally with yours?

Note: If you are taking Physics/Biology or Chemistry/Biology, the set of Physics/Chemistry MCQs in the relevant section of your paper should be exactly the same.

Update: For the last time …. the list of workings and explanations for each of the answers (where applicable) have been compiled (along with the questions at the end)!

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GCE O Level 2011 Combined Science 5116 Paper 1 solutions

2011 O-Level October/November Combined Science (Physics, Chemistry) 5116 Paper 1 Suggested Solutions

That’s all folks. Goodbye and enjoy your holidays and FREEDOM!

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