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2009 GCE O-Level Results – True Faith

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 2:42 pm (Singapore time)

I used to think that the day would never come
That my life would depend on the morning sun

The chorus of this New Order song filled their minds as they paused before their school gates, some dressed to the nines in the latest fashion statements that mocked at their school rules, others with freshly highlighted/rebonded hair (that would’ve fail the most lenient of hair checks) flailing gently in the afternoon breeze.

Those gates … which were once seemingly bathed in a dazzling light of hope at the start, gateways to glorious paths that were paved with gold.

Those same gates … which in the past 4-5 years had somehow turned into ugly, dilapidated entrances. Entrances to years of poor grades, and years of always panicking before exams, …

I got A1 for both math!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Thanks for all your help!! 😀

years of failures, …

Hi Miss Loi I got A1 for emath and A2 for amath. Thank you so much for helping me this year!

years of having ‘never passed before’, …

He scored A2 for both his maths. I really want to say a big thank you for pulling him up 🙂

years of condemnation, of threats, of suspensions and of ‘being nearly kicked out of school’, …

Hiya! A1 for A and A2 for E!

years of ‘hopelessness’, …

Hehe I got A2 for maths … Oh anyway its also because of your help mah that’s why I can pass

years of living with a terrifying disease, …

Thxs for helping during the last moment. She had a B3. Thxs once again.

years of F9s, E8s, D7s, and constantly changing tutors, …

My maths A2!

five years of chronic underachievement, …

Hello ms loi. I got B3 for maths thank you so much. I made it to poly 😀

and for several Special Ones, years of suffering lethal combinations of the above (mentioned here as Miss Loi is SUPER PROUD of your achievements as a result of your efforts in the face of immense adversity)

My maths result is C6 … Ya haha nvr pass before since last time … ya I’m going poly for Hospitality n Tourism management course … thank you for all the help

Haha it was good … math got C5 🙂 thank you so much 🙂


And so on a certain Monday afternoon, these students, 59% (of all 2009 double-Maths students) / 94% (of all 2009 single-Maths students) of whom first pounded on The Temple Gates months ago to ‘proudly’ present Miss Loi with their F9/E8/D7 failing grades …

Initially he wanted to give up his studies. Then suddenly 开窍. Ha. Anyways thanks so much for all you have done for them.

… now proudly faced their (ex-)school gates, with *77%/87% of them having achieved at least a 4-grade jump, and *78%/73% attaining a Distinction and a minimum grade of B4 respectively, and with 100% having attained their passes and improved on their grades.

GCE O Level 2009 Double Maths Grades GCE O Level 2009 Single Maths Grades

GCE O-Level 2009 Double Maths Grades (left) Single Maths Grades (right)

*% of 2009 double-maths batch / % of 2009 single-maths batch

These students, The Children of The Temple, most of whom were unwanted, unloved, uncared for by the subject (or was it the other way round?) and most of whom managed to ‘fail with flying colours’ Miss Loi’s stringent (anti-industry practice) entry test (to the chagrin of all straight-A students in disguise who were found out and turned away), now suddenly find the same gates before them glowing like they did 4-5 years ago.

Awww ... Thanks

As they walked/strutted/sashayed their way towards the radiant, blinding light that is their White Gates of Salvation, gateways to their new paths, their futures that are now paved with gold, it’s been a pleasure for Miss Loi & The Temple once again to have played a part (however small & last-minute) in your epic journey.

My heartfelt appreciation for your excellent coaching for the whole of last year without which he will not have made such amazing progress!! … Your students and my son are blessed to have a ‘super tutor’ like you.

At the end of the day, however, it’s through YOUR OWN EFFORTS that you reap what you sow.

To those of you who may be regretting this and that or still feeling emo about “if only I had done this and that …”, do understand that, regardless of the results that you have, the game has once again been reset/rebooted/restarted and that everyone from the top scorers to those with the poorest of the poor grades will start with a clean slate once more, for mighty kings have become paupers and paupers became kings and foreign mercenary cyborgs will head home, thus

The next step you take is always more important than the previous step you left behind.

For your future is always in your grasp and it’s up to you to make the best of it, though sometimes you just needed a bit of LASIK surgery to see that the gates and paths before you have always been bathed in light and gold.

P.S. This long overdue post should have been done a week earlier but things have been crazy ever since Miss Loi came back from her trip 🙁


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  1. cy's Avatar
    cy commented in tuition class

  2. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Why so happy cy? Saw something familiar in the blog post??? 😛

  3. realistic's Avatar
    realistic commented in tuition class


    hello ms loi! im a jc student and i wanna ask if u noe how to solve differential equation? can i send u some qns and help me?

  4. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Most certainly, realistic! Do email Miss Loi your formidable differential equations and she'll tai-chi delegate them to the relevant department to process them 😛

    Hopefully your "some qns" won't turn out to be full-scale Differential Equation invasion of The Temple!

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