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Of The GCE O Level 2013 A-Maths 4038 Paper 2 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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25 Oct 2013

No More Halloween’s Eve

View from The Library

View from The Library, The Second Temple circa 2013
AMaths Victory

On the day when AMaths Paper 2 doesn’t fall on Halloween’s Eve for the first time in a long, long time, there were no AMaths student at The Temple. The drilling works at Udders Ice Cream downstairs have also completely stopped.

This left me feeling even more alone in The Library to scribble out the suggested solutions to the 2013 O Level AMaths 4038 Paper 2, with the lian-ish techno playlist being played on the speakers overhead to keep me alert against careless mistakes.

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GCE O Level 2013 AMaths 4038 Paper 1 Solutions
Access it here if you’re having trouble accessing it on Facebook using your state-of-the-art smartphone 🙁

As usual, please, please leave a comment should you spot any mistake in the solution.


  1. Before you ask questions like “I lost x marks in Paper 2, can I still get A1/A2/B3/B4/pass?” or “What is the cutoff for A1/A2/B3/B4/C5/C6/D7/E8/F9 this year?”, please understand that Miss Loi is NOT the Bell Curve Goddess.
  2. Please also understand that, unless things have changed, there is no half-mark awarded in O-Level Maths. Also it is nigh impossible for ECF if the part involved only carries 1 mark.

Thus, for many, ends one of the most intense O Level weeks in living memory.

And yet there’s more to come.

And then beyond …

Putting whoever is the sadistic O Level schedule planner aside, not matter how tired or deflated you are, it’s important you keep your focus to the very, very end.

So for those of you who need a bit of help to stay focused till the very, very end, here’s a bit of a shameless plug for our upcoming intensive science MCQ sessions (with small class sizes) to help out the very, very nice Science tutors at The Temple 😀


Meanwhile the ceaseless work on the Facebook wall continues.

Now to rush to the United Square foodcourt before it closes *gulp*



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  1. Joe's Avatar
    Joe commented in tuition class


    Sine graph nvr label will minus mark or not?

  2. worried.'s Avatar
    worried. commented in tuition class


    If I drew the sine graph on the graph paper but it wasnt precise? I mean, I just sketch the graph and label the intercept. Will marks be deducted? Since the question says 'Sketch' (sshape, amplitude, x and y intercepts are correct)

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