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Jφss Sticks Relighted!

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the desk of Miss Loi at 10:28 pm (Singapore time)

To the … umm … slight embarrassment of Miss Loi’s kindly friends and relatives who have been sending her warm wishes for the ‘successful transition to ChΘρsticks(and taking the opportunity to ask for the Feng Shui Master’s contact), it’s that bit of ‘TA-DA!‘ time again as Jφss Sticks have been relighted! (Chopsticks and what uneaten rice are plain silly don’t you think?)

Following only its second facelift in 3.5 years (coz the Trusty Webmaster’s rates ain’t cheap! 🙁 ), new amenities and features of the new Jφss Sticks 3.0 (for the benefit of its blog residents and readers) now include:

  • New Exam Paper Viewer

    Exam Paper Viewer For a start, a new exam paper viewer has been designed complete with Oscar-winning Avatar-styled animated effects to, hopefully, make your viewing of Miss Loi’s fabled exam papers a more pleasant experience.

    Existing subscribers who happen to be startled by this should rest be assured that your computer is not infected by any virus.

  • Threaded Comments

    Reply pencil icon You can now use this little pencil to initiate an even more ‘intimate’ conversation with Miss Loi (or any commenter) by replying directly to a point she made (and vice versa). This should help make epic & long-ish multiparty discussions like this one easier to follow.

    P.S. Please use this with discretion. Do not abuse this poor little pencil just for the sake of starting an ‘intimate’ but ultimately meaningless conversation with Miss Loi.

  • Gravatars

    A sample gravatar To those of you with personalized Gravatars, your handsome and pretty profile pics will finally see the light of day on this blog!

    If you don’t have one, you’ll be randomly assigned a venerable math symbol whenever you leave a comment, whether you like it or not. So get a gravatar if you do not like to be associated with random things in life, like HDB flat units and car plate numbers.

  • Connect with Facebook

    Connect with Facebook In an effort to encourage more comments from all who have sold their souls to Facebook, it’s now possible to leave a comment here and get your Facebook profile link & avatar automatically displayed via a one-time click of this button.

    Yes, no more typing out your name & email every time you comment, you lazy bums!

  • Twitter Love

    Twitter Love If you have a Twitter account, you can now enter your Twitter ID whenever you leave a comment to generate a cutesy link to your Twitter profile which will, hopefully, help you to attract more internet marketing spammers followers to your Twitter account.

  • Blog Comment Love

    Blog Comment Love If you have blog, you may now opt to generate a link to your latest blog post whenever you leave a comment which will, hopefully, help you to attract more stalkers readers to your blog.

  • Jφss Sticks Social Media Love

    Social Media Love With current craze into anything that’s social media (whatever that means), buttons have sprung up throughout this blog encouraging/imploring/begging you to spread, retweet and share with your friends the goodness that is Jφss Sticks, in return for good karma from Miss Loi.

  • Lastly … umm … can you see that the grass below has grown and little clumps of flowers have sprung up? 😛

Yeah yeah yeah Jφss Sticks is WOLS and some of the above features can be found in many blogs … but but but … it takes time to put these things in nicely in order keep this blog as pretty as its fussy owner it can be okay!

As per the last upgrade long ago (who ask the Trusty Webmaster to charge so high?!), there’s bound to be a bug or two flying around so please let Miss Loi know if any page anywhere doesn’t look right to you.

Now back to think of the continuation to that Angsana tree story


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  1. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Alright a quick test this to see if everything works ... *clears throat*

    Testing 1 2 ... Testing 1 2 ...

    Can everyone hear me???

  2. rinaz's Avatar
    rinaz commented in tuition class

  3. rinaz's Avatar
    rinaz commented in tuition class


    Anyway, I love how your blog looks like, and you surprise me every time! Even when I thought that your blog already looked amazing, you could top it up even more!

  4. leopard's Avatar
    leopard commented in tuition class


    LOL @ the internal testing a.k.a. spamming

    Does Mr Loi sell A level exam papers here?

  5. cy's Avatar
    cy commented in tuition class


    HAHA sadako is back O: now not even seventh month yet...LOL.

  6. FoxTwo's Avatar
    FoxTwo commented in tuition class

  7. Aaron's Avatar
    Aaron commented in tuition class


    miss loi,
    do you have the solutions to the 2007 o level papers like what you have for 2009 and 2008?

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