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GCE O Level Oct/Nov 2011 A-Maths 4038 Paper 2 Suggested Answers & Solutions

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The day began with an innocent attempt at a prophetic tweet.

Miss's Loi AMaths Paper 2 tweet

Only for it to be shot down soon after.

Miss Loi AMaths P2 Tweet Reply

And so in a bright sunny binary day of 1/11/11, Captain Loi and her crew of sexy air stewardesses took off from The Temple to fly Jφss Sticks Airways Flight JS296 among the clouds once more – looking down at a million faces that seemed to bask in the (resigned) relief of the afternoon sun …

No More AMaths Tweet

… following which the latch was pulled and the package released …

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Latest version:

  • 1.1: Changed all the “Factor Theorem” to “Factor Formula” in Q10 which Miss Loi had written mistakenly in her haste 😛
GCE O Level 2011 AMaths 4038 Paper 2 Solutions

As usual, please leave a comment should you spot any mistake in the solution.

For those who might be feeling a bit down after this year’s “more-challenging-than-usual” A-Maths papers, be comforted to know that the evil bell curve should be working in your favour (instead of against you) this time.

AMaths Moderation Tweet

Hope you can take heart from the following Singlish-ridden quote which Miss Loi has always said to downcast students in times of need (while patting their backs simultaneously) …

If everyone says difficult and you say die then it’s ok.
But if everyone says easy and you say die then you REALLY DIEEEEEE!

Let the burning of Math books begin! But please don’t accidentally burn your books from other subjects 😛

Good Luck for the Rest of Your Papers!!!

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  1. Kenny's Avatar
    Kenny commented in tuition class


    The a maths paper 2 is ok... can get full mark if i am not wrong, seeing that there is only a tangent graph, which kill a lot

  2. NeedHelp's Avatar
    NeedHelp commented in tuition class


    Hi i would like to ask about the solution to 11 part 3 if it is possible to show that the line is a tangent to the circle by equating equations of both and obtaining a quadratic equation and hence prove that D = 0 ?

  3. Lala's Avatar
    Lala commented in tuition class


    Would it be safe for me to assume that they will minus at most 3 marks for the differentiation Qn for the one with the lawn, if the value of r happen to be wrong?
    Because my dP/dr is correct and my d2P/dr2 is also correct.... >< should have at least one mark each right?

  4. BOB's Avatar
    BOB commented in tuition class


    Hey Ms Loi, i know its virtually impossible to predict the moderation of O level papers. But i hope u can use ur awesome prediction skills and past experience to help me in something. Do u think that the A1 for this Amath paper (paper 1 + paper 2 combined) this year would be around at most 70% judging by the difficulty?? Please reply. I need some closure over this matter 🙁

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