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The Ikebukuro Incident (池袋事件)

Posted at 7:46 pm by Miss Loi in Study Break

ONCE AGAIN, the schedule could have been kinder.

Ungodly Flight

For if it was, Miss Loi wouldn't have to catch another flight departing in an ungodly hour - a flight that made her sleep throughout like there was no tomorrow, causing her to miss out on all the in-flight luxuries like "Coffee or tea?", "Would you like seafood or chicken?", "Hot towel? Hot towel?" etc.

Ninjas, H1N1 Clan

When she arrived at her destination, she proceeded to 'ninja-fy' herself with a mask smuggled provided courtesy of Little Miss Loi. Thereafter she suddenly felt a severe bout of thirst, as all those missed "coffee or tea?" began to take its toll.


Thus she rushed towards the nearest oasis of a vending machine, to buy and GULP down an entire bottle of unknown pastel-coloured liquid, and took along another bottle for the subsequent hour-long train journey.

Lovely scenes of Spring flashed before her eyes as the train made its way to town, with Miss Loi constantly taking sips of her drink as she stared at the passing scenes in a dreamy manner.

When she finally stepped out of the train station, she realized that she appeared to be the only one wearing a mask in town ...

Ikebukuro Train Station

More critically, however, she realized that her bottle of drink had been sipped dry, and that's when she also realized that she had grossly miscalculated the holding volume of her ... umm ... bladder.

With nary a toilet in sight, things got a bit desperate. She knew she had to get to the guesthouse fast - the only place she's certain a toilet exists - before the floodgates opened.

And thus began the longest catwalk the streets of Tokyo have ever witnessed, as Miss Loi sashayed her way like a geisha past rows and rows of teeny jewelry stalls ...


Maintaining the agonizing poise of walking as fast as possible while keeping her steps as small as possible to ensure a ZERO rate of change of the liquid level in her ... umm ... overflowing bladder, she found herself stared at by this weirdo aunty ...

Weirdo Aunty


Slowly but surely though, her frantic geisha steps finally brought her to the guesthouse, where she wasted no time in throwing her still-5 kg luggage into her miniscule room, and rushed into the grateful toilet (just when things started to get a little 'leaky') to burst open the floodgates put an end to the ordeal ...

Japanese Cistern

The End 劇終

Japan Flag

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Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused and she seeks your kind understanding if she's a little slow in replying during this period.


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The Myeong-dong Incident (明洞事件)

Posted at 2:58 pm by Miss Loi in Study Break

If only the Mid-Year exams for some schools didn't stretch so late into May, Miss Loi wouldn't need to have an extra class on Friday. And she wouldn't need to have rushed out of the house early, and ended up forgetting to bring along her NRIC.

This made her went back home to retrieve it before she hit the road, and that's when she realized she'd forgotten her Nokia phone charger - which resulted in a great U-turn along the BKE as she rushed back home again to get the charger, leading to her arriving late for class.

Last Call ...
Last call ...

That made the class end late, and made Miss Loi rush to the airport, and made her run into that family who tried to cut her queue at the check-in counter.

If only Popeyes didn't make her wait >10 mins for the fried chicken, she wouldn't have to munch munch munch quickly through her lunch in order to reach the gate before it closed, and ended up with a burpy stomach.

If only they weren't showing the insanely hilarious Handsome Suit on the flight, Miss Loi wouldn't have missed the chance to catch some sleep.

Hong Kong Airport Shuttle
Thomas & Friends

If only the flight schedule was more favourable, Miss Loi wouldn't need to spend four hours in the wee hours going round and round Hong Kong's cavernous airport shopping and buying stuff that ... umm ... she doesn't really need.

If only Hong Kong's airport isn't that cavernous, and her next plane wasn't parked at Gate 33, she wouldn't have to fork out HK$50 for the Thomas & Friends-like shuttle transport to Gate 33, since Gates 1-32 were all within walking distance :-?

If only there's no swine flu H1N1, Miss Loi wouldn't have needed that flu jab two weeks back, and the passenger next to her wouldn't have worn a mask on her face, and Miss Loi wouldn't have kept stealing glances at her, and got held up a long time for temperature checks when she arrived at her destination.

Boarding Soon!

If only she'd known that they had inexplicably taken her luggage off the conveyor belt and placed them on the floor, a by-now-zombiefied Miss Loi wouldn't have waited an eternity like a forlorn figure on the opposite end of the belt for her bags that never came.

If only Incheon Airport is located nearer to town, Miss Loi wouldn't have to endure another one-hour plus bus ride to her part of town.

If only Yahoo Weather didn't play her out, she would've put on more layers when she stepped out of the airport. Brrr ...

Myeong Dong Station

If only the guesthouse's check-in time wasn't so rigidly set at 2pm (she arrived at 7am), she wouldn't have busted two-thirds of her entire budget within three hours of shopping at Dongdaemun to kill time. *gulp*

And lastly, if only Korean keyboards weren't so confusing to use, this blog post might have been out earlier.

Unnamed Korean Dish
Anyone knows the name of this dish?

An Nyoung Ha Seh Yo 안녕하세요!

*Drops dead*

South Korea Flag

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Salvation For The Masses

Posted at 10:47 pm by Miss Loi in Miss Loi's Exam Papers

Under a pale grey sky he stood, by the busy pedestrian crossing in front of Bras Basah Complex, oblivious to the passing group of cutie schoolgirls as he reflected on yet another wasted trip there in search of those elusive Ten-Year Series.

In a dark empty classroom she sat, hanging her head in despair after being outscored yet again by that foreign cyborg in the latest maths test, as she desperately sought for more difficult and trickier sets of questions that will hopefully lead her to victory in the next test.

In a chaotic study room he raged, with eyes like those of a madman as he screamed for more to satisfy his insatiable thirst for math questions, having finished every known assessment book that was ever published, plus all the Ten-Year Series from 10.000 B.C. to 2008 A.D.

And on a messy desk she wept, wondering when will she be able to make sense of the maths questions, despite going through them a many times and still getting them wrong every time.

All of them had a wish in common ...

Meanwhile, the skies above were suddenly filled with a large flock of white doves, carrying the Word to all corners of the land - that THEY are finally here ...

Miss Loi's 2009 Exam Papers with Full Worked Solutions

*************** START OF ADVERTORIAL ***************

And so after nights upon nights, months upon months of toiling at The Temple, Miss Loi's 2009 Exam Papers are finally released!

Used regularly by Miss Loi in her Jφss Sticks Sessions, these series of more than 3000 Sec One/Two/Three/O Level Mathematics questions carefully hand-picked & adapted from actual tests/exams of top schools in Singapore are now available to help everyone overcome the lack of Ten-Year Series, spot the recurring trends & patterns in exams, beat your class foreign cyborg, and satisfy the maths question fetish of all students out there.

And what's more, they now come complete with FULL STEP-BY-STEP WORKED SOLUTIONS to make your salvation process just a little bit more painless!

So what are you waiting for???! Sign up for a free account and preview the papers today!

*************** END OF ADVERTORIAL ***************

And thus their wishes are fulfilled, and salvation finally extended to the masses.

Time to take a break.


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The Night Nothing Stood Still

Posted at 10:47 pm by Miss Loi in A-Maths Questions

The howling started at 11pm on Wednesday night, filling The Temple with an air of fear that was quickly followed by eerie rattling sounds coming from the roof above, as if its tiles were being systematically peeled away by whatever's behind these ungodly noises.

With thoughts of being in a scene of a Korean horror flick (where the actress usually dies) flooding her mind, Miss Loi decided to abandon the Kinematics question she was doing and quickly closed shop for the night.

The curls of her hair were instantly straightened by a mighty gust of wind the moment she stepped outside the Temple Gates, to be greeted by an extraordinary scene unlike any she had ever witnessed: leaves, twigs, plastic bags and whatever <1 kg were strewn everywhere as gale-forced winds lashed through Novena.

Fallen Tree

Closing her agape mouth just in time to prevent any unwanted debris for supper, Miss Loi recovered her composure and tried to make a dash for her car under the deafening roar of the wind.

Oh it was not a pretty sight as her hair parting constantly changed directions as the wild tempest battered her from all directions - with flying twigs that threatened to scar her precious face, and NTUC plastic bags & the odd flying underwear that threatened to smother her at every turn - all while being mocked by Ivy Lee in brochures blown from the neighbourhood slimming centre.

When she finally hit the road on her way home (albeit with a new hairstyle), she found to her dismay the roads perilously littered with leaves and branches, with huge fallen trees blocking her way :(

Miss Loi's car first passed a big tree located along the way at a fixed point O at a speed of 210 m/min.

Assuming that she moved in a straight line and that her acceleration a m/s2 at t minutes after passing O is given by a = 60t − 240,

  1. Calculate her speed at the second minute.
  2. Given that she had to turn back immediately to the direction she came from upon encountering a fallen tree, find the value(s) of t when she had to turn back.
  3. If the big tree at O was felled by the wind at the tenth minute, will she be able to pass it before it fell? Calculate the total distance she would have travelled in 10 minutes.

To further what's being taught in its EMaths counterpart, AMaths Kinematics introduces the terms displacement (s) and velocity (v) which may be very loosely considered as distance and speed involving direction respectively.

So instead of that headstrong cyclist/car/train in your E-Maths Kinematics who somehow lost its reverse gear and end up moving in only one direction, you'll find in AMaths modern cars like Miss Loi's (or more commonly 'particles') that can move back and forth like a maniac in opposite directions, with the following relationships between displacement (s), velocity (v) and acceleration (a):

s = int{}{}{v} dt doubleleftright v = ds/dt
v = int{}{}{a} dt doubleleftright a = dv/dt

Aftermath of the Squall
Singapore's Earth Day 2009 Celebration

P.S. Most of the above story is true, except the part on the flying underwear. Maybe Mother Nature was trying to tell us something on Earth Day 2009?


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How To Win Friends And Influence People

Posted at 11:43 am by Miss Loi in Study Break

Admittedly, Miss Loi has been on a bit of a blogging hiatus lately (sorry will get back to replying the comments here later).

She's been slogging away at The Temple, busily juggling a multitude of tasks like replying emails and assuring kan cheong parents over the phone of their kids' progress and 打小报告 on their misdemeanours in class, and applying the finishing touches to her Sec Three/O Level exam papers, whenever she's not preparing students for their upcoming Mids.

And on one such afternoon yesterday, she had just completed compiling her Mensuration chapter of her topical exercise, and was about to take a break with a new episode of the TVB drama when she was startled by the sudden appearance of a man at The Temple Gates.

Miss, interested in this mobile phone charger? Can charge your phone on the move, no need to plug into the wall one.

*shakes head*

What about this torch? Very long lasting one. Interested?

*shakes head*

Convinced that Miss Loi is neither a fan of his super duper wall-less charger nor his eternal torch, he began walking towards the inner chambers of The Temple, convinced there were far easier prey that lie within.

Umm ... sorry you're not supposed to sell your stuff here.

The man looked offended.

Why can't I sell here? This is an office. It's a place for business. I'm doing business, and you're doing business too. So why can't I sell here?!

*stunned for a moment*

Anyway, you're not supposed to sell things here ... please leave now.

The man went hysterical.

What is your problem?! Why are you so aggressive? WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A RUDE CUSTOMER?!!!

With that, he stormed out.

And so it came to pass that on this day, after all the years of reprimanding students without mercy, the mighty High Priestess finally found herself on the opposite end of a scolding, in her own office, by a spurned trespassing mobile charger cum torch salesman.

P.S. Sorry, just had to get this out of the system :? Alright back to work ...