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Those Imaginary Years

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Merchandising The Cure In Singapore THANK YOU Bob & Co for your wonderful, wonderful gig in Singapore last night. To say that you were AWESOME is an understatement.

THANK YOU for bringing us back to the years, when you led us away from the mainstream, when school was only half-day, when too many lazy days were spent listening to your songs (dubbed on super-duper high-quality chrome cassette tapes), when tragic hairdos was the order of the day (apparently it still is), when your songs reverbrated in our heads when we had our first crush …

THANK YOU for your brilliant, brilliant setlist. Incredibly you played almost all from my list, ignoring an entire generation of emo jam ‘n hop-going fans in the process! It was hard believing some were actually first heard more than two decades ago.

THANK YOU for bringing us tears of joy.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking us back, albeit just for three hours, to Those Imaginary Years.

Last Night’s Amazing Setlist

(thanks to the folks at thecure.com)

Main Set (Song/Album):

  1. Open / Wish
  2. Fascination Street / Disintegration
  3. A Strange Day / Pornography
  4. The Blood / The Head on the Door
  5. A Night Like This / The Head on the Door
  6. The Walk / Japanese Whispers
  7. The End of the World / The Cure
  8. Lovesong / Disintegration
  9. Push / The Head on the Door
  10. Pictures of You / Disintegration
  11. Lullaby / Disintegration
  12. Kyoto Song / The Head on the Door
  13. Hot Hot Hot!!! / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  14. alt.end / The Cure
  15. The Drowning Man / Faith
  16. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea / Wish
  17. In Between Days / The Head on the Door
  18. Friday I’m in Love / Wish
  19. Just Like Heaven / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  20. Primary / Faith
  21. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  22. The Kiss / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  23. Shake Dog Shake / The Top
  24. Never enough / Mixed Up
  25. Wrong Number / Galore
  26. One Hundred Years / Pornography
  27. Shiver and Shake / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
  28. End / Wish

Encore I

  1. Let’s Go To Bed / Japanese Whispers
  2. Close to Me / The Head on the Door
  3. Why Can’t I be You? / Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Encore II

  1. Three Imaginary Boys / Three Imaginary Boys
  2. Fire in Cairo / Three Imaginary Boys
  3. Boys Don’t Cry / Boys Don’t Cry
  4. Jumping Someone Else’s Train / Boys Don’t Cry
  5. Grinding Halt / Three Imaginary Boys
  6. 10.15 Saturday Night / Three Imaginary Boys
  7. Killing An Arab / Boys Don’t Cry

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  1. uncle sha's Avatar
    uncle sha commented in tuition class


    amazing you can recall their song list! *respect*

    yes brought back alot of memories

  2. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Encik, already stated the song list was taken from thecure.com.

    But album names were appended to the songs just to see how the spread is - notice only one album wasn't played that night.

    Did you read the review on the Straits Times yesterday? The reporter must've been a fan too!

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