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Jφss Sticks Featured on The Young Businessman

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The wispy smoke of Miss Loi’s sweetly-scented joss sticks must have found its way to The Young Businessman, did a little dance of seduction around his paralysed body, released its therapeutic effects upon his weakened senses, and ultimately performed a little Jedi mindtrick on his defenceless consciousness, imploring him to …

Tada! Miss Loi is pleased to announce that Jφss Sticks has just been featured on The Young Businessman’s Local Entrepreneurs Series!

Are you an Entrepreneur that blogs?

Strange choice of words in the write-up aside (i.e. what’s detailed jot???), Miss Loi has always been mightily impressed by the way this Sweet Young Thing promotes his blog and his upcoming ebook.

Instead of being like one of those morons who barge into everyone’s comment box, MyBlogLog account etc. to leave irritating spammy messages like “Hi you have a fantastic blog. Hope you can comment on my blog and join my community, fave me, whatever” (you get the idea), he started several initiatives like designing ads for unwitting entrepreneurs (and startling them), showcasing unwitting entrepreneurs in his blog (and startling them), and most notably starting the recent Ping.sg Ad Craze (and startling everyone there).

At the end of the day, everyone gets some form of exposure. Win-win. Which is brilliant. Beats whatever “Hope you can comment on my blog and join my community” crap hands-down.

So these are his words:

I hope everyone who is an entrepreneur and blogs, regardless what you blog, submit a brief description of you and your business in my comment box. I will personally review your blog and email you to ask 1 simple question. If you can provide me with the answer, you and your blog will be on the way to history to be showcased in the new ebook that I am going to create for specially these blogging entrepreneurs.

Let’s head over and lend some support shall we?


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  1. Cris's Avatar
    Cris commented in tuition class


    WOW. Ms Loi. Your England is so profound. Need to use thesarus to check ah! Haha! Thanks for spreading my mission!

  2. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Sorry the England here very the chim meh?

    Anyway 一山还比一山高, there will always be those (apparently) from the upper echelons of the linguistic order that will lament on Miss Loi's CMI England.

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