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From the moment she landed in Korea last week, Miss Loi got the feeling she was being watched.

Kim Hyun Joong at Myeong-Dong (Night)

Whether it was at trendy Myeong-dong in the day,

Kim Hyun Joong at Myeong-Dong (Day)

or at arty Insadong in the night,

Kim Hyun Joong at Insadong

Miss Loi couldn’t stop bumping into this guy, waving his little green leaf at her from every conceivable corner in Korea.

Ubiquitous Guy

Sneakily peeking at her from a distance away from the maddening crowd.

Kim Hyun Joong Above the Crowd

Sometimes, when Miss Loi was looking to the right, he surprised her by appearing on the left.

Kim Hyun Joong from the Left

Sometimes his twin brother was with him, waving their little green leaves in unison.

Twin Kim Hyun Joongs

He watched over her whenever and wherever she shopped.

Kim Hyun Joong in The Face Shop

Even when she was … umm … bra hunting.

Kim Hyun Joong Bra Hunting

Popping up in the most unlikely of places.

Kim Hyun Joong at Artbox

There was no escape.

Kim Hyun Joong at Namsan Tower

But when he turned up in Jeju Island to ruin her ‘arty-farty poser’ shot,

Kim Hyun Joong with Girl Over Flowers

… she decided that was it and yelled,

Enough! Leave me alone and let me have my holiday in peace!

When she turned around, she saw no one but instead heard a solo violin piece coming from the nearby woods.

Kim Hyun Joong somewhere in forest

Her curiosity piqued, she made her way slowly into the forest, passing underneath canopies of falling autumn leaves, drawn towards the beautiful yet sad tune.

Autumn Leaves

She soon reached a clearing, and in the middle of it stood the guy decked out in a dashing white suit, his smile all but vanished as he focussed intensely on his violin piece.

Kim Hyun Joong At Forest Clearing

And so Miss Loi stood there and watched and listened, mesmerized by the beautiful piece.

Yoon Ji Hoo playing violin

안녕하세요 (Annyeong Haseyo). I am sorry to have caused you alarm.

He said in his soft-spoken voice, upon spotting her.

Why are you following me everywhere?

Loi 교사 (Miss), I have read your blog and I know you are a very good mathematics teacher.

I saw from your blog that you are in Korea. I followed you a long time but I don’t have the courage to ask you because my English is no good and because I am shy.

But now a very, very, very dear friend of mine is having problems with her mathematics and I desperately want to help her.

However, I’m much better with my musical instruments like the violin, guitar and piano than my mathematics. So I hope you can help me improve my mathematics.

Suddenly, he gripped Miss Loi’s shoulders gently with his hands, and his words seemed to flow straight out from that pair of irresistible heart throb eyes …

Please! I need your help!

Help me improve my mathematics so that I can help her – because her boyfriend cannot be trusted with his mathematics!

Please! Loi 교사 Help me!

Please! I need your help! …






Eh Miss Loi, I need you help. How come I already cancel here cancel there and then cross multiply still cannot get the answer?

She jolted and suddenly found herself in the familiar surroundings of The Temple.

Eh Miss Loi, why are you smiling just now? Thinking of your boyfriend is it? Or I too handsome until you cannot concentrate? Hehehe.

Aiyo!!! Told you so many times already and you still make the same silly mistakes! And can you stop asking me stupid questions about my smile?!! If you carry on like this you’re gonna get a F4 F9! … … *BISH*




Now that Miss Loi is back from Korea and has cleaned out the last remnants of her Korean daydreams off her head, her 2010 December Holiday ‘O’ Level Mathematics Jφss Sticks Sessions are underway with her Great Hall of Salvation open flexibly for

2 × 2-hour slots daily during 1-31 December 2010

− exact timings to be firmed up on a slot-by-slot basis, since no two students (and their holiday schedules) are ever the same!

These sessions are catered to all who wish to use the holidays to:

  • go through the basics, strengthen your foundation, and catch up on concepts that have been neglected during the semesters.
  • gain a ‘headstart’ to prepare & gain the confidence to learn at a comfortable pace in your new school term next year, when teachers may cover topics at breakneck speeds (esp. for O-Level students)
  • experience life-changing moments of being able to solve math problems on your own, those that you’ve never ever thought you could.
  • break out from your vicious cycle of poor math grades and, hopefully, kindle your romance with the subject.
  • *DIE DIE ensure that you pass that re-test to avoid being retained or be forced to drop the subject 🙁 (subject to individual cases & available time)
  • be warmly welcomed to the post-model drawing world of Secondary School Mathematics (for new Sec One students)
  • ask Miss Loi stupid questions about her smile, boyfriend(s) etc.

Contact Miss Loi today for more information on her fabled joss sticks sessions before they get fill up again when school reopens!

IMPORTANT: Before you call, please note that Miss Loi does NOT offer any single-session trial lesson, and she is not accepting any more students for private home tuition.

P.S. Check out the rest of The Temple’s December holiday schedules!

Eh Miss Loi, so were you thinking about your boyfriend just now?



Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. John's Avatar
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    Omg like a bit bhb sia! Like do you think you are really god of mathematics? say until the Korean star like you so much. Grossed.

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    HAHA eh miss loi really is the Goddess of Mathematics what.. 🙂
    haha anyway mizloiboitoy, i nich your kelp. can hepchme promote my blogshop? 😀
    gum xiaaaa. <3

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