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Turbulent Times At The Temple

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First tidings from our brave frontline troops just came in! Follow the news CNN-style at the Gratitudes Page!

These are turbulent times.

The Dark Lord Preliminario

The Dark Lord Preliminario
All that stands between you and three months’ worth of
ogling at happening guys and hawt girls

Time for “temporary” break-ups to “focus on studies” (yeah right). Time for quiet Maple Story servers (oh really?). And time for McDonald’s to be packed with boisterous students pretending to study, much to the annoyance of insurance/MLM agents doing their sales at the next table.

All these in the name of gaining provisional acceptance into the next institution of your choice, where the uniform (or lack of) suits your style, and where the girls are rumoured to be hawt and the guys happening, albeit for just three months.

These are turbulent times at The Temple.

Where some of Miss Loi’s charges have already launched their first assault on the Dark Lord Preliminario. Where in the past weeks, the High Priestess has been frantically coordinating waves of attacks, furiously replenishing joss sticks to the frontline, and desperately rushing to attend to the wounded.

At the same time, ever mindful of the parallel push by foreign legions of mercenary cyborgs on the flanks.

And all this while, she prays silently in her heart, hoping against hope that in these turbulent times her students will, in her absence,

  • practise and re-do the questions that she has emphasized at least FIVE TIMES or whatever it takes to get into their heads.
  • actually DO the questions and not simply read through the answers.
  • go through all the corrections that she has highlighted.
  • *resist their youthful urge to attempt new questions only to get themselves confused as a result.

These are turbulent times indeed.

*Unless you’re really smart and have finished and understood fully all your existing homework!


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  1. eastcoastlife's Avatar
    eastcoastlife commented in tuition class

  2. Miss Loi's Avatar
    Miss Loi Friend Miss Loi on Facebook @MissLoi commented in tuition class


    Harken my weary students!

    Can you hear the thundering voice from the Great Lady of the East (aka 东方不败) echoing through the plains in support of our Cause?

    Rouse your spirits! Sharpen thy weapons! Stay focused!

    Victory is nigh!

  3. NAFA's Avatar
    NAFA commented in tuition class


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    Thank you, miss loi
    Best Regards,

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