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Miss Loi’s Most Flattering Teachers’ Day Gift

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转眼间, another Teachers’ Day is upon The Temple.

Teacher's Day 2011

And once more, all non-hated ‘chers and educators across the land will, in all likelihood, get to enjoy a feast of gifts from their adoring students.

Teachers' Day Cupcakes! Teachers' Day Mooncakes!

They melt in your ♥♥♥ heart ♥♥♥, not in your mouth

Along with a feast of beautiful words that will melt the sternest of teachers’ hearts and, in some ways, make those little nondescript sacrifices (like waking up in the car on a public holiday morning) well worth it.

I'll Be Patient :) A Frame of Wishes Thanks and yes, you shall finish your homework =) Teachers' Day 2011 Wishes

As always, however, Miss Loi & The Order of The Temple would like to stress that the best Teachers’ Day gift of all shall always be to do your very, very best to grab the best-est results you deserve in your final exams.

Teachers' Day Confession

Confessing your sins is a good start … 😛

But having said that, Miss Loi has just received the most flattering Teachers’ Day gift ever.

As the old saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery” goes, Miss Loi is extremely proud to acknowledge, on this Teachers’ Day eve, a gift in recognition of the coming of age of The Temple.

Having …

nestled itself somewhere amongst the lush fertile plains of Novena in Central Singapore, a pebble’s throw from the MRT, in a secret location known only to those of the purest hearts“, and “offered the ways of the enlightened to the determined masses and help the willing attain Mathematical Nirvana

… for a couple of years now (read it here), it has apparently inspired another Temple (in classic PSLE cloze passage fill-in-the-blanks manner) to

nestle somewhere amongst the bustling crowd of Somerset in Downtown Singapore, a stone’s throw from Somerset MRT, in a secret location known only to those of the well-informed … to show the lost but willing ones the path to Chemistry enlightenment“.

The Temple's Twin in Somerset

The Temple has found its long-lost twin!

Thus on an emotional Teachers’ Day eve, The Temple has found its long-lost twin just mere kilometres away amongst the bustling crowd of Somerset. Near to Miss Loi’s regular foot reflexology shop at Somerset 313 some more! Oh don’t you feel happy for us on such a joyous occasion?!

Teachers Day Gifts Photoshoot
Happy Teachers’ Day Everyone!

Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. Mediksafe's Avatar
    Mediksafe commented in tuition class


    Good Day to You, "Sifu" !

    Happy Teacher's Day to You! I am very sure that you do receive many more flattering Teacher's Day Gifts!
    The most satisfying Gift(s) for Teachers are to see the Students do well & EXCEL in their Academic pursuits!

    Enjoy the time when the students have a day to Glorify their beloved Teacher like 'Sifu' .

    Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

    "Tau-tieh' Father, Michael

    p/s: Have you paid your tax for the mooncakes??? Haha!

  2. John's Avatar
    John commented in tuition class


    This post inspires a lot of teachers and students as well because of the great works done in school. It said that teacher is a great profession and their works touches every lives that's why we have to offer them the most flatering Teacher's gift just to make them smile.
    From John's blog: Preview “Underworld Awakening”My Profile

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