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Miss Loi Is NOT A Million-Dollar Tutor!

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Amid the ubiquitous images of F1 cars zipping through the pages of today’s Sunday Times, you’ll find a million-dollar link on the front page

Sunday Times, 26 September 2010

It’ F1 weekend … VROOM VROOOM!

to a million-dollar article on page 12,

Sunday Times Million-Dollar Tutors Article

about million-dollar tutors and their supposed million-dollar salaries,

The Bionic Million-Dollar Tutors

The Knights of the Million Dollar Round Table

where, according to the solitary source, there are whisperings of a secretive Million Dollar Round Table of Tutors, like the legendary King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.

The Knights of the Million Dollar Round Table

The Bionic Million-Dollar Tutors – they tend to last longer with Duracells.
Mic sold separately for sessions of >70 students.

Reading through the article, however, the math doesn’t seem to add up, as none of the figures put forth (from those of that champion economics tutor mass lecturer to the relatively tiny classes of yours truly) are anywhere near that magic number.

'Million-dollar Tutor' Celine Loi

Finally it’s the turn of the humble thousannaire tutor to speak

In any case, with the ‘O’ Levels looming in a month’s time, Miss Loi had better focus on her teaching her flock of 160 students who sometimes like to ‘fly Miss Loi’s aeroplane’ rather than ponder about monetary fantasies, and be contented with her life as a thousannaire just like all everyone else.

*wipes sweat from forehead*

But in any case, a warm welcome from Jφss Sticks to all Sunday Times readers , but too bad there’s no sexy maths tutor photo of her this time!


*clears throat*


Now that I’ve seen them,

👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿


*tidies hair*


Revision Exercise

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  1. mathslover's Avatar
    mathslover commented in tuition class


    The suspiciously white rectangular bit in this picture hides the words "(77)".


  2. Gina's Avatar
    Gina commented in tuition class


    Hi there Ms Loi,
    Just a qn ... 90 for E.M and 85 for A.M is an a1 ?
    That's super high.

    How can i improve my grade for A.M ?

  3. Gina's Avatar
    Gina commented in tuition class


    I do practice enough, but careless mistakes are taking away the marks i deserved. Eg: substituting the value of x in f(x), polynomial, partial fraction ...

    Would it be better if i copy the question again on the paper, before trying to sub in values ?

    • 2010

      @Gina: FYI, copying the question again not only takes up precious time, but the vicious cycle of careless mistakes can manifest further should you copy the question wrongly *bleah*, especially when you're nervous.

      Would reading through the question at least twice and underlining the key words/expressions and critical steps in your question/workings be better for you?

      Is your source of careless mistakes limited to just substituting the wrong values (as you've identified), or do they occur randomly in other areas?

      In maths, careless mistakes are often made when students jump in without reading the question fully. Even pressing the wrong buttons on the calculators contribute to a major chunk of careless mistakes these days.

      Often, a lot of this has to do with anxiety, which can be reduced (if not eliminated) through practicing to a point where you're confident of your approach and as a result be able to pace yourself comfortably throughout the paper - allocating enough time to read the questions properly and a little more extra time to go slightly slower on those careless mistake-prone areas that you've identified, and finally leave enough time for that all-important final check-through.

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