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The GCE O Level Judgment Day 2013 Party Happening On Thursday!

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Every December, a great dance party is held at a beach in Sentosa.

Where, over two nights, a host of international DJs spin wicked mixes of anthemic trance tracks to masses of scantily-clad revelers indulging in a hedonistic celebration of ecstasy (some of which may be … umm … questionable).

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Of course, with a minimum entry age of 18, this party is out of bounds to all but the oldest of O Level students – most of whom will instead be heading to another more happening party held barely a month later each year … where most of them will end up jumping up and down continuously like siao cha bors in massive displays of unbridled and unquestionable ecstasy.

GCE O Level Results Judgment Day 2013

The Party of A Lifetime

As announced by the organizer S.E.A.B. Productions, Judgment Day 2013 for GCE O Level 2012 students will happen on Thursday 10 January, 2pm.

And as always, Miss Loi’s Temple shall look forward to your gigantic leap of joy in an afternoon of pure ecstasy.

Meanwhile, here’s a list of pre-party open houses (note the changes in timings for HCI/NJC/TJC in the comments) to keep you occupied before the main event. And should you feel like it, do leave a soothing message of encouragement at the Judgment Day Event page.

Till Thursday, Good Luck!!! 幸運を祈る!!!


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  1. yoga sweenie's Avatar
    yoga sweenie commented in tuition class


    hai miss...im duin my o-level now..my exam is around the corner..
    im not so good in add maths...
    miss can help me 2 give some work solutions for past papers fr add math 4037 arr???
    and cn miss gv some tips of the exam uh??
    i reli2 nid ur help ryte nw..

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