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Catching Up With Old Friends For 2012

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*The sound of running water dwindles to a halt*

*Pulls towel from bar to dry dripping wet body*

*Emerges slowly from the mist-filled bathroom – Lux Girl style*

*Sits at dressing table and blows hair dry*

*Religiously apply facial cream to prevent premature aging from last week’s O Level Maths papers* (as gravely warned by her facial aunty)

*Picks next phone number from the list*

*Slides to unlock*

*Presses Touches numbers on iPhone touchscreen*

*ring ring*


Hi, this is Miss Loi …


I’ve been waiting a looooong time for your call! You know har … my this son har … I dunno what to do with his maths anymore!

AIYOOOOOOH … headache arhhhh!!! …

To those on the Wait List aka 名册

The 2012 Temple Wait List

The 2012 Temple Wait List aka 名册

Miss Loi is currently in the middle of her annual phone call marathon to get in touch with all on her wait list and lending her ear to the nth+1 tragic 凄凉 academic tale.

As things stand, Miss Loi is almost done calling everyone on her wait list (*except for parents of 2012 Sec One students – see below).

If you have contacted Miss Loi earlier (via SMS, missed call, email etc.) but have only experienced a long eerie silence till then, Miss Loi is terribly sorry about this and would gently request that you call her again asap (Tel: 9380 5290) (sorry there are many on the list plus lotsa missed calls on both ends).

*Note: All parents of post-PSLE students will be contacted after the release of the PSLE results on 24 November 2011. *teng teng teng teng*

Meanwhile, GOOD LUCK to all A-Level students in your remaining papers – Freedom Is Near FREEDOM IS HERE!!!


Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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  1. Alibek Djumankulov's Avatar
    Alibek Djumankulov commented in tuition class


    My name is Alibek, and I'm writing to inquire about your online tutoring programs for elementary school children.
    We are particularly interested in your unique approach to teaching math, and with both a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old, we believe your programs could be a great fit for our children.
    Specific inquiries:
    • Do you offer online tutoring services for elementary school students? If so, could you please provide more information about the format, such as individual or group sessions, duration, and technology used?
    • What specific programs or courses do you have available for beginners in each age group (6 and 10 years old)? Can you give examples of the topics covered and the teaching methods used?
    • Do you offer any short-term summer or winter programs for online students? This could be particularly appealing as we are not based in Singapore.
    • What is your fee structure for online tutoring and any existing programs?
    We are impressed Joss Sticks reputation and Miss Loi's approach to making math engaging and accessible.
    We would appreciate any additional information you can provide about your online offerings for kids like ours.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    +82 2 2131 5267
    +82 10 3051 2925

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