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Scandalous Gossips On The Sides

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For a long time, Miss Loi has been intrigued by these little boxes popping up (usually) on the sides of blogs everywhere.

Twitter Boxes

Guess whose blogs are these taken from?

She often wondered why would people want to waste time writing tiny entries announcing to the world all the microscopic events of one’s insignificant life, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour.

And then suddenly it all dawned on her, after five straight days without a new entry in this blog, that she had so much to say but so little time to transform her spur-of-the-moment thoughts into epic thought-provoking posts here. As a sophisticated modern career woman who is always on the move, Miss Loi realized that this thing could actually allow Miss Loi to release all her pent-up thoughts, by letting her write tiny entries announcing to the world all the microscopic events of her insignificant life, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour! Amazing isn’t it!

With that, she immediately ordered demanded requested her Trusty Webmaster to create another of those little boxes on the right side of this blog and viola, the Gossip Corner is born!

Gossip Corner

Find this on the right side of this blog

Yes yes, she’s oh-so-late in jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon, but if you do find her tweets interesting, why not add her as your Twitter friend?

Now … shall she tweet about her naughty student who always never do homework? Or her student’s perverted ex-tutor *gasp*? Or that @#$% taxi driver? Or …


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