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2011 GCE O-Level Results – Supernatural

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When Miss Loi made the decision to build The Temple in 2007, pay was not a key factor.

A Darth Vader-ish voice in her head, and an overwhelming desire to rid as many students as possible of the LMBFH Syndrome were.

The prices of Ikea furniture at the time was also an important consideration.

A Gathering of Billy, Chris, Franklin, Antonius and Kludd

Oh how nostalgic.

Challenging some of the assignments might be, she had some ground to believe that she would not suffer a drastic increase in white hair in the process, even though she had to up the frequency of her visits to the salon to “fix things”.

White Hair

Limp, dull and lifeless and in dire need of treatment to restore its natural shine

But come the beginning of each year, all those white hair efforts would bring her immense satisfaction when she witnesses yet another batch of Temple devotees complete their cycle of Mathematical Reincarnation.

So it is with these 2011 GCE ‘O’ Level results, where 100% of this assorted batch of young men and women, flying the United Colors of The Temple, many of whom were ‘victims’ of the unfortunate ‘Sorry, your child is not bright enough’ grades-cleansing campaign, defied the odds to pass and attain significant improvement in their grades.

Of her Double Maths students, whom more than half first arrived at The Temple on the brink (i.e. ≤ C6),

  • an amazing 90.9% of them made the jump to at least a B3 for BOTH E-Maths & A-MATHS,
  • with 42.85% scoring and 自摸-ing a Full House 满胡 對對胡 double-A1 for BOTH E-Maths & A-Maths.
  • In addition, 81% attained at least a 4-grade jump, with 88.1% attaining at least a 3-grade jump.
2011 GCE O Level Double Maths Results

GCE O-Level 2011 Double Maths Grades

Of her supposedly “weaker” Single Math students, who … umm … true to form, belonged to a 百分百 100% 清一色 batch of D7/E8/F9-ers who arrived cold and depressed at The Temple Gates, who were a major source of Miss Loi’s frequent visits to the hair salon, some of whom even made Miss Loi wake up in cold sweat in the middle of the night screaming “No! He might repeat! She might not make it!!!” ….

  • 100% attained at least a 4-grade jump to banish their cursed F9s forever to nothing but a distant memory – which could be used to motivate their future grandchildren in the manner of “I used to score F9s just like you, then I went to a Temple and took an arrow in the knee.” … something like that.
  • 75% have made the leap to at least a B3.
2011 GCE O Level Single Math Results

GCE O-Level 2011 Single Maths Grades

So it is with these ‘O’ Level exams, where supernatural efforts tend to reward you with supernatural results. But as Miss Loi bid a final goodbye to yet another batch of supernatural students, she is mindful that for some, however, all that sweat and tears may have sadly not yielded the desired outcome your supernatural efforts deserved.

Judging from the numerous mentions of “Bedok Reservoir” surfacing every now and then on Facebook, Twitter etc. over the course of the week, she’s a little disturbed that should the balance be tilted further in the future … CHOY CHOY CHOY!

As such, Miss Loi shall leave you with this very, very self-explanatory picture

The Singapore Education System

Place your bets on the winner here!

… along with a very aptly-written by this reader (borrow your quote hor, mathslover 😀 )

… everyone has different talents but sadly some are made to waste time on an exam that is either impossible for them, or so hard that their time can be better spent bettering the future of society doing other things besides studying for it.

Really, instead of making that seal go through tuition to learn how to climb trees, then practise climbing the actual trees used for exams in the last 10 years, why not just release the seal to do what it can do best?

That’s why one exam simply does not determine your entire future and what you do in your lifetime, and that the next step you take is always more important than the previous step you left behind.

Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a gift. That’s why we call it – the Present.
Seize the Day!

Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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    Pam commented in tuition class


    You are so right with your thoughts on exams. As you note there, "One exam simply does not determine your entire future and what you do in your lifetime, and that the next step you take is always more important than the previous step you left behind." I failed my Calculus for so many times that I almost gave up but I fueled myself with motivation with hope that I can pass it one day. I did and now Im in the best stage of my life.

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