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Building the Temple II – Taming Billy, Franklin & Kludd (Grrr)

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Though not exactly like Miss Loi’s Day of Labour, it has nonetheless been a weekend of labour of another sort. Now that the Mids are over, Miss Loi finally had some time to atone for her sin of neglecting the site of her Temple.

The Guts of Billy & Kludd

Gruesome sight of Billy & Kludd
with their innards exposed

Belonging more to the school of teaching rather than building things, Miss Loi had spent much of last week trying to impress upon many the vast amount of positive karma available to those brave enough to undertake the not-so-trivial task of taming her eccentric friends. Fortunately for her, she managed to charm convince four brave warriors to join the party for this quest and hence the Fellowship of the Temple was born.

For the most part, Billy and Franklin were manageable for these seasoned warriors. But Kludd went absolutely bezerk the moment he was released from his ‘cage’ – much like one of those monstrous characters in the movie 300.

Taming Kludd

Takes three to subdue Kludd.
Blessed be their souls.

Due to the weird terrain, holes were dug and re-dug. Positions were set, fortified and moved again. The deadly thumps of warhammers and the grind of war machines echoed everywhere. Upon every wave of attack, Kludd threatened to smash the heads of her brave warriors with his sheer weight and strength.

All these while, Miss Loi watched this titantic battle from afar – constantly supporting the warriors with a potent dose of what our NS boys termed “eye power”. And with the occasional “Anyone needs me to get you some drinks?”.


Wars were lost because of this!

Just when victory was nigh, just when Kludd was down to 1/6 of his hit points, disaster struck!

The screws just won’t fit the holes from the last piece of Kludd! What’s wrong with the quality from Ikea these days?! Just because of this last piece, she now has an unfinished Kludd on the wall!

The Missing Piece of Kludd



Revision Exercise

To show that you have understood what Miss Loi just taught you from the centre, you must:

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