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Category Archives: H1/H2 (A Level) Maths Tutor

Musings on GCE A Level H1 H2 IB maths tuition and tutoring matters.


A-Level H1 / H2 Maths Salvation Has Come To The Temple!

Tuition given in the topic of H1/H2 (A Level) Maths Tutor from the desk of The Higher Council at 10:20 am (Singapore time)
A-Level H1 / H2 Maths Salvation Has Come To The Temple!

Hello everyone. This is Mr Loi and I’m a full-time tutor with more than 13 years of experience, specializing in A-Level H1 & H2 Mathematics. I’ve been roped in recently to help out at Miss Loi’s Temple, and given that my sister is currently busy with calling up everyone on her waiting list, I’ve been asked to write something on this blog in her absence.

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