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A Mid-Autumn Gathering

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 8:44 pm (Singapore time)

UPDATE: A heartfelt Arigato Gozaimasu to all of you for all your lovely Teachers Day presents! Now let's all work towards the ULTIMATE gift to both you and Miss Loi which is that grin on your faces when you receive your end-of-year / O Level results! #Believe

Teachers Day Presents
04 Mid-Autumn Festival

Feeling bored on a long weekend, 小强 found himself loitering around the neighbourhood night bazaar.

This being the month of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a feast of festive goodies greeted his eyes as he wandered from stall to stall, checking out the ubiquitous mooncakes.

Soon he arrived at the central point of the bazaar, the traditional Lantern Riddle Guessing 猜灯谜 zone, where rows upon rows of lanterns were strung up high in the air, each with a strip of paper containing a brain twister trying its best to confound the crowd gathered below.

Riddle Me This

It was also here that he met his schoolmate 小明.

Hey 小明! So free to come and view lanterns tonight?

You don't say! You too!

Eh ... what is your answer for this one? *points upwards*

A car is going from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur at a speed of 110 km/h. Another car is traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore at a speed of 100 km/h.

 Assuming they both depart at the same time, which one will be closer to Kuala Lumpur when the cars meet?

Immediately, 小强 exclaimed,

HAHAHA! It's so obvious the answer is [+] (click to find out)

they will be the same distance away when they meet!

Don't tell me you got it wrong??!

There was a brief silence from 小明, before he (embarrassedly) pointed to the next lantern.

What about this one?

Make a true equation using all and only the numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the symbols + and = , with each number and symbol used exactly once.

Once again, 小强 cried out,

WAHAHAHA! The answer is [+] (click to find out)

32 = 4 + 5

Don't tell me you don't know again??!

After another brief period of silence, 小明 retorted angrily,


At this very moment, a sudden gust of wind howled through the courtyard, swaying the lanterns and sending an unearthly chill down the spine of everyone present.

When the lanterns settled, they were surprised to discover that the riddles on each strip of paper had been replaced by something distinctly un-riddlelike in nature.

Given cos 30° = 0.866, find cos 150°.

Ha! This should be super easy for you 小强?

Errr ... sorry this is AMath. Unlike you, I only take EMath.

But 小强, EMath students should know that [+] (click to find out)

cos (180° − x) = − cos x
Hence cos 150° = cos (180° − 30°) = −cos 30° = −0.866

*silence from 小强*

Given sin 30° = ½, find cos 60°.

小强 was protesting now.

Hello?! Why they keep putting up questions that require AMath trigonometric equations???

Errr ... 小强 ... [+] (click to find out)

you never learn TOA CAH SOH before?

Simple TOA CAH SOH solution

Am I right, 小强? 小强???

By that time, 小强 was already somewhere else making a frantic phone call to ...

Hello, is this Miss Loi?

I heard there's gonna be some intensive tuition classes held at your Temple during this September holiday?

Miss Loi Are you referring to our Mid-Autumn Gathering - the one with the swaying lanterns?

2014 September Holiday Intensive Tuition revision classes

Yes! Can I join? Can I join???

I've always thought I'm smart but I think I've been too complacent. And now with the final exams coming, I suddenly find myself forgetting the most BASIC of things! Worse of all I just got embarrassed in trigonometry by my friend 小明!

Miss Loi Of course you can, provided you can solve this riddle ;)

Sometimes it seems like I'm born to nag
As I keep breathing down your neck

Sometimes you'll find me a real pain
But that's just part of my middle name

Sometimes I feel like "I'm playing piano to a cow"
On occasions when you do not listen
But I'll still continue somehow
In the hope that someday I'll make a difference

Your accomplishments shall always be a part of me
And so are your deepest despairs
Sometimes more so than you might care

So if you could "see" this lantern I'm holding to light up your way
What should you say on this very day?

After a brief period of silence, 小强 exclaimed,

Oh! I know I know! The answer is [+] (click to find out)

Happy Teachers Day!


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Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 8:38 pm (Singapore time)

By some innate instinct, it led her from the lift to the roof of her block, where she stood face to face with an angsty student who had failed his mid-year exams.

And that was all it could remember.

The New Temple Gates

A week later in early June, it flitted through the mythical Temple Gates, across the faces of those passing through on their way to tuition.

The Tuition Centre at Weekends

Some of whom showed great determination.

Some of whom looked tired from a long journey (from as far away as JB).

Some of whom carried the confidence of a an entire cohort who had just failed their mids.

Some of whom looked severely weak and malnourished in terms of their subject foundation.

Some of whom had a look of hatred, as if some Chemist or Physicist or Mathematician (*gulp*) had just murdered a member of his family, especially those who were still seething from mid-year exam papers which contained topics that were not yet taught nor revised in school.

And that was all it could remember.

The following weeks passed in several flashes as it flitted from room to room, class to class.

Sweeping vista of the new Tuition Centre

It was ... umm ... intense. And there was (literally) pressure on certain days. Heh.

Intensive Tuition Notes June Intensive Tuition Attendance The Physics Topic of Pressure

There were the notes. There were the school papers. There were the intensive worksheets.

Intensive Tuition Notes

Some days were birthdays.

Celebrating Birthday at the Tuition Centre

For the rest of each day though, there was plenty of knowledge sharing. There was plenty of practice. And there was plenty of painstaking explanation/clarification/review/interaction that went on even after official hours to ensure that no one was left behind.

Intensive Tuition Worksheets

And should energy levels gave the slightest hint of dropping (no thanks to the World Cup), there was always the sweet aroma of 炖鸡汤 aka herbal chicken soup and other foodie goodies to perk spirits up.


Bruschetta Heaty Menu of the Day Custom Haiwaiian Pizza Enlightening Menu of the Day Baos!

And those were all it could remember.

And then came July, when it was on hand to witness the ...

... connections that had been made.

Too Good, Too Fun at the tuition centre

... friendships that had been made.

Tuition Utopia?

... Mathematical and Scientific love affairs that had been rekindled and confidence (some of which were deflated since PSLE) that have, in some ways, been restored.

Friends were made at the tuition centre

Most importantly, there was enlightenment, and that the "graffiti" from many vandalised mid-year report books had mostly been scrubbed clean.

Effective Chemistry tuition Long, long tuition testimonial No weakness in these intensive tuition sessions Best tuition teacher Enjoyed the tuition lessons Doubts cleared in this tuition Will recommend this tuition to others Super Good Tuition Notes! Super Good Food During Tuition Breaks!

And what it remembered the most this time were the joy of those who understood and passed for the first time ... and the smiles that were eventually lit from the vast, vast amount of heartware and 心思 that went into this June Holiday Intensive joss sticks sessons.

And so, as the resident moth at The Temple approaches the end of the latest cycle of its short life (an adult moth typically lives for only a few weeks), the flashbacks of its brief past give way to premonitions of what is to come ... just like how it saw Andy's dad winning bet coming

It sees a short Semester II. It sees end-of-year exams on the horizon. It sees endless upon endless prelims and mock exams for those taking O Levels.

It sees CCA performances and competition occupying students' times right up till the very end.

It sees the weary and the weak-minded succumb to earthly temptations during the September break.

It sees glimpses of school teachers struggle to finish the topics in time. It sees frantic glimpses of topics rushed and covered in a short time.

It sees countless compulsory night study sessions in schools.

It sees many suffer short-term memory loss, suddenly forgetting how to answer questions that they previously breezed through.

It sees utter chaos and a BIG MAD RUSH for many at the end.

And then, it sees horrid visions of culling, of those being forced to dropped their subjects when they failed to make the grade.

Apocalyptic Vision of Academic Hell

With that, the moth settles on a remote corner of The Temple, closes its wings and prepares for its inevitable reincarnation - its final, fading vision being that of lines upon lines of those facing up to their past academic deeds on Judgment Day ...

... and with its final breath, wishes that more will help banish these dark visions from its next life by conquering the most common ills in Semester II (as of 2014) through:

  • being well in the process of attaining consistency in your work i.e. no more excuses like these and these
  • being well in the process of clearing all your work/doubts/weaknesses in advance i.e. NOW
  • being aware that end-of-year exams are tested on EVERYTHING you've learnt so far i.e. SA1/Sec 1/2/3 topics

... in addition to what has always been said before.

And for those who need some extra help in your Maths and Science, The Temple has just opened up a few more chambers in anticipation of the annual rush of Semester II Last-Minute Buddha Foot Huggers :D

The new tuition centre annex

Follow our Semester II schedules for details and updates ;)


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An Act Of Vandalism

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 10:02 pm (Singapore time)

At the ground floor of a housing estate block on a warm May night, she waited impatiently for the lift to arrive.

Humidity hung heavy in the air, creating a sombre mood that reminded her of students receiving their mid-year exam results during this period.

Just when she felt that her makeup was about to melt, the lift door opened. She gleefully stepped inside, only to sense that she was not alone.

Tropical Swallowtail Moth
Eeks! [source]

Looking up, she was stunned to see a gigantic moth staring back at her from the roof of the lift cabin.

At this moment, the door suddenly slammed shut and the lift ascended rapidly to gain an equivalent of 23 storeys worth of gravitational potential energy (her mass being totally negligible) to arrive at the top floor of her flat.

When the door opened again, a strange instinct beckoned her to follow the flitting moth out of the lift, towards the rooftop access trapdoor, which she was surprised to find unlocked.

Grateful that she could still somehow manage to squeeze through the gap at her age, she stood atop the dimly-lit roof area ... to be confronted by the shocking sight of unspeakable graffiti sprayed all across the surrounding walls.

Nervous Miss Loi Hey! Stop! What do you think you are doing?!

Her yell startled the hooded figure who was about to put the finishing touches to his latest "artwork" at the opposite end of the roof area.

Nervous Miss Loi You may be upset at something. But this is most definitely NOT the way to vent your frustration! Do you know the police will catch you faster than they can catch loan sharks these days, especially when it involves HDB rooftops?

For what felt like a long time, her words seemed to carry the persuasive weight of an electron as they faced each other tensely in the semi-darkness, with the hood keeping the culprit's identity firmly under wraps.

Hooded Youth I failed my mid-year exams.

Finally, the hood was pulled back to reveal a youthful face, with eyes glinting with immense sadness under the random lights from adjacent flats.

Hooded Youth I failed my exams. They said I was lazy. They said I was playful. They said I didn't study hard enough.

His voice began to tremble.

Hooded Youth (in tears) But they did not say why my teachers didn't revise certain topics that came out in the exam.
They did not say why my teachers never finish teaching certain topics that came out in FULL in the exam.
They did not say why some of their notes were incomplete or missing.
They did not say why they gave me the (wrong) impression that only this year's work would be tested.
They never taught me the techniques required to answer those structured questions in the exams.
They only knew how to minus our marks.

His finger tightened on the nozzle of his spray can.

Hooded Youth (in tears) They expect us to self-learn everything.
They think we are SUPERHUMANS!

Visibly agitated, he raised and waved his can high in the air.

Hooded Youth (angry) And now that I've failed my exams. My teachers are asking me to drop certain subjects.

Yesterday my Chemistry teacher even told me sarcastically "you ain't becoming a doctor, so might as well give it up!"

They only know how to blame me when I fail. I can't stand this anymore!


Inevitably, like a scene straight out of a Hong Kong Police Negotiator drama, she interjected just as he was about to press the nozzle to release a lethal spray of red mist on the poor wall.

Nervous Miss Loi 请你千万不要冲动! Please calm down! 凡事都可以商量!

Think about your loved ones before you do anything rash! How would they feel if they see your full name and handsome face plastered across all newspapers, even though you may be underaged?!

I understand your frustration. But please, please know that you are not alone ...

2014 June Holiday Intensive Sessions

2014 June Holiday intensive tuition revision classes

Each year in June, fellow students from all over Singapore, many whom are in a similar situation as yours, gather at my Temple for a month of June Holiday intensive small group sessions for Science and Mathematics.

In these intensive revision sessions, they'll channel all energy towards mastering their foundation and concepts so as to adequately prepare themselves for the second-half (for some, the penultimate leg) of the academic year, as well as banish the shadows of their mid-year exam grief and correct the sort of injustice you've felt.

The schedule, if you are interested, is here.

Upon her pleading, the spray can was lowered, and his voice softened.

Hooded Youth Will you really help me?

Will you teach me the topics my teachers didn't cover in time?
Will you give me complete notes?
Will you teach me the techniques to answer those twisty structured questions which I always don't understand?

Will you ask me to drop the subject at the end of the lesson?

Miss Loi with melting makeup Don't be silly! Of course we'll help you! Join us and we'll always be there whenever you need someone to talk to.

Now, Dear, would you please give me your spray can? The wall is innocent. My block is innocent!

As he slowly stepped away from the wall to pass her the spray can, there was one more thing on his troubled mind.

Hooded Youth But as you can see, much damage has already been done. These walls, like my report book, are filled with my red "artwork". Is it too late for me? Will the police catch me and shame me in the newspapers?

Miss Loi with melting makeup Not to worry. I'll make sure I clean up your report book and ensure it'll be free from such vandalism in the future ;)

As for these walls ...

*Picks up mobile phone and calls Mr Esa*

Note: While this story is obviously fictitious, the experiences of the youth vandal were collated from actual students.


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BREAKING NEWS: Mark These June Holiday Dates For Your 100% Guaranteed O Level 2014 Success!

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 9:13 pm (Singapore time)
April Fools 2014 Punked!

Hey hey hey ... to all who have called to enquire about the June Holiday sessions with the 2014 O Level papers, please take a look at the date of this post.

Meanwhile do have a look at The Temple's upcoming REAL June Holiday intensive sessions which, Miss Loi promises, will 百分百100% be happening! ;)

Admittedly, Miss Loi hasn't been blogging much.

Rest assured though, that despite her rather low-profile presence online these few months, she's still working real hard behind the scenes to offer salvation to all O Level students in need (as has been the case for over 20 years) *wipes sweat off forehead*

And as a vindication of her efforts, she now has this in her possession:


Yes it is what you think it is. In the name of those who had sacrificed their livelihoods, these are the EXACT question papers that will appear in the upcoming O Levels this year.

While she can't reveal the details of the deeply shady Wikileak-ish operation that landed the O Level 2014 maths and science question papers in her hands, she can announce the following June Holiday joss sticks sessions:

Click to enlarge

So visit The Temple this June, and get to practice these actual O Level 2014 question papers, go through your answers, and claim your confirm chop stamped A1 come next January!

P.S. With these being the most momentous joss sticks sessions ever to be conducted, Miss Loi truly, truly, truly expects seats to run out by the end of today - so you better contact her really fast before her entire Temple gets filled to the brim for this! See full schedule.


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Of The 2013 GCE O Level Results Aftermath - GVGT

Tuition given in the topic of Miss Loi the Tutor from the tuition centre desk of Miss Loi at 12:38 am (Singapore time)

Amidst deluge of calls and scheduling that typically follows a new semester, some students have been asking Miss Loi ""Hey how come this year got no O Level results video like this one to 'motivate' us?!".

So in order to give everyone some kind of 交代, here's a quick attempt of a video dedicated to The Temple's GCE O Level 2013 batch of students ...