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The Feeling Of Tear Gas In My Eyes

Posted at 12:26 am by Miss Loi in Study Break

Seoul is a city of contrasts.

On one hand, you get kawaii teeny girls like Miss Loi shopping away in Myeong-dong with their favourite K-pop songs blasting away in the background, seemingly oblivious to events that had happened elsewhere.

Post-shelling Myeongdong
Peacetime shopping

On the other hand, just a couple of metro stations down the line, Miss Loi came face-to-face with battalions of riot police in full gear.

Seoul Riot Police More Seoul Riot Police

Miss Loi’s initial impression that this was some GI-Joe/Gundam-like performance for tourists was quickly dispelled when the situation became a little tense …

Standoff in Seoul

… and developed into what was a stand-off with a group of boisterous demonstrators (apparently something against South Korea’s ‘weak’ response to the North’s shelling of Yeongpyeong Island – NOT the romantic Yongpyong Ski Resort where a Harry Potter-like Bae Yong Joon met Choi Ji-woo in Winter Sonata – don’t think the North Koreans are that sacrilegious!)

Seoul Demonstrators
还我清白!还我 Yeongpyeong!

And then things got a little out of hand.

Pity the owner of that restaurant

Miss Loi thinks it’s really time for her to go home now. *rubs teary eyes*


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  1. 2010

    Nice, you managed to capture that. I was inside the war memorial when this happened, probably. :P But it does look quite orderly and not too dangerous.

    From Sheylara's blog: Seoul riot police and other sightsMy Profile

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